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Can Ducks Eat Apples? Is It Safe for Them?

by Alex Kountry
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If you have ever wondered if ducks can eat apples and are looking for what to feed your ducks with, then this article is for you.

Can ducks eat apples? Yes ducks can eat apples. Apples are delicious and nutritious feeds that supply the ducks with nutrients such as calcium, vitamin c and phosphorus which is ideal for strong bones, feathers and skins. Apples also contain a powerful antioxidant that helps boost the immune system of the birds so they do not fall sick or catch any diseases easily.

What are the health benefits of apples for ducks?

Can Ducks Eat Apples
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As a farmer keeping ducks or even as someone keeping ducks as pets, you want to ensure that the birds have a balanced diet and are fed properly.

Here are some of the health benefits of feeding apples to your ducks.

  • Vitamin A – This particular vitamin is very good for the eyesight of the beds. This is because vitamin A supports good eyesight and if the birds are deficient in vitamin it, this might lead to blindness. And you no ducks have very good eyesight. Vitamin A also helps support the immune system of the birds and is involved in the production of white blood cells. So this is very good for strong bones in the birds and the production of big and healthy eggs.
  • Vitamin C – Apples contain vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that helps boost the immune system of the birds. It also helps produce collagen which is good for the skin and the bones of the birds.
  • Fiber – Apples contains fiber which is very good for the digestion of ducks. And it usually comes in two types. Soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps control the blood sugar of the birds while getting rid of terrible substances in the duck’s body. While the insoluble fiber helps to keep the digestive systems moving and in good condition.
  • Calcium – Apples also contains calcium which is good for strong bones and healthy feathers for the birds. It is also good for the teeth and the beaks of the birds as it helps them feed and catch little animals better. It also helps with important bodily functions of the birds such as regular heartbeat and respiration.
  • Potassium – Apples contain potassium which is ideal for a well functioning nervous system. It also helps to regulate muscle and heart contractions as well as preventing fever or high temperature in the birds.

Are there any health risks for feeding apples to ducks?

While I have mentioned that apples are extremely good for ducks, there is some health risk when you feed them excess.

What happens is that just like any fruit, apples contain sugar which is very sweet for the birds.

If the birds consume too much sugar, they will start to gain weight and this will lead to laziness and excess sleeping of the birds.

Also it might cause extreme problems such as high blood pressure and even heart attacks.

What part of apples is bad for ducks?

While apples are generally good for ducks, you should make sure that they do not eat the seeds.

This is because apple seeds contain a chemical called Amygdalin which is converted to cyanide when chewed and digested by ducks

And if you know your basic Chemistry very well, then you know that cyanide is a dangerous poison and should be avoided at all cost.

Another thing to worry about is the ducks swallowing the seeds and then choking on them.

This is a common problem when feeding ducks with fruits such as apples and grapes just like I mentioned in this article

So you want to make sure that when feeding apples to your birds, you take out all the seeds and give them just the flesh of the apples.

Can I feed my ducks the apple core?

Yes you can feed your ducks the core of the apples, but you should know that they are more difficult to digest.

Apple cores have more fibers than other parts of the apple and also have less nutrients.

So in my opinion, it is usually not a good part of the apple to feed your ducks

The tougher apple core will be much more difficult to break down by the bird’s digestive system. So why put those lovely birds through the stress of breaking them down instead of feeding the juicy and more nutritious parts.

Can Ducks Take Apple Sauce?

I remember growing up with my siblings and my mum will give us apple sauce when we behaved properly.

Fun times I tell you and the one thing I remember  clearly about apple sauce is that it has a high sugar content.

Yes ducks can take apple sauce but like I mentioned earlier if you are giving this to them you want to ensure you give them in moderation.

How much apple should I feed my ducks?

Yes I know I have talked about moderation and taking things slowly when giving apples to ducks, but how much is too much?

In my personal opinion, apples should be used as a treat for ducks and not part of the regular diets for the ducks.

So I would recommend feeding them no more than half an apple, cut into smaller chunks per week for each duck

Now again, the half will depend on the size of the apple and I can trust you to make that judgement using your common sense.


Apples are very good for ducks.

They contain minerals and nutrients such as vitamin c and magnesium that helps the ducks develop strong bones and lay health eggs.

But one thing you need to be aware of is that you want to feed the ducks in moderation. Don’t go overboard. Use as a treat.

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