Can Ducks Eat Hamster Food? (Answered)

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You might have thought in the past if hamster food can be given to ducks as supplements. It is indeed possible, hamsters’ food is edible for ducks.

Others say the kind of hamster food you should feed to your duck differs.

So you should check the ingredients of each feed before giving it to your ducks.

One peculiar thing about hamster food is that not all are in the form of unprocessed nuts and seeds.

If it has the essential nutrients for your duck, there is no need to deprive your duck of it. It is not all too bad for your duck.

We are going to explore Hamster Food and the possibility of feeding it to your ducks.

What are The Health Benefits of Hamster Food to Ducks?

Can Ducks Eat Hamster Food

The benefits of hamsters food might not be much, but it’s still something. These benefits include:

  •  It aids the bones

Ducks absorb little supplements from the food of hamsters for the development of bones in the body.

Other supplements could be taken in addition for proper development of bones in your ducks to prevent them from getting certain body deficiencies like rickets which is as a result of lack of a vitamin.

  • It encourages a healthy digestive tract

When ducks are not fed enough or adequate fibers they may begin to constipate.

This is a state whereby the release of feces becomes hard to pass out. It is as a result of feces not being ejected or discarded from the intestine to the rectum.

That is why we would recommend you also give your duck adequate water to reduce the level of constipation.

When feces are not excreted from the body as at when due, it would become hardened and later on make feces difficult to pass out.

Luckily, the fibers that remain insoluble later on make excretion easy for ducks to pass out.

Other things ducks can take with some hamsters food for a better digestive system are raisins, berries, prunes.

  • It assists in strengthening eggshell

Taking feed of hamsters could assist in making healthy eggshells. 

Hamsters food contain calcium which functions to strengthen the eggs of ducks to prevent them from laying eggs that are too soft.

Hamsters food may also contain a combination of sodium and potassium.

The function of sodium and potassium is to maintain the level of egg ducks produce and the normal growth of ducks.

  • It aids in maintaining good heart health

it is a good thing that ducks don’t easily get sick. they don’t easily yield to diseases of the heart like most other creatures.

Ducks only have heart diseases when their growth is abnormal. Due to the assistance of fiber contents in some feeds of hamsters, cholesterol levels could be reduced.

It also assists in lowering blood pressure.  Many other animals also need low cholesterol levels apart from ducks, especially humans.

For humans, they need cholesterol for the production of tissues, vitamin D, hormones, and cell walls. Although Vitamin D can also be gotten from the sun. 

Nonetheless, if there is a high level of cholesterol, it is very risky for ducks. Contact your veterinary doctor for advice concerning the health of your duck. 

Some fascinating ducks naturally exercise themselves by moving regularly which helps to prevent heart diseases and gives the ducks a healthy heart.

Some of those ducks are the Runner and Campbell.

  • It assists the immune system

Some hamsters’ food assists in the proper functioning of the immune system.

It has some essential component that helps to defend the immune system from invaders (bacteria, fungi…et cetera) and improve the immune system of ducks.

Looking for a complete list of duck food and treats?

What are The Types of Hamster Food Available?

Hamsters eat a variety of things, they are versatile eaters, what they eat include:

  • Vegetables.
  • Fruits.
  • Herbs.
  • Mealworms.
  • Nuts.
  • Boiled egg.
  • Timothy hay.
  • Unhulled seeds
  • Pellets
  • Dry kernel of corn

Essentially, you could categorize the types of hamster feed into homemade hamster feed or food, and commercially available hamster food.

How Often Should I Feed Them Hamster Food?

You can feed your ducks hamster food averagely. A mixture of feed can be given to ducks as their food.

You can give it to ducks by putting them on the floor in a disorganized manner.

The only thing is that hamsters have no problem in breaking hard morsels while ducks do.

Their feeds are unshelled seeds, kernels, and wholegrain. They are only good for bigger birds, not ducks.

So make sure you use the duck’s initial feed to prevent them from starving

Pellets are good but you have to be conscious of the size of the pellets.

They too can be given to ducks but you would have to make sure the pellets are small enough not to choke your ducks.

Bigger birds benefit more as we have stated before.

Can Baby Ducks Eat Hamster Food?

When it comes to ducklings, I would recommend that you give your duckling its natural formulated feed.

At that stage, only their scientifically formulated feed should be given to them. Since their development is not exactly the same, they should eat their original feed.

Give hamsters what belongs to hamsters and ducks what belongs to ducks. That should be your mantra.

Ducklings are not big, they can easily choke on hamster pellets.

Here is an article I wrote on feeding ducks granola

Are Hamster Food and Bird Food the Same?

Hamster food and bird food are not entirely the same. They also have different nutritional benefits.

You should feed your ducks with food that is formulated or made scientifically for the best nourishment for your ducks.

Hamsters and birds eat very similar food but there are still differences in what they eat.

Hamsters tend to eat harder food than birds do.

Can Ducks Eat Hamster Pellets?

Pellets are not too good for ducks. They can eat hamster pellets but be conscious of the size you give them so your ducks do not choke.

Hamster pellets are scientifically formulated for the best interest of hamsters. Pellets are best given to hamster because it provides them with essential nutrients.

Ducks can eat it but you should not replace the feed of ducks with that of hamsters.

Should Hamster Food be Cooked Before Feeding Them to Ducks?

You mustn’t cook hamster food for your ducks.

Though some foods are not good to be cooked for ducks due to some essential nutrients that they may contain.

If you were to cook these they would lose a lot of their nutrients.

Things to Consider When Feeding Ducks Hamster Food?

Birds do not easily digest feeds containing seeds. Ducks might choke upon swallowing the seed or nut.

However, if grounded, it could be presented to your duck.

Consider the size of the almonds.

The age and size of your ducks.

The nutritional needs of your duck.

What Are the Ways of Feeding Hamster to Ducks?

You can feed them almonds by casting them on ponds or the ground. They eat it using their beak.

You could also grind them and put them on feeding trays for your ducks to snack on.


Ducks can get nutrients from the hamster’s feed. But do not make your duck dependent on it.

Feed your ducks with their own scientifically tested feed for optimum growth and be rest assured, that your ducks would grow well and be healthy.

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