Can Ducks Eat Noodles? (Answered)

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We all enjoy slurping up our delicious noodles and pasta. Some people have wondered if it’s okay to feed them to ducks since it’s not on any list of food for ducks or poultry..

Some even feed leftover noodles to their ducks from time to time.

Ducks can be fed noodles from time to time. However, this should not be made a regular thing and it should only be given in moderation from time to time.

Let’s look at why you should feed your ducks noodles, how often you should do that, if they like spaghetti and ramen noodles and a few other things. 

Why Should I Feed My Ducks With Noodles?

Can Ducks Eat Noodles

1. It makes a great treat

No one can deny that noodles make a great treat even for humans.

Your ducks would love to slurp up some noodles from time to time and you can even cook with various vegetables to make it more appetizing for them. 

2. High in Carbohydrate content

Noodles have a high carbohydrate content. Carbohydrates offer energy, which is beneficial to the ducks.

They require a lot of energy because they are very active during the day hunting for food.

3. Protein

Although the protein levels in noodles are not as much as the required level for ducks, it still contributes it’s quota.

When noodles are fed to the ducks in moderation and supplemented with duck feed, and other treats it will satisfy their protein needs. 

4. Fiber

Noodles also contain dietary fibre which naturally aids the digestion process.

With the presence of fiber in the ducks bodies, they are able to digest food okay and as such reduce the incidence of diarrhea, constipation or stooling. 

5. Sodium

Sodium is a mineral and electrolyte found in the body.

It aids in the maintenance of the body’s water i.e the amount of fluid inside and outside the cells, and electrolyte balance.

Sodium is also necessary for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles.

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How Often Should I Feed Them Noodles?

Feeding your ducks noodles should be restricted to about once or twice a month.

Noodles can be classified as junk food because of the low level of other nutrients apart from carbohydrates.

When you overfeed noodles to your ducks, you predispose them to excessive weight gain and health problems.

Feeding your ducks noodles when done in moderation would be just fine.

Remember the 90/10 feeding rule and ensure 90% of their diet is their feed while the 10% comes from other healthy foods and treats to give them a whole and balanced diet. 

Can Baby Ducks Eat Noodles?

Ducklings should not be fed noodles except after they have about 7 or 10 weeks.

Growing ducklings require a diet high in protein to be able to fully develop and stay healthy.

Noodles as we all know have low protein content and high carbohydrate content.

This would most probably predispose the ducklings to illness and being overweight.

Even mature ducklings should avoid being fed noodles if possible. It is best to stick to duck starter feed for ducklings which has all the nutrition benefits they need to mature.

This can also be supported with healthier treats such as mealworms, vegetables and even grains. 

Can Ducks Eat Cooked Noodles?

Ducks can eat noodles raw or cooked. Cooked noodles might be slightly better for them as it has already gone through the heating process.

If you are cooking your noodles, you can either try instant or ramen noodles.

With ramen noodles you can make the noodle soup to which you can add various items to make the offering more delicious and appetizing to your ducks.

With instant noodles, you can also add in a mix of different vegetables such as carrots and broccoli which makes the cooked noodles healthier for the ducks to eat.

They would also eat raw noodles as well, as their digestion is very much up to the task.

Do Ducks Like Spaghetti?

Many duck owners have reported their ducks going after their left-over cooked spaghetti.

Ducks do like spaghetti and would slurp it up if given the opportunity. Pasta when properly cooked can be a great occasional treat for the waterfowl.

It is not healthy to regularly toss out left-over spaghetti to ducks as it contains salt and other additives which are not healthy to duck consumption.

Prepare a pack of spaghetti for your ducks, cooking it at home. You can feed spaghetti to your ducks either raw or cooked anyway.

If you are feeding them raw, break it up into smaller pieces so they can easily pick it up.

If you are cooking, boil the spaghetti in water for about 15-20 minutes till it gets soft, then you can add in vegetables to make it healthier and more appetizing for the ducks to eat.

Chop it into small pieces so the ducks can eat it without choking. 

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Can Ducks Eat Ramen Noodles

Japanese ramen noodles are popular because they are both cheap and tasty.

Ramen noodles differ from regular instant noodles in that they have a springier, stronger texture because they are made with a different base.

Instant noodles are preservative-laden low – moisture noodles which come in a cup with dry vegetables and a wrapper of seasoning. 

Ramen is a traditional Japanese noodle soup made of hand-pulled wheat.

It is typically made with bacon or chicken stock and garnished with scallions, bamboo shoots, and other vegetables.

The dietary value is significantly different from instant noodles, but the answer to whether you can feed them to your ducks is the same.

Ramen noodles are fine for ducks as a treat on occasion.

Things To Consider When Feeding Ducks Noodles

Before feeding your ducks noodles, note that it is not exactly recommended food for them.

Ducks might gobble up anything that comes their way, however they don’t exactly make the best food choices. 

While noodles do not consist of any toxic compounds, they should be fed to them only on occasion.

Overfeeding the ducks with noodles can lead to health issues. Furthermore, most noodle types lack the necessary nutrition to meet the dietary requirements of ducks. 

Noodles should account for no more than 10% of their total caloric intake. The remainder should come from high-quality commercial feed.

These feeds have been designed with the appropriate amount of dietary necessary to meet the duck’s dietary needs.  

If you are serving cooked noodles to your ducks it is best to prepare it at home and avoid serving them takeout as those foods are even less healthy than usual.

What Are The Ways Of Feeding Noodles To Ducks?

You can either feed your ducks raw or cooked noodles. They would happily eat it up either way.

If you are feeding them raw noodles, break it up into smaller pieces so it is easy for them to pick up and swallow.

The grit in their gizzard will make digestion easy for them.

You can also serve them cooked noodles which they would happily slurp up.

When cooking instant noodles for them, do not make use of the packet seasoning as they are prepared with additives which are unhealthy to the ducks. 

After boiling the noodles you can decide to add in vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots and peas to make it even more delicious and healthy for the ducks to eat.

They would love the treat.


It might seem like a gray area when it comes to feeding your ducks noodles and pasta, however it is perfectly safe for you to do so as long as this is done in moderation.

Noodles offer some nutrition to your birds including; carbs, fiber and protein.

Noodles should not be overfed to ducks because of its low protein and high carb content.

Ducks can eat spaghetti and ramen noodles. They can also eat noodles raw or cooked.

It is best to avoid feeding noodles to baby ducklings until they are well matured.

Noodle feeding for your birds should be restricted to about once a month and it is best to avoid giving them takeout leftovers as these are even more unhealthy than usual.

That said, make some awesome noodles and watch your birds enjoy it.

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