Can Guinea Fowls and Ducks Live Together?

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If you have ever wondered about keeping guinea fowls and ducks together, then you should read this article to the end.

Guinea fowls and ducks can live together peacefully. They just need to be allowed to free range and running free. This will ensure that the guinea fowls are not disturbing the otherwise peaceful and quiet ducks.

This article would talk about how they could live together, the problems they could have, and how you could find solutions to these issues both your guinea fowls and your ducks could have in the future.

Are you ready? Come on, let’s learn more about your guinea fowls and ducks.

Can guinea fowls live in peace with ducks?

Can Guinea Fowls and Ducks Live Together

One of the ways your guinea fowls and your ducks can live peacefully is if they are all running free range out there.

But if you confine both your guinea fowls and ducks to a small space, there would be many problems between them.

The thing with guinea fowls is that they are spontaneous, crazy birds.

Your guinea fowls can explode in feathers and thunderous annoying noises.

In comparison, ducks are peaceful birds.

So peaceful that when your guinea fowls start their craziness, they try to keep their space and move as far away from the guinea fowls as possible.

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Can they share the same coop?

You can keep your female ducks and your female guinea fowls in the same space.

The thing also with guinea fowls is that the male guinea fowls always end up causing problems.

The male of both guinea fowls and ducks end up fighting just the way male chickens (cock) always fight.

They also have these problems because the male guinea fowls want to mate with the female ducks.

At times this could end up with the female duck laying a sterile hybrid egg.

Male guinea fowls, as stated before, are always the ones causing problems when it comes to different broods of birds living in the same space.

Your male guinea fowl would be the one that keeps stressing the male ducks.

They enjoy doing this by tipping the wings of the male ducks and chasing them all around their living area.

Your guinea fowls could be kept in a space with various perch you created using the limbs of trees. Your guineas prefer to be way higher than your ducks.

They do not have any issues with being high.

These are the little things you could do that would bring in a lot of peace to the birds in your brood.

Which of them would rule the roost?

Guinea fowls would most definitely be in charge of the entire roost.

They can disturb and bully all of your ducks.

This behavior reduces a lot if you’ve trained or tamed your guinea fowls.

If you also tamed or trained your guinea fowls with little ducks as they grew up, the rate of stress or strain your guinea fowls would have on your ducks would significantly reduce.

You need to keep guinea fowls and male ducks far away from each other.

Not necessarily far. But some distance between them would be excellent.

You can merge them with other types of birds but know that the male guinea fowls would keep disturbing all other male birds around on occasions that would surprise you.

Can guinea fowls guard your ducks?

Your guinea fowl would protect your ducks indirectly.

This is because they would typically eat and chase away a lot of predators.

It would chase or eat out predators that would have typically have harmed your ducks.

These predators include little snakes, rats, mice, and little foxes.

You should know guinea fowls are not afraid of predators like little snakes in protecting your ducks indirectly.

But guinea fowls are pretty scared of large predators like bears, large cats and hyenas, and other associated predators.

The thing with guinea fowls that saves them is that they are very loud.

To their benefit in this case.

Because if any predator comes around and your guinea fowl hears them, they would start screaming at the top of their voice almost immediately.

Even when you come out to know what’s happening, they would still keep screaming.

This is why there are people that make use of guinea fowls as their alert systems.

Can guinea fowls and ducks cross breed?

Your duck and your guinea fowl might occasionally crossbreed as a result of their social nature.

But the resulting egg would be sterile.

The eggs which might hatch are known as Guin-Duck.

These have highly unpredictable habits. They would not end up laying eggs.

Can guinea fowls and ducks eat the same feed?

Yes, both your ducks and guinea fowl can consume the same food.

If you want to save up on some funds, you could get both your guinea fowls and your ducks the same food.

They both work. But if your guinea fowls and your ducks are ranging freely, you don’t need to give them a lot of food.


There are several ways you could brood your guinea fowls with your ducks together.

It is best you train or tame your guinea fowls before you merge them with ducks.

If you don’t do this, your guinea fowls will disturb and stress the life out of your birds.

You can keep your guinea fowls and your ducks in different coops.

This would help keep the peace. Another idea is to have all of your flock roaming freely around a large piece of land.

You should know that your guinea fowl can protect your ducks because of how loud they screech in the presence of an odd being.

If your guinea fowls see a predator, for example, they will start screaming, calling for attention.

That’s their only means of defense against other beings around them. Your guinea fowl would be the one to rule the entire

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