Can Guinea Fowls be Tamed? (Answered)

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If you have ever thought about taming guinea fowls and keeping them as a pet, then you should read this article to the end.

Guinea fowls need a lot of patience because they are crazy birds.

Guinea fowls can be tamed but you need to have a lot of patience and lots of treats to get them to like being around humans. It is advisable to start training them when they are young as it is much easier then than when they are adults.

They need a lot of food treats too.

This piece would be talking about how you can tame guinea fowl and all you need to have to tame them peacefully without any headache or stress.

What are the things you need to tame your guinea fowl?

Can Guinea Fowls be Tamed

You need to have a lot of food for your guinea fowl to eat.

This food includes things like mealworms, a high amount of patience.

This way, you could get your guinea fowl to even sit on your lap and then start eating things directly from your palms.

Just like the way you can easily tame chickens, you can train your guinea fowl to the point that they would be excited by your presence whenever you come back home and come sprinting.

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At what age should you start taming them?

It is way easier to tame your guinea fowls when they are babies.

If your keets are trained every day for a long time before you know it, they could grow into full-grown guinea fowl, and they would be tamed like your pets.

Guinea Fowl enjoy listening to the sounds of other Guinea fowls.

You could play these sounds from the internet using YouTube.

You could record the sound of other guinea fowls around and then play it to them.

Your keets and other guineas around enjoy listening to the sound they make.

They end up going to the place they listened to the sound played.

This way, you get to drag your keet/growing guinea fowl closer to you, and hence, you keep taming them.

Do your guinea fowl like being held?

Guinea fowls do not enjoy being held.

The only way you could check if they enjoy being held or not is by wearing sturdy gloves.

This way, you can safely check and know appropriately.

Are guinea fowls friendly?

Guinea fowls are not as friendly as other birds or farm animals, but they can be trained to like humans and not be too aggressive with them.

They are more high strung than chickens, ducks and other farm birds but that does not mean that you should write them off.

One thing about guinea fowls is that when you start training them early enough, they can grow up to become friendly birds and even house pets.

Do guinea fowls attack humans?

These birds are quite aggressive especially the domesticated type of guinea fowl, his bird has a knob on its head that gives it a helmet-like appearance. …

These birds are typically regarded as the most aggressive type of guinea.

They will chase people down indiscriminately -attacking even their owners.

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What is the best way to tame my guinea fowl?

One of the best ways you could use to tame your guinea fowl is to grow your little guinea fowl with a hen you’ve tamed before.

It would be best if you did this by getting a hen that you’ve tamed who wants to hatch her eggs.

After her eggs hatch, put your little keet or the eggs of your guinea fowls close to the eggs of your hen.

Your hen cannot tell the difference. After your guinea eggs hatch, they would all enjoy and get used to your presence.

When the little guinea fowls notice that the mother hen runs to you because you have treats, the keets will run to you too.

Because these little guinea fowls are young, they would learn faster and quicker than the older guinea fowls.

It would be best if you got a hen you have tamed before.

Then it would help if you slipped some of the eggs of your guinea fowls under her eggs.

If you’ve tamed your hen very well, the better tamed your new guinea fowls would be.

What are the things you need to tame Guinea Fowls?

You would need the following things;

  • A lot of time

There’s a high need for daily and frequent contact.

  • Your lovely voice

Conversing with your keets all through the day

  • It would be best if you handled your keets/guinea fowls

It would be best if you held them at least three times daily.

  • You should have some feed

It would be best if you allowed your little guinea fowl to eat from your hand.

This helps tames them properly.

  • You should have treats

It would be best if you had some warm meals on your fingers.

Your guinea fowls would love to eat this from you. Before you know it, they would grow accustomed to consuming several things from you.

  • It would be best if you associated all of these things listed above together.

Things like toys, water, feed, treats, and various forms of amusement in different places all always work.

Do these things you need to tame Guinea Fowls work for Adult Guinea Fowls?

The things listed above also work for adult guinea fowls.

The only thing is that it takes a more extended amount of time for things actually to succeed.

Does your Guinea Fowls love being around people?

Love honestly is a strong word.

Guinea fowls could easily tolerate you if you are giving them all they need.

They could be happy with you if you have all the things that suit them.

How long does it take for an adult guinea fowl to get trained or tamed?

It takes about a month and two weeks before your adult guinea fowl would get trained and tamed by you.

It also takes a lot of effort to do so too.

Why should you start taming your guinea fowls when they are young?

You should start training your guinea fowl when they are little.

This is because these are times when they do not know any other different place to be home.

They don’t have or know any homestead or farm apart from your place.

It is way easier to make themselves at home in your place.

You need to leave them or keep them under heat lamps till they grow all of their feathers.

After they do this, then they can start going outside to have fun and enjoy themselves.

At these points, they might be too small to fly. This keeps your little guinea fowls close to you and close to home.

When they end up growing their wings, they are already attached to your home and to you too.

When you want to start training your keets, you should keep all of their brooder boxes inside the coop.

Please keep yours in a galvanized stock tank for around a week or two weeks.

That’s one of the only ways it could stay a little bit warmer before you move them to a brooder which you might have built inside the coop of your guinea fowls.

This way, they are protected from other adult flock pecking them. You’re also still close to them through the entire process.


Oh yes, guinea fowls could be tamed.

You need to have a lot of patience, a lot of food, some treats that your guinea fowls would love, and treat your guinea fowls very well with care.

It is best you try training or taming your guinea fowls when they are very young.

This way, everything is fresh, new, and peaceful for them from the beginning.

It also helps your guinea fowl get adapted to your area as fast as possible.

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