Can I Use My Fertilizer Spreader for Grass Seed? (Answered)

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Fertilizer spreaders were manufactured to evenly distribute fertilizer on lawns and farms.

But amazingly, in the course of utilizing this machinery, it has been discovered that fertilizer spreaders can also be used to perform a few other similar tasks such as spreading grass seed on the lawn.

If you look forward to using your fertilizer spreader for grass seed, it’s important you know exactly how to go about the process.

 It would be quite risky and unwise for you to try spreading grass seed with a fertilizer spreader on your lawn without knowing how the method works.

The sole purpose of this article is to educate you on how to effortlessly and safely plant your grass seed using a fertilizer spreader.

Can I use my fertilizer spreader for grass seed?

Can I Use My Fertilizer Spreader for Grass Seed

It is absolutely possible for you to make use of your fertilizer spreader to plant grass seeds.

As a matter of fact, almost every expert advises lawn maintainers to use fertilizer spreaders for grass seed.

The main reason for this is that when this tool is used, the grass seed would be evenly distributed all over the lawn.

With the help of a fertilizer spreader, it would be impossible for too many grass seeds to be on an area of the lawn and fewer grass seeds on another area.

This tool will enable you to plant your grass seed perfectly all over the lawn.

What setting do I put my spreader on for grass seed?

Before you use a fertilizer spreader for grass seed, you must know the right setting to put the device on.

If you don’t have this knowledge, planting your grass seeds with a fertilizer spreader could be a recipe for disaster.

When overseeding, I highly recommend using a setting of 5 1/2.

However, if you are seeding a new lawn, this setting is not quite appropriate. Seeding new lawns requires a setting of 4.

The aforementioned settings are typical.

Everyone is expected to adhere to that standard.

Nevertheless, there could be a few exceptions when using a fertilizer spreader manufactured by a new company, knowing fully well that some changes could be made to the new product.

Do you have to use a spreader for grass seed?

You don’t always need to make use of a fertilizer spreader for grass seed, especially when you aren’t planting plenty of grass seeds on a large lawn.

You can simply make use of your bare hand to place the grass seeds on the soil and leave them to germinate.

However, using a fertilizer spreader will enable you to be more efficient and faster.

The spreader also helps you to avoid making common mistakes such as the uneven spread of grass seeds.

Even if the lawn you are to plant on isn’t big enough to require a heavy-duty spreader, you still don’t have to make use of your hands.

There are portable spreaders that can be used to carry out little grass seed-spreading tasks.

Spreaders like these are often used domestically.

Can you spread grass seed with a drop spreader?

Drop spreaders are commonly used for spreading grass seeds on lawns. It is quite efficient and quicker, unlike hand-sowing.

To use a drop spreader to evenly distribute grass seed, gentle push the device over the area you spread grass seeds on.

This method will enable you not to scatter your grass seed all over the lawn.

When using a drop spreader, ensure you set the device to the “off” position before adding grass seeds to it.

Pouring in grass seed while the drop spreader is turned on is not recommended at all. That’s the wrong way to use the device.

Can I spread grass seed with a Scotts spreader?

Scotts spreaders are probably the most used spreaders in the world today. They are quite reputable, credible, and durable.

You can absolutely use a Scotts spreader to spread grass seed on your lawn.

The device is usually easy to handle, and it never malfunctions or poses any risk to your lawn.

There are different models of Scotts spreader available for use.

You either make use of the push-type spreader, hand-operated broadcast spreader, Easygreen shaker, or the drop spreader.

Which spreader is best for grass seed?

There are various types of spreaders for planting grass seed, having different designs, sizes, and controls.

You are probably wondering which of these many spreaders would be the best for your lawn.

There are two major spreaders you should know about.

They are durable, they perform excellently well, and they are easy to operate.

The first one is the Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push-type Smartspreader.

This particular spreader is one of the most used devices in the world today to spread both fertilizers and grass seed.

It has a large capacity, which makes it the ideal spreader for large-scale work.

It has a spreading width of about 3m, which helps to cover large areas quickly.

Another amazing spreader to look at is the EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus.

This particular spreader is not as big and powerful as the aforementioned device.

Notwithstanding, this spreader is probably the world’s best when spreading grass seed in your backyard.

It is usually used domestically, and to carry out small-scale work.

More importantly, this spreader is affordable and easy to operate. If you haven’t used a spreader before, this model is just the best for you.

What setting should I use on Scotts Edgegaurd for grass seed?

When using a Scotts Edgegaurd to spread grass seed, you don’t have to rack your brain about the right setting to use.

If you are reseeding the lawn, put the device on 8. If you go beyond or below that, you may not get the result you seek.

If you are seeding a new lawn or trying to repair a bare spot, put the device on 14.

This setting is very much different from the former because no grass seed has been planted on the lawn.


Seeding or reseeding your lawn can be a very easy process that anyone can carry out, provided the right spreader is being utilized.

Moreover, it’s not just about using the right spreader.

It’s about using the right spreader the right way.

This is why you have to understand the settings of every spreader you use.

Your lawn can be well taken care of when you observe all the maintenance procedures, including reseeding with the perfect grass seed spreader.

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