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Pheasants can eat corn, they really enjoy eating most grains like barley, millet, wheat and of course corn apart from seeds and nuts. Corn is an easily available supplement you can feed to your pheasants.

Pheasant raising is now getting common and although originally gamebirds, most flock keepers now keep pheasants as pets, for ornamental purposes, egg and of course their excellent meat.

If you just got a flock of pheasants then apart from their staple diet do know that you can feed them corn and this article will explain the health benefits of corn to pheasants, different ways to feed corn to pheasants among other things.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Corn To Pheasants?

Can Pheasants Eat Corn

Corn is one of the most healthy and nutritious cereals in the world and the health benefits of pheasants are numerous. Some of these health benefits include:

  • Fiber

As a grain, corn is a rich source of dietary fiber. Fiber helps to ease and quicken the digestion process.

It also reduces the chances of constipation and diarrhea. It softens and bulks up pheasant stools.

  • Protein

Protein is important in pheasants for its significant role in their growth and maturity. Proteins also help in egg formation and quality. 

The amino acid constituent in proteins also helps the pheasants develop strong immune systems.

Pheasants require feed with high protein content and corn has a rich  source of protein for the birds.

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  • Vitamins

Corn contains vitamins A, C, E and K. These vitamins help protect your pheasants body cells and also protect them from diseases and infections.

Staple pheasant food is not exactly rich in vitamins and as such providing corn to your pheasants will help supplement this.

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  • Minerals 

Potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium and phosphorus are all minerals which your pheasants can derive from eating corn.

These minerals are important in bone health and bone density, balanced heart rate and also other important organs.

Like vitamins, most minerals are not found in pheasant staple diets and as such a supplementary corn diet will help provide your birds with the complete daily nutrients they require.

  • Carbohydrates 

Corn is a starchy vegetable and as such is high in carbs which provide energy for your pheasants.

When you provide your pheasants with corn, they are energized and will stay active throughout the day.

How Often Should I Feed Them Corn?

Corn is not as high in protein content as other grains such as wheat and mixed corn often has a high fat content.

As such corn should not replace your pheasants staple diets. Pheasants love grains especially corn because of its sweet taste.

They will not hesitate to eat it, however you should exercise some moderation when feeding corn to your pheasants as it cannot give them all the necessary nutrients they need.

Pheasants out in the wild will eat a variety of food ranging from nuts to seeds to grains to insects and leaves.

However the domesticated pheasants have a limited diet so it is up to you the flock owner to provide them with the necessary food they need.

You can mix corn and other grains with their diet once in a while and you can even feed them corn only if the game bird feed is not at hand currently.

Can Baby Pheasants Eat Corn?

Baby pheasants can eat corn however chicks that are not yet up to 8 weeks old should be placed mainly on a game bird or turkey diet.

This will give them the necessary nutrients and protein they need to grow and mature.

After 8 weeks of age and they have been moved out of the brooder, a diet lower in protein can be introduced and corn can then mixed in with their feed from time to time.

Can Pheasants Eat Cracked Corn?

Cracked corn is especially made for birds as they are dried corn kernels that have been cracked into small pieces to make it easy for birds to eat.

Pheasants are one of the majority of birds that love to eat cracked corn. 

Cracked corn is nutritious to pheasants because of its high carbohydrate and fiber content.

You can feed them cracked corn as a treat from time to time or about a few handfuls per day.

Cracked corn is great for your flock during the winter period as it’ll help them stay warm and active.

Cracked corn should not replace your pheasants diet as it will not provide them with all the necessary nutrients they need to develop.

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Can Pheasants Eat Whole Corn?

Pheasants can eat whole corn as well as dried corn. Whole corn is a cheap healthy supplement for pheasants which can be fed to them regularly.

You can give your pheasants the whole corn still on the cob and they will pick it clean, you can even scatter the corn around. 

Whether cracked or whole, corn is a tasty snack for pheasants and they will readily eat it up.

As always, remember not to replace their staple diet with corn as it does not have all the required nutrients they need to grow.

Can Pheasants Eat Corn Leaves?

Pheasants typically feed on plants and leaves as part of their diet and they can eat corn leaves too.

Some farmers have even complained about pheasants ruining their corn plantations as they eat up the kernels and leaves of the corn plant.

If you have a corn plant nursery then you better keep them away from your pheasants as they will eat the corn at every stage even after it matures on the cob.

How Can I Feed Corn To Pheasants?

1. Corn Fine-Feathered Entrée

To make this entree for your bird you will need a few ingredients and they include:

  • 1 part cornmeal or finely cracked corn
  • 3 parts melted suet 
  • 1 part natural peanut butter or other healthy nut butter
  • 1 part sunflower kernels or chopped nuts
  • 1 part chopped dried fruit (currants, raisins, prunes, etc.

Place all the ingredients together in a pot and boil together until soft and mashy. Scoop into your pheasant bowls and serve war.

2. Cracked Corn, Fruits and Seeds Mix

You can serve your pheasants a treat of corn mixed with other fruits and seeds. To prepare this mix your cracked corn with dried fruits like apple and banana.

Add some nuts and sprinkle some seeds on top.

You can also add mealworm and dried insects. This will give your pheasant a healthy snack with all the nutrients they need. 

Things To Note Before Feeding Them Corn

As healthy as corn is to your birds it is important that you know that it is easy for corn to be contaminated with aflatoxins which weakens pheasants immune systems and predisposes them to certain infections.

As such feed your pheasants fresh or cracked corn.

Avoid feeding them wet corn, corn from plastic bags or old corn that has been raked up.

Offer corn to your pheasants in small quantities that they can finish at once.

Sweep up leftovers and do not feed them popcorn of any kind. Popcorn is often made with sugar which is not good for pheasants’ health.

Corn should be fed to your pheasants in moderate quantities and it should never replace their staple diet.

You can also mix the corn with other fruits and seeds to make a well rounded healthy treat for them.


Corn is a very good grain to supplement your pheasants diet with. Pheasants naturally love corn and feeding it to them is a healthy way of snacking.

As long as you feed your pheasants corn in moderation and do not replace it with their diet, they will do just fine feeding on it.

So you might want to introduce it to your birds today.

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