Can Pheasants Live With Ducks? (Explained)

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Absolutely, pheasants and ducks can live together, but they rarely do so due to housing requirements.

While these birds share some characteristics, they are nevertheless rather different animals.

One of the most important things you can do to maintain peace in your flock is to provide adequate room for your birds.

Ducks, in particular, can become violent if they feel encroached upon by pheasants or other animals.

Ducks, for example, like deeper water than pheasants, so if possible, choose a location with two distinct water features for each kind of bird.

Housing both birds in small spaces increases their anxiety levels, making interspecies conflict more likely.

Additionally, the pheasant coop needs to have many perches, all of the different heights but can accommodate the birds so they can roost.

Also, ensure the perches are not above the duck’s water, in the case of one of the pheasants falling off the perches.

Feeding Pheasants and Ducks Together?

Can Pheasants Live With Ducks

If you have a flock of ducks and pheasants, do not believe you can simply pour any bird feed into their pen.

Ducks require duck pellets, whereas pheasants require game bird feed.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to locate, so all you have to do is ensure that you have an appropriate amount to feed both your pheasants and ducks.

If you think of feeding either bird the incorrect food, they may become ill or die as their bodies are not designed to digest it.

Instead, you should conduct some research on the best feeds for your animals and their breed.

Nowadays, it’s pretty simple to locate the feed you require online or at your local pet store.

In terms of water, ducks have a tendency to contaminate the water they swim in. However, their immune systems are capable of dealing with it.

Therefore drinking unclean water is not a problem.

However, for pheasants, particularly if your water area is tiny, this can be a concern. If feasible, provide your pheasants with freshwater that ducks do not contaminate.

They’ll be healthier and live longer as a result. You’ll need to change the water daily or a few times a week to keep them in tip-top shape.

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Housing Pheasants and Ducks Together?

When it comes to roosting preferences, pheasants are much more similar to chickens.

While your pheasants will enjoy being out and about during the day, they prefer to retreat to elevated roosts at night.

Pheasants like sleeping on a variety of roosts at varying heights, depending on the size of their flock.

On the other hand, Ducks like to sleep in the water since it provides the greatest sense of security.

Additionally, they’ll require a dry area to rest and preen their feathers.

Construct a shelter away from the pheasant roosts to keep them from bothering them while they sleep.

Also, ensure the pheasant’s pen has an enclosure that is covered and escape-proof; otherwise, they’ll escape. 

How Do You Prevent Fighting and Competition between Them?

To avoid both birds fighting, the first thing to do is to allow adequate space for them. Assure that each bird has its own place.

Next, ensure each bird has their own area. It’s guaranteed that ducks will cover a considerable amount of ground each day, which means you’ll need an enclosure that can satisfy their needs.

Pheasants can flourish in confined spaces, but they also want space to feel secure.

If they are under too much stress, they may become extremely fearful and may even develop ill and die.

Additionally, pheasant and duck consume different foods, so avoid placing their food in the same location or feeding them the same item.

Can You Raise Them Young Together?

Ducks and pheasants can coexist, but only when they have fully developed adult animals.

Most people believe that having the hatchlings in the same area will be cute.

That should be done only if you are capable of giving them your undivided attention.

Young ducks grow significantly quicker than pheasants, and even the most well-intentioned duck hatchlings can endanger infant pheasants.

Pheasant chicks are extremely delicate and are smaller than their duck cousins. Additionally, if chicks consume the incorrect food or approach the incorrect adult bird, it might mean doom for them.

Will Ducks Kill Pheasants?

While pheasants are typically more violent, ducks occasionally attack them. They occasionally attack for petty causes.

Ducks may also attack pheasants if their living conditions are unsatisfactory or if the chickens are new to the flock.

While ducks appear innocent and charming, they are capable of killing a chicken. Due to their structural peculiarities, ducks have the potential to kill or damage hens during mating.

Duck species (drakes) have corkscrew penises, which female pheasants are not built to mate with.

As a result, when a drake breeds with a hen, it may result in internal damage or death.

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Can Pheasants And Ducks Cross Breed?

In a nutshell, pheasants and ducks cannot mate. This is not to say they will not attempt, which could be detrimental to both species.

Although there are some accounts of pheasant-duck hybrids, none have been formally verified.

One of the reasons chickens and ducks do not mate when bred together is that their reproductive organs are significantly different.

Roosters have internal testicles.

They lack any protruding or inserting organs. On the other hand, ducks reproduce rather differently. The drake, or male duck, penetrates the female duck’s oviduct. 

As you can see, a drake can injure a chicken-hen when attempting to mate with them. While a rooster attempting to mate with a duck hen will fail.

Both species may inflict additional damage on the hen while attempting to mount them.

How to Introduce Pheasants to Ducks?

It’s best to introduce pheasants to ducks when they are fully grown adults. The reason for this is that putting both hatchlings together is not good.

Duck hatchlings grow much faster compared to pheasant chicks. Also, they may end up hurting the chicks.

So it is best to introduce the pheasant to the brood when both species are fully grown.

Do Ducks And Pheasants Need The Same Space?

Not exactly. Ducks prefer deeper water and are able to swim. Although pheasants can swim, their wings are not particularly built to withstand water for a long time, and it can get wet.


Pheasants and ducks can coexist peacefully. If you’re considering having a mixed flock, both birds may be the perfect fit.

Although pheasants and ducks have distinct lifestyles, keeping them together is not hard.

Things should work out nicely with the proper information and strategy.

Keeping both species together, though, will necessitate some adjustments to their feeding and coop design.

When ducks are uncomfortable when their basic requirements are not addressed, they attack pheasants.

While this does not occur on a regular basis, you should be cautious because the confrontations can be rather severe.

Additionally, if you observe violent behavior in your birds for no apparent reason, isolate the offender and visit your veterinarian.

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