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Taming animals can be challenging. Animals are generally easier to tame at a young age. At this period, they are more tolerant of human presence.

Not all animals, however, can be tamed. Take, for example, the hippopotamus, zebras, and moose. 

Surprisingly, studies have proven that wild creatures such as lions and tigers can be tamed as well. This however is done for entertainment purposes. 

To achieve this, one must put out a speculative effort. Secondly, it should be at a young age.

And it should be done by professionals.

But what about quails? Is it possible to tame them? Let’s find out.

Can Quails Be Tamed?

Can Quails Be Tamed

Yes, quails can be tamed. The ability to tame your quails makes keeping them as pets more pleasurable.

It’s impressive to be able to give animals instructions and watch them adhere.

However, quails are not easy animals to tame. The Bobwhite and Coturnix quail are the most easily trained.

These quails are very calm and gentle. And, they also make excellent pets. 

Taming a quail could take a long time. As a result, you’d need a lot of patience to do this.

Animals, as previously said, should be domesticated at a young age. This is the only way to make the taming process easier.

However, it is also feasible to tame a fully grown Bobwhite or Coturnix quail. But, it can be challenging. 

Furthermore, not all quails can be tamed. This is primarily due to their nature and temperament.

Most quails are too aggressive to be tamed. 

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Do Quails Like To Be Handled?

Quails, like any other pet, enjoy being handled by their owners. However, it may take some time for a quail that isn’t used to being handled to adjust.

As a result, it is important to handle quails as frequently as possible. This allows them to become accustomed to human contact.

Handling them frequently also helps in circumstances where a health check is required. The quail will be relaxed, making it easier for you to do whatever you desire.

If you’ve never handled a quail before, you’d probably be scared doing so for the first time. However, this is understandable. I’ve had my fair share of the. 

There is, however, no need to panic. Quails get scared as well. This is the reason why they feel uncomfortable and want to get off your hands when you hold them.

But, when quails get to know you, they are calm and friendly. 

Generally, quails are quite simple to handle. All you have to do is gently grab their body. And you’re ready to go.

However, you should never handle a quail by the legs. It could result in major injuries such as fractured legs.

I’m sure you don’t want that. So, try to prevent this as much as possible.

Also, if your quail becomes uneasy while being handled, return them to their coop. Holding on to them at this time may stress them out.

They may also take flight. And quails, unlike chickens, may not return if they fly away.

Can You Domesticate A Quail?

Naturally, quails are wild birds. However, domesticating quails is very possible. And because they live on the ground, quails are quite easy to domesticate.

These game birds should be housed in a coop or cage. A lengthy wire cage is preferred, especially if they are bred for meat or eggs.

If you keep quail as a pet, chances are you’ll only have one or two. In that situation, you may construct a smaller coop or cage for them.

How Do You Get A Quail To Like You?

Quails are very fascinating animals. They get more interesting when they get fond of you. Every relationship needs consistency to keep up. This is the same with quails.

Knowing how to get your quails fond of you is very important. This is very necessary, especially when you want to raise your quail as a pet.

 To get your quail or quails to like you, you have to visit as often as possible. This will enable your quail to get used to you and know that you are not a threat. 

However, ensure you avoid shouting at your quails or around your quails. This can frighten them and make them scared of you. Hence they may run when they see you. 

Secondly, try as much as possible to be vocal with your quail. This can be done by talking or singing to your quails. This will enable them to get familiar with your voice.

Thirdly, you can get your quail to like you by hand-feeding them. This way they get used to your hand as well.

No need to panic, quails are not known to bite. Except if they feel threatened.

Petting your quail is another way to make it like you. A rub on your quail’s head is a good way to pet it.

Quails are not naturally friendly. They would prefer to stay on their own but you can tame them to become friendly.

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Are Quails Cuddly? 

Quails are not naturally cuddly birds. But, they can be trained to be cuddly. However, this is slightly dependent on how they are trained. 

Their reactions to humans are largely dependent on how they are trained and how they are treated. 

You have to train them to be socialized. You can also use treats like apples, cucumbers, or watermelon to make them come running to you.

Do Quails Recognize Their Owners?

Dogs are known to recognize their owners by scent, sound, and their faces. Amazingly quails also can recognize their owners.

This, however, is only possible if they are fond of their owners. As earlier stated you need to be around your quails often to get them to like you. 

Quails are not so homely compared to chickens. So they can wander away from home. So quails require taming to avoid wandering. 

Are Quails Messy?

So many persons are going into rearing quails. And this is because they are super easy to maintain. Generally, animals are messy. Quails, just like every other animal aren’t perfect. 

So they can be very messy, most especially when they are kept as indoor pets. They are usually dusty, which is common with birds generally. 

It is advisable to build a cage that is easy to clean. That way it would be easier to control their mess.

However, quails are not as messy as chickens.

Are Quails Quieter Than Chickens? 

Generally, quails are not known to be noisy birds. They are not also quiet either. Quails are known to make soft noisy rumbles. Their sounds are not offensive. 

However, quails do not make sounds without a reason. Some of the most likely reasons why they make noisy sounds include;

  • During breeding seasons, male quails make noise to announce their presence. Female quails, on the other hand, are quieter during this time. Female quails are not as vocal as their male counterparts. Their sound is similar to that of a cricket. And, it can only be heard from a short distance. 
  • Female quails make sounds if they are under distress as a result of separation from companions. In this case, their sounds may be louder. 
  • Quails also make noises when they are threatened by predators. Their noise is usually nosier at this time. They are simply crying for help.  
  • They also make lots of noise when they are left alone.

However, quails make relatively mild noises. Quails are generally easier to manage when compared to chickens in terms of noise and messiness.

Chickens make louder sounds than quails which make them noisier than quails.

Also, unlike chickens, quails do not crow regularly. A chicken can crow in the morning and even at night.

Their crows can be very disturbing. However, chickens are naturally wired to crow. So you can’t stop them from making these sounds.

For quails, however, their sounds can be controlled. Here are some of the ways to do that;

  • Keep their cage safe and secure to prevent predators from attacking.
  • Do not leave them alone. You will understandably not always be with them. Therefore they should always be kept in the company of other quails. 


Quails can be domesticated. However, it can be a challenging process. It takes a lot of effort and patience to achieve a good result.

Again, not all quail species can be tamed. This is because most of them are aggressive. The easiest to tame are the Bobwhites and Coturnix.

Although quails are not naturally friendly, they can be so once they get to know you. 

Quails, interestingly, can be trained to recognize their owners. Visiting them regularly helps to speed up this process.

Quails can be quite messy, but not as chickens. They are also known to create gentle noises. These sounds may be offensive, but not as that of chickens.

When a quail makes a sound, it is usually for a specific purpose such are being endangered by predators or being left alone. 

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