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Hmmm, yummy! That’s what comes to your mind when you eat a banana. Now imagine how your quail will feel when you feed it banana, you will be surprised at how they will clamor for more.

Banana is an extremely nutritious fruit for both men and birds.

Raw, organic, and greener bananas are particularly healthy to quails and other birds.

Quails can and love eating bananas. They provide minerals such as vitamin A and B6, magnesium, iron, and potassium for the growth and development of your quail birds.

What are the health benefits of bananas for quails?

Can Quails Eat Banana

When treating your birds with any food, you should always be conscious of the kind of food and its nutritional benefits you’re bringing into the body of your bird.

This enables you to balance the amount and quality of foods you feed to them at any point in time.

Here are some health benefits of bananas to quails.

1.  Rich In Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for the correct development and growth of all living species.

Even though some species will need some vitamins more than other organisms, we always need some form of vitamins one way or the other.

When you feed them with a nutritious banana, some of the vitamins you’ll be delivering to your quails are vitamin A and B6.

Vitamin A is essential for quails to have good eyesight.

The visual acuity of birds is one of their most powerful abilities that enables them to evade Predators.

Feeding them with Banana implies boosting this ability of the quails.

Also, Vitamin A aids them to have strong feathers.

The deficiency of this vitamin in your birds might cause enlarged eyes and fragile feathers.

Vitamin B6 on the other hand helps the bird to decompose nutrients effectively for use.

This indicates that without the existence of these vitamins, your bird will only obtain a few nutrients and energy they eat, which can create several difficulties associated with malnutrition.

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2. It contains Magnesium

Magnesium is also very vital in the development and growth of birds.

Although they’re not necessary for big numbers in your quails, they’re needed in modest quantities to aid grow healthy muscles and beaks for your quails.

Fragile beaks in your quails will mean that they won’t be able to ingest some seeds and they’ll wind up damaging their beaks frequently.

Banana is composed of 6 percent magnesium in 100g is more than enough for the development of your quails.

3 . It has a high water content

The benefits of bananas to your quails can’t be mentioned without talking about water.

Water, albeit not a nutrient, is one of the most fundamental substances needed by any living organism for survival.

Domestic birds like quails also need water not as much as wild birds though.

Fresh, nutritious Banana is reported to contain about 75 percent water which is a fantastic source of water for your quails.

4. High in Fibers

Fibers are required in the meal of birds to aid in digestion and simple defecation.

Banana includes about 2.6 per cent fiber and this is excellent to help your bird in simple digestion and defecation.

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5. Rich in Iron and Potassium

Iron and Potassium are also constituents of the nutritional composition of bananas.

Iron is needed for the synthesis of haemoglobin which is needed for the transfer of Oxygen in your quail chicks.

Lack of iron will result in a limited amount of oxygen transported to the tissues of your bird which Is called HYPOXIA.

On the other hand, potassium is required in birds for a lot of crucial activities at the cellular level.

One of its utmost Important is muscular contraction and depolarizations. This is vital for your bird to complete its life stages.

6. Amino Acids

About 1.1% of bananas are made up of protein which is required in every creature on earth for survival.

Proteins, which are the most numerous macromolecules in living things, are required for a variety of activities from the cellular level to the systemic level.

It’s required for the transport of chemicals through the cell membrane of birds.

It’s also required for various metabolisms in their bodies and also for the supply of energy in the birds.

How often should I feed them bananas?

Given the benefits and potential drawbacks of bananas to birds, you must know how frequently to feed your quails with bananas.

It should be mentioned that bananas shouldn’t be the primary food to feed the birds, however, they may be mashed and given to their diet.

When the banana is cooked properly with all safety measures, you may add a little banana to your quail’s diet every day and the bus shouldn’t cause any issue to them.

How do you feed quails bananas?

You should make sure the banana is clean and protected from any apparent dirt. Make sure to wash it.

Then toss the peels away and mash a fair quantity of banana into the food container of the bird.

Mash it to enable simple digestion and ingestion for the bird.

You may crush it with a clean, well-washed hand.

Anytime you think of feeding your quails with bananas, there are certain factors you need to remember to obtain the most from the fruit with Less or no major negative effects.

  • Always remember organic ones are the finest.
  • Raw and uncooked bananas are also preferable to cooked ones.
  • Greener bananas are preferable. This is because they contain less starch and are delicious like the torn ones

Should you feed quails ripe or unripe bananas?

Quails can eat both ripe and unripe bananas. While a ripe banana is sweet and easy to munch on, an unripe banana contains more iron than a ripe banana.

Can quails eat banana peels?

Although banana peels may be extremely healthy for your quails, they can also have some potentially harmful side effects, such as pesticide consumption and cellulose overload.

This is why you should avoid giving banana peels to your quails.

In the same way, as bananas are healthy and helpful to quails, the peels may be just as beneficial if cooked properly.

To begin with, there’s nothing wrong with giving banana peels to your quails.

The peels of bananas may include nutrients and fibers that are helpful to the bird.

Banana peels, on the other hand, may pose several dangers to the bird, therefore we should avoid feeding them to our quails.

The peels of bananas have a high cellulose content, which is the first drawback.

Complex carbohydrates are indigestible to humans and birds.

As a result, if eaten in large quantities, it may cause harm to the bird.

Bananas are also cultivated in areas where pesticides are used to control pests on the fruits and promote their development.

These pesticides may be left on the banana peels or absorbed by the banana, and even a little quantity eaten by your bird can be very dangerous.

Then there’s the issue of whether or not washing will get rid of these chemicals. No, that is not the case.

Washing the peels will only remove the pesticides that have accumulated on the surface of the peels; it will not remove the pesticides that have been entrenched in the peels in any manner.

Your quail birds may be harmed as a result of this. The easiest way to avoid pesticides is to give them banana peels that have been produced naturally.

This is the greatest option, but it still leaves the bird vulnerable to cellulose. This is why it’s best to avoid giving banana peels to the quails entirely.

Are there any problems to be aware of before feeding them bananas?

Although bananas provide several advantages, including water and minerals such as amino acids and vitamins, they may also cause severe negative effects if consumed in excess if the meal is not cooked and presented properly.

The following are some possible negative effects of feeding bananas and their peels to your quails:

1. Complex indigestible carbohydrates.

Cellulose is a polysaccharide carbohydrate with a high degree of complexity, and evolution has yet to discover an efficient method to digest it, even in sophisticated creatures like humans.

Although certain species, such as ruminants, have developed mechanisms for breaking down cellulose into digestible forms, birds have not.

These starches are found in ripe bananas and their peels, making digestion difficult.

As a result, it’s best to give quails greener bananas instead of peels.

2. High Calories In Banana

Quails are not as energetic as wild birds. As a result, they use fewer calories than more active birds.

Bananas provide 89 calories per 100g, which is a tad high for home birds like quails, who live sedentary lives.

This is why feeding your quails too many bananas can lead to obesity and possibly injury.

3. Pesticides and Infections

Pesticides are sprayed on the majority of bananas farmed on a huge scale to prevent the farmer from losing money.

Although these pesticides are normally not found in fruit and do not cause considerable harm to humans in such large amounts, the same may not be true for birds.

Birds’ digestive systems are extremely sensitive, and some items cause them to react violently.

This is why the idea that whatever is safe for people is also safe for our birds isn’t always true.

The best option is to feed the Quails banana fruit without the peels and organically grown bananas.

Also, make sure the banana isn’t contaminated or has been eaten by insects or rats, as this could transmit dangerous infections to your quails.


Bananas, in conclusion, are a good source of nutrients for quails.

Vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and other essential elements are provided for the bird’s survival.

Plantains, on the other hand, are a preferable option to bananas because they are more nutritious.

You should not feed banana peels to your quails or any other bird because they can be dangerous.

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