Can Quails Eat Corn? (Answered)

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Quails can eat corn; like most ground-dwelling and hunting birds, quails love corn.

For as long as corn has been around, birds have always like them.

Corn is high in fiber and is usually part of the main food of many birds. Quails can eat corn, and it is good for them; pour some kernels of corn on the ground and see how your quails would go into a frenzy over them.

In this article, we are going to explore the relationship of quails with corn, so stick with us; you are sure to enjoy what you will discover.

What are the health benefits of corn for quails?

Can Quails Eat Corn

Corn is a grain that is rich in several nutrients that are great for the health of your quails.

Corn contains fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.

All these nutrients come together to bring some remarkable health benefits. Some of these health benefits are:

1. Reduced Anemia Risk

Because corn is rich in vitamins like B12, nutrients like iron and folic acid, it helps quails produce red blood cells;

This, in turn, prevents the occurrence of anemia because more than enough nutrients are required to help your quails produce more red blood cells are available.

Nutritionists have praised the likelihood of corn doing this. Many people feed corn to their birds but do not know how beneficial corn actually is in this regard.

2. Provides Energy

Because corn has a considerable amount of calories and fiber, it provides a lot of energy for your quails, and it also takes time to digest.

This means that it provides a lot of energy for your quails, and it remains in their system longer than regular carbs because it is digested slower due to its high content of fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Beyond providing energy, corn also helps the nervous system and brains of your quails function better.

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3. It increases Weight Gain

If you are keeping quails for meat, then feeding them corn can be a great way to boost their weight gain.

This type of weight gain is healthy for your quails and would not lead to health complications.

The calories in corn are healthy calories, unlike that in cakes and some human-made foods.

Imagine your quails getting healthy calories, gaining weight, and getting a great number of nutrients.

4. It Lower Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

 Feeding corn to your birds can increase the blood flow in their bodies and aid the absorption and utility of calories.

Due to how unique corn is, it energizes your quails without necessarily giving negative side effects.

In this regard, it is also very good for human consumption.

5. It Boosts their Immune System

Corn is very rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals that help fight diseases in quails.

They help boost the natural defenses of the body that can boost the immune system of your birds.

This would lead to lower incidents of sickness among your quails.

This does not mean your birds would not need medication when they fall ill, but it is a sort of immune booster for birds and goes a long way to reduce the prevalence of diseases.

Even if your quails do get sick, feeding them corn can go a long way to help them recover faster than they would have ordinarily.

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6. Aids Egg Production

Because corn provides ample energy and other nutrients for your quails, it inadvertently boosts their propensity to produce eggs.

They end up being well-fed, healthy, and energized; this combination usually leads to more egg production.

This is of you are keeping your quails for egg production.

7. It Reduces Constipation

Because corn is very high in fiber, it tends to aid the digestive process and ends up reducing the incidences of constipation in quails.

With corn in their diet, they eat well, digest efficiently and stool well.

How much corn can quails eat per day?

There is no blanket rule when it comes to the number of corn quails can eat per day.

If corn is not their main source of food, then a handful for one quail every day is ideal.

You should scatter it on the ground for them and see them excitedly pick every kernel.

Quails are not such picky eaters, and they will eat the quantity of corn you give them.

Can quails eat cracked corn?

Quails eat cracked corn just as much as whole corn.

If anything, when the corn is cracked, it helps them swallow it better and faster. They seem to not mind this because it helps them eat faster.

You can feed your quails cracked corn however you deem fit.

You could put it in their feeder or pour it on the ground for them to happily pick. Cracked corn is a delicacy for quails.

Can quails eat cornmeal?

Quails do eat cornmeal; cornmeal is nothing fancy it is simply dried corn.

Form meal is readily available for your purchase at affordable prices, and your quails are sure to love it.

It is very easy to feed your quails this, and they are sure to love it.

Cornmeal is essentially corn that has been ground after it has been dried. It becomes delicious corn powder.

No matter the size or age of your quails, there is a great chance that they would like cornmeal.

Can quails eat corn husks?

The green leaves outside the corn cob are what are referred to as corn husks, and quails can eat them.

Quail have a very strong digestive system that helps them digest a wide collection of food.

Form husks are said to be nutritious and safe for quails to consume.

Quails might not get a wide variety of nutrients from corn husks, but they are nonetheless edible.

You just have to chop them into smaller pieces that would not be problematic for the quails to pick and digest.

How to feed your quails corn?

There is no strict rule for how to feed quails corn.

You may feed the corn to your quails while. You may crack the kernels, and you may even make cornmeal out of it.

No matter the method you choose to feed your quails corn, just make sure that the corn is clean and mold-free.

You do not want to poison your quails in a bid to feed them. Just be conscious and intentional about always feeding your birds the best.

You may choose to scatter the kernels on the ground or give them in a feeder; no matter the form you choose, your quails are still going to love eating corn.

Things to note before feeding quails corn?

When you want to feed your quails corn, take note that the environment is clean and the corn is clean.

Make sure that the food is still good, has been properly stored, and is not moldy. Mould can be very toxic to your quails, and it might even lead to their death.

Take note to not feed your quails only corn; make sure you feed them a variety of meals because their nutritional needs cannot be entirely catered for by corn alone.

Make sure that at the end of the day, your quails are on a balanced diet.

Can quails eat corn on the cob?

Yes, quails can eat corn on the cob; you may choose to feed your quails the corn in any format; they are not picky.


Whatever you want to feed your quails with, make sure you are well informed and do

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