Can Quails Eat Spinach? (Answered)

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Yes, quails can eat spinach. However, you have to consider what you are raising the birds for before doing that. For example, if you are growing your quail for eggs, then feeding them spinach is not a great idea. 

Spinach is a rich source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals, and it also includes oxalic acid.

This acid binds to the calcium, preventing it from being absorbed by the body. 

This is not ideal for an egg-laying bird; otherwise, the quail may produce soft-shelled eggs that break easily or even become lodged, resulting in egg binding in a laying bird.

There is, however, a way to provide spinach to your quail while still ensuring they receive a proper dose of calcium. 

How do you feed quail spinach?

Can Quails Eat Spinach

As previously stated, raw spinach is relatively high in oxalic acid.

Additionally, if this is fed numerous times a week, it will upset the calcium balance. As a result, apple cider should be added to their water. 

Apple cider vinegar is a favorite flock owner’s water addition.

There are numerous advantages to utilizing it, one of which is that it aids in raising the pH of stomach acid. Increased stomach acid ph. may result in improved nutrition absorption.

Thus, if you feed spinach that has been tossed in ACV, the oxalates will be reduced. 

Since low stomach acid inhibits proper absorption, the acetic acid in ACV raises stomach acids and increases absorption.

Additionally, you can mitigate these effects by boiling the spinach beforehand.

In investigations, boiling spinach was found to be more effective at removing oxalates than baking or steaming.

As a result, you can offer cooked spinach without having to worry too much about calcium levels.

So chop the vegetables into small bits and serve them to the birds.

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Can quails eat spinach leaves?

Yes, they can. The plant’s leaves contain trace amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and calcium.

In addition, quails augment their diets with leafy green vegetables in the absence of seed.

These vegetables contain various essential vitamins and minerals.

Also, leafy greens are low in fat and protein, making them unsuitable as the primary component of a quail’s diet. So combine it with their feed.

Can quails eat spinach stems?

Most people think that spinach stems are harmful and should not be consumed.

This, however, is merely hearsay. Indeed, the stem is just as nutritious as the leaves and can be consumed with them

However, mature spinach stems can be larger and more fibrous, making them more challenging to digest.

In such circumstances, they can be removed before feeding your birds. But it is not compulsory to remove them.

However, it is preferable not to compel them if they eat the leaves and neglect the stem.

Are there any problems to be aware of before feeding them spinach?

As I mentioned in the introduction, you should be mindful of the oxalic acid that spinach produces.

Oxalic acid in spinach binds to calcium and stops our bodies from absorbing it as efficiently as they could. 

Of course, this is the opposite of what you want in egg-laying birds, as eggshells are almost entirely composed of calcium.

If they do not receive enough calcium, they may develop soft-shelled eggs that break easily or become trapped, resulting in egg binding in a laying quail.

Additionally, sufficient calcium is required for the birds to make the contractions necessary to push the eggs through the oviduct.

Thus, insufficient calcium absorption is a significant issue for egg-laying birds.

Can baby quails eat spinach? 

No. Spinach leaves should not be given to baby quail until they are at least four or six weeks old.

Quail chicks require time for their systems to adjust to new nutrients, and you are best off providing them with the appropriate diet.

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Can you feed raw spinach to quails?

Absolutely. Your quails will consume spinach raw or cooked without complaint unless it is served excessively hot, in which case they risk scorching the insides of their mouths.

However, raw spinach is significantly healthier for your birds than cooked spinach when it comes to health. 

It was established through research on the effect of boiling spinach on its nutritional worth.

The researchers discovered that baby spinach’s lutein (a carotenoid associated with Vitamin A) level decreased by 40% within the first four minutes of boiling. 

As a result, boiling spinach is not a good idea for your quails.

However, all you have to do is chop the leaves into bits so that the birds can pick them up and swallow easily. Alternatively, you can add it to their feed.

This will serve as a supplement for their nutritional balance. 

When it comes to nutrition, it covers a lot of ground; it is low in calories, boosts our immunity, and has anti-inflammatory effects. Spinach also has a lot to offer your flock’s wellness.


As I previously stated, quail can be fed spinach in modest amounts and not on a daily basis.

Spinach is a good vegetable for your birds.

It is filled with rich nutrients that are beneficial to their health, including a high concentration of vitamins A (beta carotene), C, and K and calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and manganese.

The vegetable’s oxalic acid inhibits calcium absorption. While it is possible to reduce the oxalic acid content of leaves, there is always a risk of nutrient loss.

We would not recommend giving spinach more than once a week to be safe.

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