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Quails are omnivorous, and yes, they can eat strawberries. They even love Strawberries, and you could say strawberries are one of their favorites. You can get strawberries from a lot of places and store strawberries in various ways.

This way, you have them all year round; they are a great treat for your quails.

There are several ways you could give strawberries to your quails; your quails would love them more if they are mixed with other berries.

Strawberries are delicious to quails and can be considered a great delight of quails.

What are the health benefits of strawberries for quails?

Can quails Eat Strawberries

Not only are strawberries delicious treats for your quails, but they also come with a lot of benefits that are sure to make your quails health better than you can imagine.

Some of the benefits are in the dimension of:

  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Fiber
  • Low carbs

1. Hydration

Strawberries are filled with water; though they cannot be a replacement for water, they can help your quails stay better hydrated.

Quails do not require much water, but they also need to drink water.

If you cannot keep up with giving your quails water, making strawberries available to them is a way to keep them hydrated.

Keeping an animal hydrated is a great part of caring for that animal; if your quails are not properly hydrated, they could die.

Do not replace water with strawberries, and they should be used as complementary to the water you already give your quails.

2. Nutrition

Strawberries are very nutritious; they are high in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

They are good for the health of your quails on several levels.

Feeding strawberries to your quails are a way of getting some vital nutrients into their system.

This doesn’t mean you should exclusively feed your quails strawberries; doing this would lead to Deficiency in other departments.

You should treat strawberries as a delicious and nutritious snack for your quails; the nutritional benefits are innumerable.

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3. Fiber

Strawberries are highly fibrous; Which is good for the digestive health of your quails; they can help to keep the digestive function of your quails at its peak.

This tends to help the overall health of your quails, as any animal’s digestive health is vital to its overall health.

4. Low carbs

Strawberries are not high in sugars, so they are a good choice of snacks for your quails.

They will not cause any problem relating to excess consumption of sugar by your quails. Your quails will remain in great shape and be properly taken care of.

Strawberries A packed with a lot of nutrients and a lot of things that are good for your quails.

The question should be, is there a downside to feeding strawberries to your quails?

The taste is great; it is filled with a lot of flavors, it is high in nutrients, it is filled with water, it is a healthy treat that quails love.

It will strengthen the immune system of your quails. If you have a pet quail and you want to make sure that they have all-around care, strawberries are a good option.

You do not have to feel guilty while you feed your quail this delicious and flavorful snack; you would rest assured that the snack you are giving to your quail is great for its health.

They contain the following nutrients and more:

  • Vitamin C.
  • Potassium.
  • Vitamin K.
  • Vitamin B9.
  • Manganese.

Any of these nutrients are great for your quails. Now imagine all of them in one snack.

How many strawberries can quails eat?

You can feed your quails a considerable amount of strawberries But be sure not to overfeed them.

If you give your quail too much access to strawberries, they are going to overfeed on strawberries, and this could lead to health complications.

The key is everything in moderation, you don’t want to give them too little, and you don’t want to give them too much.

A handful of diced strawberries a day is good; you can go a little above this, but don’t go too much over the top.

You want your birds to be cared for, not to be fed to death.

A way to guide yourself is to ensure that whatever you feed them that strawberries do not make more than 10% of that at the end of the day.

Can quails eat strawberry tops?

You should not feed your quails strawberry tops, whether the leaves or the stem.

Apart from the actual strawberry, you should not feed any part of it to your quails.

Always keep in mind that things like strawberries should never constitute more than ten percent of the diet of your quails.

Do not feed more than the fruit to your quails.

The tops of strawberries can be poisonous to your quails; fine, quails have a sophisticated digestive system that helps them adapt to different areas they migrate to.

But things like strawberry tops are too extreme and would pose an extreme challenge to your quail’s digestive system.

In that regard, they can be poisonous to your quails, not that the poison would kill them, but it would cause them significant distress.

Quails are omnivores quite like humans, so that should be a guide to you. I do not feed strawberry tops to yourself, do not feed it to your quails.

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Can quails eat strawberry leaves?

Just like strawberry tops, it is ill-advised to feed strawberry leaves to your quails.

Even if they have a sophisticated digestive system, you should not push them so hard to the point of feeding them strawberry leaves.

It is a fact that quails can eat leafy greens, but strawberry leaves are not part of these leafy greens. You should therefore avoid feeding strawberry leaves to your quails.

How to feed your quails strawberries?

You can be creative with this; there is no strict way to do this.

If you feed strawberries to your quails by throwing them to your quails whole, that’s fine; if you can dice them or mash the strawberries, that is still good.

You should not seek to restrict yourself to a rigid way of feeding strawberries.

What you should consider is the number of strawberries you want to feed your quails.

Do not make strawberries the main meal of your quails because there would lead to several nutrient Deficiency and compromise the health of your quails.

Just like you cannot survive on a snack for years, that is how quails should not be fed strawberries perpetually as their main food.

Learn to incorporate it into their usual food and feeding plan. Don’t be tempted to compromise because of your affection for the tour bird.

We know you might want to feed them strawberries as long as they would eat them but remember that is a snack that should not be overindulged in.

Things to note before feeding quails strawberries?

When you want to Feed strawberries to your quails, you should consider the quality of the strawberries and what they have been exposed to.

You should not seek to feed strawberries that have been exposed to pesticides and insecticides to your quails.

Insecticides can greatly affect the health of your quails, so you should always consider this and seek to serve them strawberries that are free from these chemicals.

If you feed strawberries that are laden with insecticides and pesticides to your quails, you will give them health problems that could lead to their death.

They could develop digestive issues that could lead to further issues that would end up killing your quails.

Always wash and clean strawberries before you feed them to any animal.

Can quails eat strawberries and blueberries?

Just like strawberries, quails can eat blueberries too. Quails eat a lot of things, and blueberries are part of these things.


Strawberries are good for most animals as long as you are well informed before you do feed them to your animals.

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