Can Turkeys Eat Eggs? (Answered)

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Turkeys enjoy eggs, and they will eat all sections of an egg, uncooked or cooked. In addition, turkeys benefit from egg treats since they are high in protein and calcium.

Aside from these two nutrients, eggs also include other nutrients that are necessary for turkey survival.

Egg yolk is especially beneficial to injure or sick chicks because it is their sole source of nutrition within the egg.

Therefore, a bird will not be damaged in any way if she eats six eggs in a day, except that she will consume more protein than is suggested.

One issue can arise, and it has nothing to do with the egg; it is a behavioral issue. Eggs are delicious.

Turkeys who shatter an egg in the nest box and taste it may decide to crack more eggs and eat them as well, giving rise to the feared egg eater. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Eggs to Turkeys?

Can Turkeys Eat Eggs
  • Strong eggshell

The calcium found in eggs is beneficial to turkeys, especially if they are being raised for egg production. It is also good for their bones and muscles.

  • Clearer vision

Turkeys require vitamins, which are found in eggs. Vitamin A, for example, will help them see better and support the creation of healthy feathers and skin.

Vitamin D is essential for bone development.

  • Proper blood formation

Iron is found in eggs and is required for blood production.

  • Bone and egg formation

Eggs contain magnesium, which offers numerous health benefits. It aids in the production of bones and eggs and the efficient utilization of other nutrients by turkeys.

It also aids their nervous system activities.

How Often Should I Feed Them Eggs?

Like any other treat, Eggs aren’t a bird’s primary source of nutrition, so it’s not a good idea to offer them every day.

Feed for turkeys is meticulously prepared and contains all of the nutrients they need to thrive.

Supplementary foods like sweets and snacks, on the other hand, take the place of some of those critical nutrients.

So if you feed your turkeys eggs, they’ll be happy. However, don’t make it a habit.

Despite the fact that it won’t immediately affect them, it can cause them to become more selective.

Here is a complete list of foods and treats that are great for turkeys

Can Baby Turkeys Eat Eggs?

Eggs are one of the few high-protein delicacies that newborn chicks can eat. Scrambled eggs appear to be the simplest for them to pick up in this circumstance.

At any age, an egg can be a delicious and nutritious reward for your young chicks. This allows them to quickly acquire muscle and grow.

Keep in mind, however, that the eggs should not be seasoned or include any eggshell.

It’s preferable to save those eggs for your adult birds if you’ve added seasonings like salt and pepper.

Can Wild Turkeys Eat Eggs?

Wild turkeys can eat eggs if they come across them while foraging. These days they pretty much eat anything they can get their beak on. 

Can Turkeys Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Scrambled eggs are acceptable to turkeys. In fact, one of the healthiest treats you can give your turkeys is scrambled eggs.

If your turkeys lay an abundance of eggs, you can use some of them to make a tasty scrambled eggs treat.

The high protein and calcium levels are beneficial to your turkeys’ general development.

In addition, feeding scrambled eggs to your turkeys as they’re molting will speed up the process.

When turkeys are unwell or injured, giving them scrambled eggs can help them recover quickly.

Scrambled eggs can provide them with the protein boost they require to quickly recuperate and heal.

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Can Turkeys Eat Turkey Eggs?

Turkeys can eat turkey eggs just like any other egg. You just have to boil or scramble the egg.

Feeding them raw eggs will incite cannibalism. 

Things to Watch Out For Before Feeding Them Eggs?

Avoid raw eggs at all cost

Your turkey may become sick as a result of eating raw eggs. Furthermore, raw eggs sometimes contain bacteria like salmonella, which can cause severe issues for our birds.

Adding extra germs to the mix via raw meat can lead to disease or death, even if poultry already has it in their stomachs.

They may develop a taste for the eggs they produce if they are fed raw eggs. But if this happens, their egg output would be much diminished.

The flavor of well-cooked eggs, on the other hand, is distinct from that of raw eggs.

Therefore, your turkey will not eat the eggs that they have laid in their nests.

How Can I Feed Eggs to My Turkeys?

There are a variety of methods for cooking and serving eggs to your turkeys.

The simplest method is to scramble a batch, ensuring that the egg white and yolk are fully cooked.

You may choose to omit the salt, but there is nothing wrong with including fresh or dried herbs, sunflower seeds, raw garlic, or vegetables such as zucchini and peas.

Do not include any amusing additions. You can serve the eggs on their own or incorporate them into their normal meal or other goodies.

A second method is to hard-boil the egg. With hard-boiled eggs, you have two alternatives.

You can hard-boil the eggs, peel them, break them up, and give them to your birds, or you can simply smash them up and feed them to your turkeys with the shells still attached.

Calcium from the eggshells is an added advantage for your laying birds, and smashing the eggs without peeling them simplifies the process.


Either scrambled or hard-boiled eggs you serve to your turkey is a healthy choice.

You can also keep the eggshells, wash them and dry them out before grinding up and feeding them back to your birds.

The extra calcium will help to restore the calcium they lose while laying eggs.

For the price of a few eggs, you can provide your turkeys with a calcium supplement that they’ll happily chow down on.

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