Can Turkeys Eat Oranges? (Answered)

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Contrary to what you may have heard, turkeys can eat oranges.

Oranges contain other healthy nutrients, such as fiber, potassium, and a range of minerals that are good for turkeys.

However, it affects how they absorb calcium and any other key nutrients. They also enjoy eating the seeds as well as the orange peels, but they have to be clean and fresh.     

What are The Health Benefits of Oranges to Turkeys?

Can Turkeys Eat Oranges
  • Lower Cholesterol

Oranges include soluble fiber, which is necessary for cholesterol reduction.

By definition, soluble fiber absorbs a large quantity of water in the stomach and produces a slow-moving gel.

The gel travels through the intestinal tract, absorbing excess cholesterol components and excreting them via feces.

Cholesterol levels are significantly reduced. As a result, lowering the risk of heart disease

  • Healthy Heart Function

Oranges are a great source of potassium, an electrolyte mineral that helps maintain a healthy heart.

In addition to magnesium, sodium, and calcium, this mineral maintains cell fluid levels.

As a result, your turkey’s heartbeat will continue to beat as long as the body’s fluid balance is stable. 

  • Decreased Disease Risk

The citric acid in oranges is a source of vitamin C. Free radicals are neutralized by this acid, one of its most important actions.

Vitamin C can prevent the formation of free radicals and bind itself to healthy cells in this way.

These cells are permanently damaged when free radicals bind with them.

Free radicals have also been linked to various long-term health issues, including heart disease and cancer. Make sure your turkeys are getting enough vitamin C by feeding them oranges. 

  • Helps the Body Alkalize

Despite the citric acid found in oranges, they are also a good source of alkaline minerals.

Digestion relies heavily on these minerals. Your turkeys can consume oranges and lemons, which are some of the most alkaline fruits.

  • Helps to Prevent Constipation

Because oranges contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, you won’t have to worry about your turkeys being constipated due to feeding them.

In order to maintain a healthy and efficient digestive tract, dietary fiber is recommended.

Irritable bowel syndrome is avoided as a result. With the fiber, you’ll be able to treat your birds’ constipation as well.

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How Often Should I Feed Them Oranges?

Oranges can be given to turkeys as an occasional treat. However, because of this, they are not recommended to be offered as a staple food item.

Can Baby Turkeys Eat Oranges?

Yes, baby turkeys can consume oranges.

The occasional treat for a newborn turkey isn’t out of the ordinary. However, it should not be used as a substitute for their regular diet or given to them daily.

In order to feed the seeds to your newborn turkeys, you may need to remove the seeds first.

To avoid choking or possible poisonings, this is the best way.

Do Wild Turkeys Eat Oranges?

Wild turkeys, indeed, enjoy oranges.

They are frequently observed eating oranges while foraging in the jungle. Additionally, you can attract them to your yard by planting grapevines.

Finally, if wild turkeys travel through your property regularly, you can try giving them oranges.

They’re likely to return more frequently and develop a less creepy demeanor around you.

Can Turkeys Choke from Eating Orange Seeds?

Turkeys can’t choke on orange seeds. Instead, they actually enjoy eating the seeds. 

Things to Watch Out for Before Feeding Them Oranges

Although oranges are a tasty and nutritious treat for your turkeys, there are always a few things to keep in mind to ensure their health and avoid overfeeding them:

  • You can incorporate orange chunks into your turkey’s regular meals to provide an additional vitamin C boost and fun and healthful addition to their daily diet.
  • Feed oranges to your turkeys in moderation; this is a healthful treat in little doses. A small amount may consist of between 1 and 12 orange slices. This way, people can reap the benefits without overdoing it and risking the health and intestinal problems.
  • Oranges’ high citrus content may result in a decrease in egg production.
  • If your turkey does not appear to like the oranges when coupled with their regular diet, immediately discontinue feeding them.

When done excessively, this might lead them to lose interest in their feed and make it difficult for them to eat frequently.

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How Can I Feed Oranges to My Turkeys

To begin, chop the oranges into small pieces before letting children eat them.

Similarly, you can cut the peels and serve them to your turkey.

When pecked at or swallowed in small pieces, turkeys have no difficulty pecking at or swallowing them.

This is one approach to ensure that your birds can consume oranges in addition to their commercial meal.

Another simple method is to keep them occupied by eating oranges and peels throughout the day.

You will need to throw large orange pieces and peels into the coop or run in this situation.

Turkeys will be excited and interested to peck at oranges and peels if they are present in their living space.

This will keep them occupied during the process of determining the most convenient method of swallowing this treat.

Bear in mind that you should carefully wash oranges and their peels before giving them to your birds.

This is because they may contain pesticide residues that are potentially harmful to your flock.


Oranges are citrus fruits, along with lemons, limes, and tangerines.

Regardless of the myths and legends surrounding them, your turkeys will like these fruits.

As such, ensure that you serve them this delectable delicacy in moderation and on an as-needed basis to maintain their health.

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