Can Turkeys Eat Watermelons? (Pros and Cons)

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One fun thing about raising turkeys is that, apart from their food, you can also feed them leftovers from the kitchen and treats.

These can supplement their food so you don’t break banks trying to feed them.

You would understand this better if you know how much turkeys eat.

Fruits are one of the treats you can give your turkeys because they enjoy eating them and they also are packed with nutrients.

Watermelons are one of the fruits turkeys enjoy the most.

They find them quite tasty and easy to eat because they are soft and juicy.

So yes, turkeys can eat watermelons. It cannot however supply all their nutritionally needs, therefore it should be served occasionally.

What are the health benefits of watermelon to turkeys?

It contains Protein.

Watermelons are good sources of protein which turkeys need to grow healthy.

Turkeys from a day old to about 8 weeks, need protein to develop properly.

They usually need about 28% of protein. Feeding your poults and adult turkeys watermelon is one way of ensuring they don’t lack protein.

✓ Water.

Well, judging from the name, you know watermelon contains a lot of water.

Infact each bite contains about 92% water.

This is a great treat for your turkeys during summer or on sunny days.

It helps hydrate your turkeys and keep them refreshed. Watermelons also aid their digestion of other foods.

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✓ Vitamin A.

Watermelon is a good source of vitamin A which helps to boast the immune systems of turkeys.

They help them resist diseases and a deficiency can lead to stunted growth and ruffled feathers.

✓ Antioxidants.

Lycopene and vitamin C are the major antioxidants found in watermelons.

They are anti inflammatory. Antioxidants are especially needed for breeding and meat turkeys to produce well.

Antioxidants also helps in boosting their immune systems, fighting infections and enables them to lay quality eggs.

Like humans, turkeys cannot produce vitamin C themselves, which is why they have to eat food that can supply it to them.

Feeding them watermelons ensures they do not lack it.

What parts of a watermelon can turkeys eat?

Turkeys can safely eat all the parts if a watermelon.

They are all packed with vitamins and minerals. Turkeys can safely eat watermelon rinds, flesh, seeds and vines.

Cut them into small pieces to ensure they don’t choke and serve it whenever you feel like treating them to something special. It won’t harm them at all.

Can turkeys eat watermelon rinds?

Yes, turkeys can eat watermelon rinds.

Watermelon rinds are healthy and full of nutrients.

They are great sources of potassium which your turkeys will benefit from.

Before feeding your turkeys watermelon rinds however, you should ensure they are free from pesticides. If you aren’t sure, don’t give it to them.

Can baby turkeys eat watermelon?

Of course, baby turkeys can eat watermelon.

It is a great treat they will enjoy and thank you for.

It does not cause them any harm and will even supply them with some nutrients.

Cut the watermelons into small sizes so they can eat and swallow them without difficulty.

Your baby turkeys could choke if you don’t do this because they are young.

You should not give them the seeds.

Baby turkeys cannot eat watermelon seeds because their gizzards are not developed enough to crush and digest.

Do wild turkeys eat watermelon?

Yes, wild turkeys eat watermelons.

Wild turkeys don’t have owners that like domestic turkeys have.

They don’t get fed commercial feeds that contain all the nutrients they require for growth, so they depend on foraging.

They make do with what they can find in the forest.

They eat plants and fruits a lot to get the necessary nutrients they need to stay healthy.

And since watermelons are packed with some of these nutrients, they consume them at every opportunity.

These birds seem to know and recognize which fruits are good for them and which aren’t.

When not to give watermelon to turkeys?

Watermelons are great for turkeys but sometimes you should avoid giving it to them.

Don’t give it to them if you’re always giving it to them.

Watermelons are treats and should be given to your turkeys occasionally.

If not, your turkeys will come to love it because of its taste, to the detriment of their main feed.

Watermelons cannot supply all the nutrients they need so they will be malnourished and may fall sick as a result of this.

Don’t give watermelons to your turkeys if the flesh is bad or rotten.

If it’s not good for you, it’s not good for your birds.

Rotten watermelons contain mycotoxins which are produced by fungi.

They are very harmful to turkeys and can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Don’t give watermelons to your turkeys if you are not sure of the fruit’s source.

Who knows, it might have been sprayed with pesticides.

Watermelon treat ideas for turkeys.

There are several ways of serving watermelon to your turkeys for their pleasure and happiness.

These are a few.

✓ Fruit salad.

You can serve watermelon with other fruits.

Just wash these fruits and cut them up into small sizes. Examples of fruits you can serve with watermelons are apples, bananas, grapes etc.

Your turkeys will love it and they will also get additional nutrients from the other fruits

✓ Watermelon salad.

As you already know, watermelon has a lot of parts which are quite edible.

You can cut these different parts and mix them together to make a salad for your turkeys.

Cut the flesh, leaves, seeds and vines into small pieces and mix them.

✓ Frozen watermelon.

It can be very hot during the summer.

This is when your turkeys need to be properly hydrated the most.

Refrigerate watermelons and during this period, cut slices for them.

It will not only help them to stay hydrated, it will cool them and make less stressed about the weather.


Turkeys can eat watermelons.

They are nutritious and tasty.

Turkeys can eat every part of watermelons including the seeds.

This shouldn’t be given to baby turkeys however.

Don’t give your turkeys bad or rotten watermelons or watermelons sprayed with pesticides.

They could harm them.

You can prepare watermelon in several ways for your turkeys to enjoy them better.

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