Can You Keep Quails And Rabbits Together? (Answered)

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Before combining any animals that are not of the same species, keep in mind that each animal is a planet in its own right, with its area and personality.

There are various aspects to consider when it comes to animal coexistence, such as whether they are male or female and if they are neutered or not, among others.

Also, one species’ adaptation to another should be as slow and gradual as possible; that is, you should not push coexistence between your pets because it will be detrimental.

So, to answer your question, is it possible for rabbits and quails to coexist?

It is definitely possible to keep rabbits and quails together

They can coexist in the same habitat if you take adequate care of them.

If you want to keep these two creatures together, make sure that they each have their room.

Because rabbits are one of the most peaceful animals you can have as a pet, there’s unlikely to be any purposeful fighting between them and the quails.

Do quails and rabbits get along?

Can You Keep Quails And Rabbits Together

You might be wondering which animals can live together whether you’re a backyard farmer or just wish to raise farm animals.

Quails and rabbits are separate types of animals with different breeding behaviors, hence they can get along if there is enough space to harbor both creatures.

They eat different things and act in different ways. As a result, keeping them together could be a challenge.

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Can they be fed the same things?

No, they can’t. Rabbits are curious creatures who will eat anything they can get their hands on.

This means that the quail meal in the pen will tempt them greatly.

However, if the rabbit consumes these pellets, it may experience major digestive issues.

Furthermore, quails can do significant harm to the grass that rabbits eat, leaving them with considerably fewer food options.

If there are hay or rabbit feed stacks around the cage, the quails will have no problem destroying them.

It’s not that they’ll do it on purpose; it’s just their nature.

Both the quails and the bunnies may have upset stomachs if they eat the food you put out for them.

Each animal will find its food to be enticing in its way.

However, much like any other animal, certain types of food will not sit well with them, and their stomach will become accustomed to their unique diet over time.

Can you keep a quail in a rabbit hutch?

Rabbit hutches are large enough to house around a half-dozen quail, and they provide ample ventilation as well as a safe area for the birds to lay eggs.

But one thing you need to be aware of is that rabbits and quails cannot stay in the same hutch together.

This is because the rabbits might actually cause some form of harm to the quails.

So yes, you can keep a quail in a rabbit hutch but they cannot stay in the same hutch at the same time.

Are there any environmental or health problems keeping them together?

The transmission of infectious diseases among rabbits and quails is a big concern when they are kept together.

Owners may be concerned about their pets’ health.

Both creatures have different ways of infecting each other.

Although coccidia is frequent in both species, salmonella, Pasteurella multocida, and streptococcosis are more serious.

Salmonella is a bacteria that is only found in poultry and can make your rabbits sick.

Both species are likely to share infections, which might be lethal, wherever they poop and defecate.

Myxomatosis, the rabbit-killing virus, on the other hand, has no effect on quail.

This is a disorder that only rabbits have, and only a few rabbits have been diagnosed depending on where they live.

Myxomatosis will spread like wildfire if only one rabbit in a coop gets it.

Expect all bunnies who share a home to be affected in the near future.

Flea bites are the most common way for a rabbit to get myxomatosis.

If a rabbit is bitten by the same flea or tick, the virus will not die and infection will result.

Also quails are relatively small while rabbits are not. But quails are vicious and noisy birds.

Rabbits on the other hand are easily startled and go into shock over every little thing.

That’s why these two creatures need spaces of their own.

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Do quails eat rabbit poop?

Yes, they do. But you don’t have anything to worry about because they won’t be harmed. In the faeces, some nutrients have only been partially digested.

They may rummage through any fallen rabbit feed and dung (essentially digested grass), consume any maggots produced by flies and even snag a worm or two.

Aside from turning manure into fantastic fertilizer for the garden, the worms are also a terrific source of food for the rest of the flock.

Can quail use rabbit water bottles?

Drinking from a rabbit waterer or a water bottle is acceptable to quails.

They’re fantastic for quail. Because quail prefer to drink water, the larger the container, the less likely they are to go without during the day.

There are a variety of other choices available as well; quails are extremely intelligent and will utilize a variety of watering gadgets.


Even though putting rabbits and quails together may appear to be a good idea, the animals will get along but some situations may be uncomfortable for both species.

Your pets may enjoy spending time together in a communal social room, but they must have their sleeping, feeding, and resting places as well.

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