Can You Put Pencil Shavings in Compost?

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You may be wondering, can you put pencil shavings in compost? The answer is yes! Check out our latest blog post to learn all about the benefits of adding pencil shavings to your compost pile.

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Pencils are made of wood, which means that pencil shavings are made of wood as well. Wood is a carbon-rich material, which makes it ideal for composting. In addition, pencil shavings also contain small amounts of clay and graphite. Both of these materials are also good for composting.

What are pencil shavings?

Pencil shavings are a type of wood waste that can be recycled or composted. They are made up of small pieces of wood that have been shaved off of pencils during the sharpening process. Pencil shavings can be either hardwood or softwood, depending on the type of pencil that was used.

Are pencil shavings compostable?

Whether or not you can compost pencil shavings depends on what kind of pencil shavings they are. If the pencil shavings are from a wooden pencil, they are compostable. If the pencil shavings are from a mechanical pencil, they may not be compostable because of the metal component in the lead.

How to compost pencil shavings

Composting pencil shavings is a great way to reduce waste and add nutrient-rich organic matter to your compost bin. Pencil shavings are an excellent source of carbon, which is essential for the composting process. Here are some tips on how to compost pencil shavings:

-Add a thin layer of pencil shavings to your compost bin.
-Keep the bin well aerated by turning it regularly.
-Add more dry materials such as leaves or hay to balance out the moisture content.
-As with any other type of organic matter, do not add too much at once or the compost will become overloaded and start to smell.

Pencil shavings can also be used as a mulch around plants. This will help to keep the soil moist and discourage weeds from growing.


Overall, you can put pencil shavings in compost. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, if you are using chemical pencils, the shavings may contain toxins that can be harmful to plants. Second, pencil shavings tend to be high in carbon, so you will need to add a source of nitrogen to your compost pile to achieve the ideal balance.

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