Can You Use A Chicken Coop For Quails? (Explained)

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Quails are plump game birds with short necks. They are common in wide areas such as Europe, North America, Asia, and Northern Africa.

Quails are quite similar to chickens in appearance. There are many things in common between these two land birds.

And most times, they are raised together. Interestingly, they also get along very well.

Well, since quails and chickens share so much in common, can you use a chicken coop for quails? Let’s see if that’s possible. 

Can You Use A Chicken Coop For Quails

Can You Use A Chicken Coop For Quails

Yes, you can keep quails in a chicken coop. Quail cages, pens, and rabbit hutches can also be used to house them.

However, chicken coop, on the other hand, is my favorite. It provides an environment closest to a quail’s natural habitat.

However, whichever one you choose will suffice. But, there are a few things to consider when making a quail’s house.

To begin, keep in mind that your quail home shouldn’t be too short. They can however be as high as possible. 

For example, if you keep your quails in a cage, they should not be more than 12 inches high.

You can go higher if you want. Most people take them up to 15-18 inches.

Second, do not overcrowd their home. Quails require enough space to move around.

A quail’s house of around 1.5 meters broad and 2 meters long should be able to accommodate a pair of Quail. 

5-10 quails can be housed in a single cage. However, this is dependent on the size of the cage and also the size of the birds.

Do Quails Need A Coop

Quails, like all other living creatures, need shelter. A coop is similar to a pen or cage. It is where poultry is kept.

So, yes, quails need a coop to stay safe and secure. Their coops should, however, be built strong enough to protect them. 

It’s best to buy their coops from professional quail builders. However, most persons would prefer to make one themselves.  

To make a perfect quail coop, ensure that you seal up every hole. This is done to keep predators away from your quails.

Predators are usually able to detect quails from a distance. As a result, they can come hunting for them. So, ensure that the coop is well-built and secure.

When preparing a quails’ coop, you should think like their predators. This will help you in building a perfect coop for them.

Second, quails need enough ventilation. Ensure the coop is well ventilated. There should be adequate space in the coop. this depends on the size of the breed though. 

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How Do You Coop Quails

To coop quails, place them in a cage, pen (or chicken coop). There is nothing wrong with keeping quails in cages.

They adapt well to captivity. As a result, they may live comfortably in a cage. 

Some houses to consider for your quails are as follows:

Stacking cage: Stacking cages are ideal for rearing a large number of quails. They are usually spacious, allowing quails to move around freely.

In addition, the quails would have adequate ventilation.

It is preferable to purchase already made stacking cages. However, if you want to create one yourself, you’ll need at least one galvanized wire. 

Also, if you intend to keep your quails outside, use a smaller braided wire. You don’t want your quails to fall prey to predators.

So, ensure the cage is well secured. Also, make sure the cage is properly ventilated.

Rabbit hutch: Quail can be housed in rabbit hutches. A small hutch can house up to 6 quails. The hutch, however, should be rodent-proof with either a solid or wire floor.

You can also place pieces of straw or brushes around the hutch. It gives the hutch a more natural appearance. And that’s how quails like it. 

Ground Pen: Ground pens are excellent for quail. It gives the quails access to the natural ground.

This enables them to bathe in dust. Quails have a lot of fun doing this. It also provides them with extra room to fly around.

If you intend to build one for your quail, make sure it has enough room for them to fly. Install a roof or poultry netting at the top of the pen as well.

This keeps predators at bay while also keeping your quails in place.

Mesh netting, a wooden frame, and galvanized wire are required to construct a ground Pen.

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What Kind Of Coop Do Quails Need

Coops are very necessary for housing quails. Different types of coops are suitable for your quails.

Some of them are stacking cages, welded wire cages, and ground pens. 

However, not all coops are suitable for quails. So knowing the kind of coops to make for your quail is very vital.

Let’s have a look at what makes perfect quails; 

  • Quails will require a spacious coop. This is dependent on the size of the quails though. But your quails must be provided with enough space that would allow free movement.
  • Quails require a coop that is properly ventilated. This is to ensure proper air circulation. You wouldn’t want your birds to perish from suffocation, would you? So, ensure to leave enough space for air to flow.
  • Quails need a coop that protects them from harm. Quails are usually not so big and that can make them preys for larger animals and predators. The coop has to be built in such a way that predators can’t have access to the quails. 
  • A quail requires a coop that has space for feeders (eating bowl) and water. 

How Big Does a Quails Cage Need To Be

Quails, as previously stated, require a large amount of space. Quails should never be clustered together. 

In any coop, they should be given one square foot for each quail. This is, however, the bare minimum of space they should be given. 

They require enough space to accommodate their feeds and water respectively. It’s worth noting that the more quails you have, the more space you’ll need.

Where Do Quails Sleep At Night 

Quails that have a cage should be in their cage at night. However, it is common for quails to leave their cage at night. 

Unlike Chickens, Quails do not have home instincts. Chickens would naturally go back to their homes are night.

But quails have strong tendencies to wander away and they might remain outside. 

It is highly unsafe for them to be outside at night. They could be attacked by predators. They could also catch a cold.

And, this can make them fall sick.

This can be resolved by proper taming. Interestingly, quails are pretty smart and are quick learners as well. 

To train your quails to stay in their quails, try the following;

  • Try locking them up for days. This will help them get accustomed to staying in their coops. However, do not chase them into their coops. They may become scared of you if you do so.
  • Whenever they get into their coops at night reward them with a treat. This will encourage them to get into their coops at night. 

Where Do Baby Quails Sleep At Night

Baby quails are usually kept in a brooder box for about 2 weeks. They are not allowed to leave the brooder about for this period. 

So baby quails would sleep in the brooder box for 2 weeks even at night. Then they can keep them in a separate coop beside or around the adult coops. 

They can be in their separate coop for a few more weeks before fully introducing them into the adult coops. 

What To Consider When Using A Chicken Coop For Quails

A chicken coop is pretty much the same as a quails coop. They have the same requirement for both coops. 

When using a chicken coop for a quail, proper care should be taken to ensure it has ample space to contain quails. 

Also, ensure that there is proper ventilation. The chicken coop should have a shade that would protect the quails from attacks. 

Again, always ensure their coop is neat. Clean it as regularly as possible. 

Lastly, ensure that the coops have enough space to accommodate the feeds and water of the quail. 


Coops are typically used as bird housing. Quails can stay indifferent coops, chicken coops as well. However, to ensure the safety and security of your birds, they should be well built.  

Chicken and quails are frequently raised together, they are usually raised in the same coop. 

Stacking cages, rabbit hutches, and ground pens are some examples of quail coops. 

It is best to get a pre-made coop for your quails. However, you can prepare one by yourself. 

Quails coop needs to be very spacious. It allows them to move around freely. The coop also needs to be well ventilated and able to hold its feeders and water. Coops should also protect the quails from their predators. 

You can build a quail coop as high as you wish. But, it shouldn’t be too short. 

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