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If you plan on keeping ducks as pets or rearing them for their eggs, then knowing how often the poop will help set your expectations.

As you probably know one of the natural by-products of owning a pet is they will poop and clean up their poop.

Do ducks poop a lot? A healthy duck will poop normally on average about 12 to 15 times daily. Most ducks will poop all day around the clock including at night and it can vary in color and consistency. The duckling however will poop more often than that with regular frequency.

Although ducks can be great pets and their eggs are very delicious and nutritious more than that of a chicken, dealing with their poop can be really annoying

Also it is toxic to humans and if care is not taken can cause diseases and infections if not properly attended to.

In this article, I will be answering some of the questions about duck poop and how they affect you.

What is the “normal” duck poop?

Do Ducks Poop a Lot
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Asking this question might seem a little funny but looking at the poop of your birds can tell you a lot about their well being.

Their poop can be a simple sign of whether they are healthy or they are suffering from an illness.

In ducks, “normal” poop is usually made up of feces and urine.

This is usually a solid brown or grayish in color and it’s firm enough to hold its own.

But you should know that your bird’s poop might deviate once in a while from this and it is perfectly normal.

This is usually as a result of the type of diet they had, what time of the year it is and the type of feces that it is.

So all you need to do is to monitor your birds poop and as long as it’s not an off color yellow and the birds are not losing weight, then they are probably fine.

In the summertime, you ducks poop may become watery as they take in more water content and this is perfectly normal.

Consuming foods with high water content like grapes and raisins will naturally result in watery poop.

Basically what I do is I observe my bird’s poop every week and if I see something that is off or I notice that their poop has a foul smell then I consult my vet doctor.

Is duck poop toxic to animals?

Duck poop like the poop of other birds is toxic to humans

It contains dangerous bacteria that when they get into the human body can cause sickness.

Some of the symptoms include

  • stomach cramps.
  • bloody stools.
  • chills.
  • diarrhea.
  • fever.
  • headache.
  • muscle pains.
  • Nausea.

What I suggest is that you use gloves when cleaning your duck coop and taking out their poop.

Also always wash your hands after cleaning their coop and do not put your hands to your mouth while cleaning.

You can also install a touch free hand sanitizer in your coop so you easily sanitize your hands every time.

The one that I recommend is the Purcell Brand which is very excellent and you can get it on Amazon.

Another thing you can do is to wear wellies which are designated only for use inside your duck coop

Muck boots, just like this one I found on Amazon, is ideal for this and you should get this if you are interested.

When disposing of the bird’s waste, ensure that it does not contaminate your food and water supply.

How much do ducks poop a day?

Ducks are very messy creatures and they are known to poop 12 to 15 times daily.

If you keep ducks as pets one thing you can be certain off is seeing a lot of poop around your house every single.

And like I mentioned above, duck poop is toxic to humans so you want to ensure that you clean it out.

Why do ducks poop so much?

Like most birds, ducks have a very fast metabolism which is why they poop a lot

What this simply means is that ducks eat and digest foods as fast as possible.

So they eat a lot, digest the food, the food does it’s work in their body and then they pass out the waste as their poop.

Another reason which is just plain dumb to me is that some duck owners will provide a lot of feed for their ducks so that they do not restock their pen every time.

This ensures that the ducks always have access to lots of food and lots of food equals a lot of poop

Do ducks poop more than chickens?

Ducks poop a lot more than chickens. This is because ducks have a faster metabolism than chickens and like I mentioned above

You can expect situations whereby ducks poop as much as 3 or 4 times more than chickens.

Duck poop is also quite watery and foul smelling than chicken poop and both birds poop are toxic to humans

Do ducklings poop a lot?

Ducklings poop as much if not more than adult ducks

This is because as young ducks they are consuming a lot of food so they can grow up fast and with their fast metabolism they tend to pass out a lot of poop.

How to clean your duckling poop?

Just like I mentioned, ducks can get very messy and their surroundings if not properly cleaned can result in a very dirty surrounding.

Here are some of my tips for cleaning your duck poop

  1. Put ducklings in a different tub while you clean their mess.
  2. Take out all the feeders and waterers.
  3. Spray the tub clean with fast running water, preferably through a nozzle.
  4. Wash the feeders and waterers.
  5. Dry the tub, and do not let the ducks enter till it’s dry.
  6. Put a fresh towel in.
  7. Refill the water and the feeder.

Can ducks be potty trained?

Ducks are not like other animals like dogs and cannot be potty trained

Yes you can use treats to lure them and teach them new tricks but potty training a duck is a lot of work and I have not had much success with it.

Also ducks do not have the same excretion system like humans and other animals.

Ducks have just one hole which they use for almost everything – peeing, pooping and for laying eggs

Another thing is that ducks do not have a strong sphincter and cannot hold their poop for a long time

For this reason it is much harder to potty train ducks

But you can try and I have heard from users in some forums about how they potty train their ducks.

One user said that whenever his ducks want to poop, they wag their tails which signals to him and then he takes them outside.

Here are some tips to get started potty training your ducks

  • First you want to observe and study them for about 3 days. You can attach a camera to their coop and record all their activities for 3 days. This will allow you to note down the pooping habits of your ducks.
  • Observe the videos and look for signs that they want to poop like wagging their tails or something else.
  • Also take note of the time they poop especially after feeding
  • So from your observations, ensure you put them in the right areas whenever you see them wagging their tails or after feeding.
  • Make sure that the designated poop area is close to their pen or coop as ducks cannot hold their poop in for a long time
  • Finally try giving them treats whenever they poop in the designated area

Is duck poop harmful to other pets?

Duck poop is harmful to other pets like rabbits and dogs

If you keep other animals with your ducks then you want to ensure that you always clean their coop all the time and keep such animals away from your ducks.


Ducks poop a lot. On average a duck will poop as much as 15 times daily.

This is as a result of the fat metabolism of the ducks of ducks and the fact that they consume a lot of food.

Duck poop can be very messy and you want to ensure that you clean it up daily.

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