Do Eagles Make Good Pets? (Answered)

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Birds are often wonderful pets to have. These creatures are extremely intelligent and smart. 

Birds are much easier to care for and keep. Their adorable teeny-tiny look makes this quite clear. 

But don’t forget that there are some truly massive birds. The eagle, is a good example. Even though these are malevolent birds, they appear quite frightening. 

So then, can the same be said for these birds? Can eagles be kept as pets?  Let’s see.

Can Eagles Be Kept As Pets

Do Eagles Make Good Pets

Eagles are wild birds, and they should never be kept as pets. There has been no record of eagles being kept as pets. 

These birds are hostile and aggressive. As a result, keeping them as pets may endanger us and other smaller pets.

You can attempt domesticating them though. However, they are not entirely capable of being totally domesticated.

They can be taught to be tolerant of humans. But, this is only possible while they are still young. Even if it were possible, taming an adult eagle would take a lot of time and care. 

Reasons Why Eagles Do Not Make Good Pets

Eagles are not the best pets, as previously said. It is best to keep them in their natural habitat.

In the wild, eagles are extremely valuable. Because they devour dead animal matter, they aid in nature’s cleanup.

Here are some other reasons why eagles are no good as pets;

They can hurt you and other pet: Eagles have been reported to attack humans. They feel threatened by humans.

And thus, they can attack us as a means of self defense.  

Bald eagles have been known to attack humans. Eagles might not necessarily have any intention to eat humans.

They might just be defending their nest. Eagles in your neighborhood can also attack small dogs and chickens, as well as other pets.

They are difficult to care for: caring for an eagle is time-consuming. Eagles, unlike other birds, do not eat grains and seeds. They are predators in nature.

Eagles consume a lot of food. And it needs to be whole animals most of the time. They need approximately one guinea pig every day. As a result, feeding them will be very expensive. 

This will undoubtedly bring you a great deal of difficulty. It takes a lot of effort to keep an eagle.

It is preferable to leave them in the wild. Where they have adequate space to fly around and source for their own food. 

It takes a lot to tame them: Although these birds can be slightly domesticated at a young age. When compared to our regular pet birds, they are extremely difficult to tame. 

Taming an eagle will involve more effort and time. And a great deal of perseverance and dedication. If you are impatient, it is recommended not to even begin the process.

You need a license to home them: Eagles are very useful for hunting. And most persons purchase them for this purpose.

However, you can only keep an eagle if you are an experienced falconer. And this comes with a lot of restrictions. 

Being a master falconer in the United States takes roughly 8 years. This is the only way to keep an eagle.

You also cannot take a vacation from caring for your eagles. This is because you are the only person having the necessary permissions.

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Are Eagles Friendly 

Humans are thought to be one of eagles’ predators. Humans make them feel threatened. They may also attack as a kind of defense. 

However, if they are trained from a young age, they can be friendly with humans. They will, however, have a high tendency of flying away if they get the chance to.

Here are some tips on how to befriend an eagle;

Keep them in a quiet environment. They can be startled by a loud noise. Keeping them in a peaceful environment will help the eagle feel protected and comfortable. This makes it easier to tame. 

Always approach your eagle from the front: Taking them by surprise makes them more likely to attack you. This can also make it tough for them to bond with you.

Train them regularly: Every day, give the eagle at least 30 minutes of training. Doing this for two weeks or longer can help the bird become acclimated to you. 

Reward them with tiny chunks of meat when they follow instructions correctly. This is a good method to grab an eagle’s attention and make it friendly with you.

And ensure you continue this process until they become fully fond of you and allow you to touch them with no sign of aggression. 

Do Eagles Like To Be Handled

To handle is simply to hold or pick up. Eagles, by nature, will not allow you to handle them.  well, except you have earned its trust. 

As previously said, with correct training, they can get fond of you, bond with you, and allow you to touch them.

Are Eagles Cuddly

Eagles, unlike dogs, are not naturally affectionate animals. They would prefer to be left alone. 

However, they can let you cuddle them if they like you. Eagles, as previously indicated, can be trained to tolerate humans.

Are Eagles Easy To Keep 

It takes a lot of effort to keep eagles. Eagles are huge, massive birds that frequently lose their cool.

The less you know about them, the more likely you are to irritate them. 

They require more food than other birds that only eat seeds and grains. They also require more room than the falcon can provide.

They will be in good health if they have enough space. 

As previously stated, you must be a master falconer to maintain them. Because you are the only one with the authority to care for them, you will most likely be the only one doing so.

This can be exhausting. Eagles, unlike other birds, are far more difficult to keep.

Do Eagles Like Humans

Eagles naturally do not like humans. Humans are one of their predators. And so, they feel threatened by humans.

They can however be friendly with humans when they are properly trained. Eagles are interesting bird species.

And they get more interesting when they get fond of you. Every relationship needs consistency to keep up. This is the same with eagles.

Knowing how to get your eagle fond of you is very important. This is very necessary, especially when you want to raise your eagle as a pet.

To get your eagle to like you, you have to visit as often as possible. This will enable your eagle to get used to you and know that you are not a threat. 

However, ensure you avoid shouting at your eagle as this can make them threatened by you.

Secondly, try as much as possible to be vocal with your eagle. This can be done by talking to them often. This will enable them to get familiar with your voice.

Petting your eagle is another way to make it like you. A rub on your eagle’s head is a good way to pet it. However, attempt this only when they have been well trained.

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Is It Legal To Keep Eagles As Pets 

It is not legal to keep eagles as pets without a license. Eagles are wild animals and cannot be kept as pets or used for commercial purposes. 

Only federally permitted wildlife rehabilitators and qualifying institutions may house eagles.

Also, only non-releasable eagles may be housed for long-term educational use or in tribal aviaries.

However, you have to know if it is legal or illegal to keep eagles in your area.

It is equally illegal for any individual to keep the parts of an eagle. This includes feathers, feet, eggshells, etc without a federal permit. State, tribal, and other permits may be needed as well.

Well, what if I find one of these parts on the way? If you find eagle feathers out in nature, it’s okay to touch. You can even have a photo session with it. 

But leave whatever it is where you found it. It is illegal to keep eagle feathers or parts without a permit.

Are Eagles Loud And Messy 

The Eagle’s sounds are surprisingly weak-sounding for such a huge bird. Typically, it is a sequence of high-pitched whistling or piping sounds. 

A single, delicate, high-pitched note may be repeated by the female. This, however, indicates her readiness for copulation. As a result, they aren’t always loud. 

Eagles, unlike hens, are not messy animals. They are thought to be clean birds.

If they get their beaks dirty after a meal, they will usually rub it against a branch. This is known as feaking, and it is a method of keeping their mouth clean.


It is illegal to keep eagles as pets. However, to legally keep these birds, a permit is required.

Eagles can serve as pets only when they are well tamed. However, domesticating an eagle isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Nonetheless, there are no records of these birds being pets. They are usually used for hunting purposes. Most times, they can be used for education.

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