Do Guinea Fowls Deter Foxes? (Answered)

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Ever wondered if a guinea fowl can deter a fox?

Well,  Yes, a guinea fowl will easily scare off a fox if they are in large numbers. Their aggression and noise are good because they help to protect predators and intruders. If you want to keep a Guinea fowl, be sure to have them in a large flock.

Everything you need to know about Guinea fowls and how they can scare foxes away shall be answered.

Firstly, if you’re unfamiliar with guinea fowl and foxes, we will tell you about them and the type of animals they are.

And at the end, answer your question: Do guinea fowls deter foxes?

Guinea Fowl

Do Guinea Fowls Deter Foxes

Guinea fowl are large chicken-like birds native to Africa, and they lay hard shell pointy eggs that can be eaten.

Every species of guinea fowl are larger than that of chickens in every way.

They are very aggressive, very noisy.

You can think of them as roosters, and their noise can be annoying.

However, their aggression and noise are of good advantage because they can scare off predators like foxes.

As a poultry owner, if you want to use guinea fowl to protect your poultry farm, we strongly advise that you get them in large numbers because they are stronger together, and they’ll perform better, unlike having one guinea fowl.

They are kept to alert owners when predators are around.

They make noise when foxes or other predators come to their area or space.

Do not keep Guinea fowls are not to be kept in the suburbs because they are not pets.

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Foxes are small to medium-sized wild animals, they can be friendly and not threaten humans, but if threatened, they can get wild.

Foxes are very smart and intelligent animals. They have great hearing.

They are cunning predators.

They are problems for people who have poultry because they come to prey on chickens.

So as a poultry owner, one of the first things to do to protect your chickens and keep them alive is taking necessary precautions to keep foxes away.

Should you have a guinea fowl?

Keeping guinea fowl is an excellent thing if you have a farm.

There are different advantages of keeping guinea fowls.

Their aggression and noise are good because they help to protect predators and intruders;

Guinea fowls keep pests away from the farm. If you want to keep a Guinea fowl, be sure to have them in a large flock.

Guinea fowls are of low maintenance, and they survive in a wide range of climates.

You don’t need to feed them all the time; you need to let them roam around in a large area.

What scares foxes?

Foxes are every poultry owner’s nightmare; they don’t give up easily, so finding ways or things that scare them is important.

Noise scare foxes. If you want to Scare a fox away, making a loud noise like screaming, yelling, blowing whistles, guns, or throwing objects can easily scare them away.

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Do foxes get scared by guinea fowl?

Think of Guinea fowl as roosters.

They are very aggressive, making a very loud noise.

 This aggression and noise are what will easily scare off a fox.

When Guinea fowls are in large numbers, they can scare foxes away.

Their noise can chase a fox away, which also alerts its owners.

Their noise is an advantage because it raises the alarm.

When a large flock of guinea fowl protects their territory from foxes and other predators, it makes a loud noise, and this scares the fox away because noise is what can chase or scare foxes.

As a poultry or farm owner, guinea fowls can deter foxes, and it protects the farm.

Their large warning cries are a perfect alarm system that scares away foxes and other predators.

Do guinea fowl get attacked by foxes?

Note that for a guinea fowl to scare off foxes, they have to be in large numbers.

Large flocks of guineas are what can scare foxes and or other predators.

If it’s just a single guinea fowl, a fox can easily attack it.

Guinea fowls can also be very vulnerable to foxes’ attacks.

A guinea fowl cannot protect itself; they need to be in large flocks to deter foxes.

If not, the fox would prey on the guinea fowl. The guinea fowl’s strength and courage come from them in large numbers.

Keeping Guinea fowl safe:

First off, for a guinea fowl to deter foxes, you need to keep them safe.

Guinea fowl can indeed chase or attack predators like foxes, cats, dogs, etc. but keeping them safe is very important, so they don’t get killed by predators.

Here are a few tips on how to keep Guinea fowls safe.

  • Please keep them in restricted areas or a particular space.

This keeps them from roaming around individually because predators can attack a single guinea fowl.

  • Plant a lot of trees around them. Guinea fowls feel safest in high places, so planting trees around them make them go to roost in trees.

So planting trees in their range helps them feel safe.

  •  Build large fences around them. Building large, sturdy predator fences gives security to the guinea fowls and even other chickens in the poultry.

Other ways of deterring foxes

Aside from the alarm from the Guinea fowls noises, there are other ways to deter foxes from your farm.

  1.  Do not make your farm extremely welcoming to foxes and other predators, that is, cleaning the farm regularly and clearing food particles.

Please don’t leave things that could draw their attention.

  •  Block every open area or poles, so foxes and other animals do not start to live there.
  • You can add male urine around the area, foxes get put off by the smell of urine, and it is said that the male urine gives the best result.
  • You can deter foxes by securing the floor, foxes dig the ground well, and they can find their way through even small holes.

      You can make use of wooden floors and

      dirt floors to secure the floor.

  • Make use of electric fences. Electric fence is very effective.

They won’t jump through the fence because they examine the fence before climbing or jumping.

  • Leave bad-tasting food on the farm. If you leave out bad-tasting food, a fox who eats it won’t return because of the unpleasant experience.

So leave out bad-tasting food scraps.


Guinea fowls deter foxes when they are in large numbers;

They can easily scare foxes away with their aggression and loud noise.

For a farmer this is very useful, you would get to reduce the losses your farm suffers from Fox attacks.

 So if you are a farm owner and you’re wondering if having a Guinea fowl can help with deterring foxes away, yes, they can, but we strongly advise that you get large flocks of them because together they can deter foxes.

Their noise raises the alarm, and that scares away foxes and other predators.

 With Guinea fowl, their strength comes in numbers, and it also gives them courage.

They would let you know when something is happening around their territory because of their very loud warning noise.

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