Do Guinea Fowls Get Along with Dogs? (Answered)

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Ever wondered if your Guinea fowls and dogs can live together in your farm?

The relationship between guinea fowls and dogs is a nice one.

Guinea fowl get along with dogs for different reasons.

This article would talk about some of these reasons.

It would also talk about how friendly guinea fowls are, how dogs protect guinea fowls from predators, and some ways you could train your guinea fowl to be friendly.

Are guinea fowls and dogs friends?

Guinea fowls and dogs get along very well.

There are people out there that have had dogs and guinea fowls for decades.

The thing is, usually, various dog breeds get along with guinea fowls.

Even if the dog breed is lazy or an average breed that finds it difficult to run fast like Pit-bulls, those too get along with guinea fowls with little to no problems.

How do guinea fowls and dogs live together?

If you have a dog as a pet and raise guinea fowls, your pet dog would do its best to protect your guinea fowls from predators.

You need to train or tame your guinea fowls with your pet dogs so they would grow together in the same area.

This helps both your guinea fowl and your dog to know that they have another animal breed close by which they need to protect or guard.

The guinea fowls also protect the dogs from things like little snakes which might come to the yard.

Guinea fowls also help in reducing the number of ticks around, which generally disturbs the dogs.

This way, both guinea fowls and the dogs help in protecting one another from their predators.

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How do dogs behave around guinea fowls?

Dogs do not have any business with your guinea fowls.

They live in the same area peacefully.

Would your dog kill any of your guinea fowl?

Your dog would not kill any of your guinea fowl.

Both your dog and your guinea fowl get along very fine without any stress.

The only way your dog could attack any one of your guinea fowls is when you either have a wild dog or you just got a new dog that is not used to your entire environment.

Typically, your dog should not attack or disturb your guinea fowl in any way.

What happens if your dog chases your guinea fowl?

If your dog and your guinea fowl grow and become close, you would notice your dog chasing some of your guinea fowls at one point or the other.

It is normal for your dog to chase your guinea fowls.

They might simply be having fun.

The problem would be if your dog pursues them, catches them, and kills them.

If this happens, you need to confine your dog and either trains him well or take him away from your guinea fowl coop or shelter.

This rarely happens, though.

Would guinea fowls attack your dog?

It is also rare for your guinea fowls to attack your dog.

The only way or the only thing that could make your guinea fowl attack your dog is if you have a male guinea fowl and that guinea fowl wants to claim higher authority in the area.

Typically, all your guinea fowls would steer clear of your dogs.

Guinea fowls usually disturb or attack animals like goats whenever goats try to stress them or get too nosey, like at instances where the goats would go and disturb a guinea fowl that just laid her eggs.

The guinea fowls would chase the goat far away.

But this doesn’t happen with dogs because the dogs are simply there to help guard the guinea fowls against predators.

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Are Guinea Fowls more friendly than dogs?

Guinea fowls are not known to be so friendly.

Presently, we all know that guinea fowls are not lovey birds.

It doesn’t matter how long you train them.

The best you could get out of them is to enter their coops or shelters when it is getting dark or for them to eat from your palms.

Dogs are way more friendly than guinea fowls.

Could you tame your guinea fowls to be friendly?

Just like when you grow your chickens, training guinea fowls typically starts when these birds are still babies.

To train them to be as friendly as possible, you need to spend a lot of time in their coops and shelters.

With time, your guinea fowls would understand that you take care of them, you feed them, and you are one of their own.

This would make them better guinea fowls.

But they can never be as friendly as a man’s best friend (that’s your dog), but they would follow your instructions, do what you want, and help protect your dogs from ticks.

If you raise your guinea fowls this way, they would see you as a source of food.

They would also like that you are a safe person to be close to.

How should you raise dogs and guinea fowls together?

Whenever you go to the guinea fowl coop and your dog shelter, you could try talking to them.

Though it might feel silly, with time, both your guinea fowls and your dog would get used to hearing your voice, and they would get accustomed to your perfume.

So the moment you are around, they would know, feel good, and all come rushing out to see you.

It would be best if you gave both your dog and your guinea fowls a lot of positive interaction and attention.

Make sure you try your best not to make loud noises and try your best not to do anything that would scare them.

If something ends up happening to you, you should keep talking to them.

This way, with time, they would calm down.

They would relax and calm down because they know that the voice that feeds them is still here, so there’s no need to remain violent and angry.

What other breed should you raise your guinea fowls and dogs with?

It would truly help you if you raised your dog and guinea fowls with some chickens around.

Little guinea keets usually take a lot of ideas from chickens.

Dogs do not have any problems with chickens too.

You could quickly raise them all together. Chickens do not get upset with humans at all.

If you grow your guinea fowls with chicken, they will grow up to become way more friendly, they wouldn’t be as noisy, and they would try to copy the character or behavior of the chickens.

Could you try growing your guinea keets with a mother hen?

If you grow your guinea keets with a mother hen, they will grow to become way more friendly because a mother would train the guinea keets like one of her own.

Your dogs would love the fact that the guinea fowls and chickens are growing together peacefully.

It would be best to give your guinea fowls and your chickens a lot of attention because they are tiny and are still growing.

They need to know for sure that you, their owner are one of the good people around.

You could quickly check out how Mama hen is doing, give her some treats.

In the same vein, give your dog some treats too.

Don’t let anyone of your breeds feel alone or lonely. Raise them all together.


Guinea fowls and dogs get along very well.

Guinea fowls help dogs get rid of ticks which tries to stress the dogs.

While dogs, on the other hand, helps to protect or guard the guinea fowls against predators.

Guinea fowls also eat snakes which might see your dog and bite them if given a chance.

They work as a great team if you decide to raise them together.

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