Do Guinea Fowls Like Water? (Answered)

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Have you been wondering if Guinea fowls like water? Yes, they do.

Give Fresh and clean warm water to a guinea fowl, and it will drink it. It is important to provide them with water regularly, at least in their yard.

While they like to drink fresh and clean water they aren’t waterfowl birds and so they don’t like to swim even though they can.

If you’ve been curious about guinea fowl and the things they like to do with water, then you’re in the right place because furthermore In this article, we would not only answer your questions, but we will tell you everything you need to know about Guinea fowls and water.

What are the benefits of water to them?

Do Guinea Fowls Like Water

There are quite a few benefits of water to guinea fowl most importantly it is essential for their growth.

If you are raising Guinea fowls from keets then water is of very great benefit to them, they need it to grow well and survive.

Just like every other living thing that needs water to survive, guinea fowls also need water to survive.

Unlike chickens who can start to dry in warm and sunny conditions if they do not have access to water, Guineas won’t.

Although they might not drink it always they need it.

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Can Guinea fowl swim?

Guinea fowls are not like waterfowl birds, so they won’t just start swimming, but can swim only when necessary and they swim like ducks in the water.

While Adult guineas can still swim if necessary, but they would rather fly across a pond than swim through it,  they would be able to swim their way through if they happen to fall in it.

They are not water birds, but if it is important or necessary to swim, Guinea fowls will swim in the water.

In cold weather like winter, guinea fowls might try to swim to save or protect themselves if they are in situations where there’s no other choice.

Yes Guinea fowls can swim but they aren’t birds made for water and they only swim when they are in situations that require them to, they won’t just see water and decide to swim in it

Will guinea fowls drown?

Adult Guinea fowls won’t drown in water, they can scale through it but their keets won’t.

Guinea fowls chicks (Keets) can’t swim because they would easily drown, which is why it is important that you give them water through drown-proof water bowls, and you can even make use of marbles by putting them inside the water. With this, they would be able to drink and not drown in it.

Your keets are still too young and small to be able to swim through the water and so they can easily drown if they are in the water, it is important that you keep them out of the reach of a certain amount of water to preserve them from drowning.

It would be best if you kept your guinea fowls safe from large water sources to protect them from drowning.

Do guinea fowls like kiddie pools?

Guinea fowls do not like kiddie pools. Like we earlier stated, guinea fowls are not waterfowl birds so they don’t like swimming but if they are in situations that require them to swim then they will but they don’t like kiddie pools.

If you put your guinea fowl in a kiddie pool it will probably swim like a duck on the surface but guinea fowls do not like pools.

So it is advisable not to put your Guineas in kiddie pools most especially your keets.

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Will guinea fowls get in water to cool off?

Guinea fowls can stay without water and this is because they originate from a very hot and dry country, they can go for a long time without water.

They won’t get in water just to cool off, while it is possible for them to do, they won’t just naturally do it.

Their nature is hot and so they don’t like to cool off, neither do they like cold weather or cold water to drink.

Guinea fowls won’t just get in water to cool off because they can stay in really sunny and dry weather which is because of where they originate from.

These birds like warm things which includes the water that they drink so it is highly unlikely for them to get in water to cool off.

Can I spray my guinea fowl with water?

You can spay your guinea fowl with water definitely but should you?

If you spray your guinea fowl with water, they will shake their wings because they have insulated feathers and this helps protect them from water. They do not have any issues being sprayed with water.

For example, guinea fowls unlike chickens won’t stress about getting shelter or somewhere to hide from the rain instead they will keep roaming around under the rain.

So you can spray your guinea fowl with water as they will only flap their wings to dry themselves.

Do guinea fowl like birdbaths?

Just like you spraying your Guinea fowl with water, giving your guinea fowl birdbaths they will only shake off the water while you’re bathing them.

You should not stress about bathing your guinea fowls as they do not need it, even if you do they’ll shake off the water with their insulated feathers.

While it is possible for you to give your guinea field bird baths, we do not think Guinea fowls like birdbaths.

What kind of water should you give guinea fowl?

It is important to give your guinea fowl very clean, fresh lukewarm water, especially the keets.

It is dangerous to give guineas (especially their keets) cold water, as it can make them cold or even kill them.

The kind of water to give to a guinea fowl is fresh, clean lukewarm water.

As earlier stated, they originate from a hot and dry country, and so, cold things can be very harmful to them.

Make sure the water you give to your guinea fowl isn’t too cold.


Guinea fowls do like water, and it is important that, as a farm owner, you provide them with water, especially their keets.

When providing water for your guinea fowl, it is also very important and it has its benefits to them.

 you should give them lukewarm water because giving them cold water can be very harmful to them or even kill them.

Guinea fowls like to roam freely, and they are low-maintenance birds, so creating ponds and mud holes in your garden is good because they’ll drink when they come across it.

It is also important to note that Guinea fowls aren’t made for swimming but still, they can when it is important or extremely necessary.

Do not let the keets go close to water because they can drown in them as they are still too young to swim.

Water is important for the growth of Guinea fowls, and even though adult guineas can go a long period without water, they’ll drink plenty of it when they come across it.

You can decide to spray your guinea fowls or give them bird baths but they’ll only shake their wings to dry off immediately.

If you wonder if Guinea fowls like water, yes, they do, but when giving water to them, make sure it is lukewarm not to harm them.

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