10 Farm Animals That Can Be Left Alone (You Should See Number 5)

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Leaving farm animals alone unattended is not advisable.

Anything can happen to them within that short period of time, ranging from sickness, accidents, to death.

Animals need constant supervision to thrive and live comfortably on the farm to be profitable and live up to their potential.

Farm animals differ however in the attention they require.

Some animals can be left alone for a period of time without dire consequences. Let’s take a look at 10 of them.

 1. Bees

Farm Animals That Can Be Left Alone

If there is a farm animal that can be left alone, it is bees.

Bee farming which is called apiculture is the act of keeping bees and their hives. Their raw honey, beeswax and royal jelly is quite profitable.

Bees do not require daily or weekly care like many other animals do.

They are self sufficient and able to care for themselves without much supervision, especially between spring and fall.

You just have to make sure they have a source of water and flowers to gather nectar from.

You do need to check them every couple of weeks however to see how they are faring.

2. Sheep.

Sheep are farm animals that generate profit for farmers through their wool, meat, milk, sheepskin and parchment.

They are low maintenance and survive even in harsh weather conditions.

To an extent, sheep can be left alone. That is if everything necessary has been put in place.

Put them in a well protected environment. It should be a place they can’t get out from and predators can’t get into.

Enough water and food should also be provided. To reduce the risk of escaping and predators, you can lock them in the barn until you get back instead of allowing them to free range.

This shouldn’t be more than a week.

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3. Chickens.

Poultry farming has to do with raising domestic birds like chickens, turkeys, emu etc. for their meat and eggs.

Chickens are hardy creatures that like to roam free and enjoy nature. They can be left alone for days at a time with no issues.

With constant supply of food and water made available, you can leave your chickens unattended.

If you have a pasture in which they can forage for insects and scratch the ground, they will be more comfortable and won’t miss your presence.

You should ensure they are safe from predators. Predators are the greatest challenge to leaving chickens alone.

4. Cows.

Cattle farming is quite profitable. It is the rearing of bulls and cows for their meat and milk. They can also be sold live.

Cows are large animals so they do well alone with no issues and can care for themselves.

Their sizes also makes it difficult for them to be preyed on.

Sufficient grass, water, salt and a good fence are what you need to provide if you’re going to be leaving your cows unattended for a while.

Cows are however prone to theft.

You should have a solid fence and security that can’t be breached by thieves if you’re going to be leaving your cows alone.

5. Goats

Goats are farm animals reared for their meat, milk, fiber and skins.

They are low maintenance and survive well even in harsh weather conditions. Goats can be left alone without problems.

You just have to provide enough food and water for them. If you have a pasture in which they can feed and have space to roam, all the better.

Goats however have predators.

If your farm is prone to attack from coyotes and bobcats, you may reconsider leaving your goats alone.

Ensure your goats are well fenced in because they are notorious for escaping.

Let it be a fenced that their horns can’t get stuck in. Even with this, don’t leave them alone for more than a week.

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6. Llamas.

Llamas are one of the farm animals that can be left alone.

They are reared on farms for their meat, milk and wool. They are hardy creatures and are not prone to sickness or diseases.

If your farm has enough green pasture and water then your llamas can be on their own for a while without problems.

Llamas can survive even with little water.

They also eat different kinds of plants. They are used as guard animals for smaller animals like sheep, goats and poultry, so leaving your smaller animals unattended is more possible if llamas are present.

Their toenails and teeth do need to be trimmed but not frequently.

7. Camels.

Camels are farm animals reared for their working ability, wool, meat, milk, leather and even dung which can be used for fuel.

Camels can survive very well when left alone, even in harsh weather conditions.

These animals are so used to the life of their natural habitat which is the desert that they do well on sparse vegetation and water.

Camels can survive long periods of time without food and even water.

So leaving them alone after you have provided enough food and water wouldn’t be a problem.

They eat grass, grain, wheat and oats. They are also so big, it would be difficult for any animal to prey on them while you are away.

8. Guinea fowls.

These poultry birds are hardy creatures and one of the birds that can really survive on their own.

Guinea fowls are raised for their meat and eggs which are quite healthy.

Guinea fowls that have come to consider a farm as their home will not wander off and as long as they have a large pasture to forage and enough water to drink, they’ll be fine.

You can provide them with a large waterer or a pond if you’re going to leave them alone.

They hardly fall sick or get weak so they can be left alone for days at a time without issues.

They also relate well with other poultry birds.

9. Alpacas.

Alpacas like llamas are hardy animals and can be left alone for days without coming to harm.

They are raised on farms for their meat and wool.

They also make great pets and protectors for smaller animals.

They eat grass so they can survive well on a good pasture with plenty water if left unattended for days.

Alpacas also survive well during any weather condition.

During winter, their heavy coat keep them warm and protect them from snow.

They also survive well in the summer if they have been sheared.

This makes them easier to care for and possible to leave them alone for a while.

10. Ducks.

Ducks are poultry birds raised on farm for their meat and eggs.

They aren’t picky eaters and love to forage so it’s better to allow them free range instead of caging them.

This makes it easier for them to be left alone for a while.

If you provide a large feeder and enough water, your ducks would do fine unattended for few days or a week thereabout.

Maybe even more. If you have a pond on your farm, all the better. This means there’s no chance of them lacking water.

The only challenge is predators. If their run isn’t well protected from predators, you can’t leave them alone.

Unless there are guard animals there to protect them.



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