7 Farm Animals That Make Good Pets

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Farm animals are typically raised for commercial purposes or personal consumption sometimes.

But amazingly, some of these farm animals have incredibly earned admiration from humans, especially children.

As a result of this, some of these admirable farm animals are now being raised as pets by both adults and children.

If you intend to get a farm animal as a pet, then you need to be acquainted with the ideal farm animals that make good pets.

There are a number of significant things you must consider before taking this step.

You need to make arrangements for the space in which you’d raise your pet.

Most people who own pets usually reside in spacious apartments, which enables them to create an exclusive space for their animals.

Some animals are quite territorial and love being in charge of their personal space.

Moreover, there are multiple factors that must be considered in deciding which farm will make a good pet.

For a farm animal to make a good pet, the animal must be friendly and calm.

Farm animals that are often aggressive and violent are not supposed to be raised as pets, especially when there are kids around.

Most people believe raising pets should only help to attain companionship. If you own a good pet, however, you would get more than companionship.

Here are some of the most ideal farm animals that make good pets:

1. Rabbits

Farm Animals That Make Good Pets

A rabbit will always remain one of the typical farm animals that people raise as a pet most of the time.

Rabbits are farm animals that make good pets, and there are undisputed reasons why this is so.

Unlike most farm animals, rabbits are quite cute, perfect for cuddling, and easy to care for.

They aren’t big animals, which makes them portable and easy for their owners to move around with them.

Most children prefer raising rabbits as pets, not just because they’re pretty and cuddly, but because they are friendly and social.

A rabbit is quick to build a bond with its owner.

Moreover, considering the fact that you need enough space to raise a pet, rabbits don’t need a lot of space.

You can simply place your rabbit in a comfortable cage, and that is perfectly fine as long as you’d provide enough food and water for the animal.

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2. Ducks

Ducks are gentle domestic birds that can be raised as pets.

They are known to be intelligent and social as well, which is a good criterion for a farm animal that should take as a pet.

Ducks typically learn to communicate with their owners, and they do a great job at entertaining children.

In choosing ducks as pets, you need to go for the variety that is right for you and your environment.

Mallards can be a great choice.

They would often fly around the environment they are raised in, and this can be exciting to see.

Pekins are amazing as well.

If you decide to raise this breed of ducks, you must be willing to give them a lot of attention.

They are clingy and quite loving.

Like rabbits, ducks don’t need too much space. As long as there is a small of water for them to play in, they would be happy. 

3. Horses

You probably weren’t expecting to see this, but yes, horses are considered farm animals that make good pets.

Amazingly, raising a horse as a pet won’t only give you companionship.

As of today, horses aid people who suffer from trauma and debilitating conditions.

A horse is typically calm, and this calmness can incredibly help both children and adults recover from a variety of traumatic experiences.

Horses aren’t your usual farm animals.

Not everyone can raise horses, and this is due to the space required to cater for them.

You can’t possibly raise a horse in your backyard. For an adult horse to be happy and healthy, it must be raised in at least 2 acres of land.

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4. Goats

Goats are typical farm animals that many people won’t love to raise as pets.

A lot of people believe goats are dumb and not submissive.

But on the contrary, your goat can be different if you raise it right.

You can train goats to recognize their name, understand their environment, and even play games with you.

Although goats can be very stubborn sometimes, and this can be annoying to you as the owner.

However, it’s important you understand that patience is one of the key qualities that you must possess as a pet owner.

You need to be patient each time your pet starts behaving awkwardly.

As babies, having goats around as pets can be quite entertaining.

They will definitely want to jump on you almost all the time. But sadly, this attitude tends to change as they grow older.

Goats don’t like to be confined to a very small space.

If you don’t have a spacious backyard where your goats can play and move around, then you shouldn’t bother raising goats as pets at all.

5. Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the cutest farm animals that make good pets.

They can be raised in a farmyard or a home with kids around.

One admirable thing about this particular farm animal is that it is typically small in size and gentle.

Unlike normal pigs that can get really aggressive when provoked, guinea pigs are always gentle and friendly.

You don’t need much space to raise your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are farm animals that are comfortable living in a cage, as long as there is enough food and water.

Although guinea pigs don’t eat frequently, it’s ideal to always have food present.

6. Donkeys

Like the aforementioned farm animals, donkeys are great at being pets.

Although donkeys aren’t commonly seen on farms, there are farmers who value these animals and raise them passionately.

Donkeys are naturally entertaining and friendly.

They are quick to get acquainted with new friends, which is one important criterion a good pet must possess.

Donkeys serve multiple purposes. They are intelligent and strong, which is why they are sometimes used as guard animals.

Unlike horses, donkeys don’t require a lot of space in order to be happy.

You can keep a donkey in your backyard.

However, you must not fail to walk it around and play with it on a regular basis. Donkeys need exercise to stay healthy and functional.

7. Chickens

Chickens are known to be one of the most lively farm animals on the planet.

They can be raised as pets by anyone, as long there their environment is enough food for them.

If your chicken is raised from a tender age, it would be well acquainted with you.

You can also train your chicken to perform special tricks, especially when you spend time with it regularly.

Moreover, you should know that it’s practically impossible to raise a chicken indoors.

Chickens are farm animals that enjoy outside space, as they love to move around and pick things off the ground with their beaks. 

Also, you can’t possibly potty train a chicken. Leaving chickens in an apartment will mess the whole place up.


There are multiple key factors to consider when choosing the ideal farm animal that you intend to raise as a pet.

Always raise an animal that you genuinely love and get comfortable with.

Make sure you are able to tolerate your pet when it isn’t behaving in accordance with your standards.

More importantly, you should never choose to raise a pet when you aren’t capable of spending enough time with it. Pets aren’t meant to be left alone.

They must enjoy sufficient attention and care from their owner.

So, if you won’t be available for your pet, you shouldn’t bother getting

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