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Similar to other bulldogs, the French bulldog’s love for food is on another level. They will actually learn any trick you want if you give them food. Simply put, every Frenchie is motivated by food.

For this reason, investing in the right food bowl is essential. The best bowl should help prevent your canine from eating fast and bloating. More so, it should be of the right height.

But what is the best food bowl height for French Bulldog? You might want to keep reading to find out.

Why Get the Right Food Bowl Height for your French Bulldog?

Because of their flat faces, the French bulldogs often have difficulties eating from standard dog bowls. If using a normal bowl, your Frenchy may inhale the food and even chock while eating.

Additionally, this dog breed boasts short and thick necks. As such, compared to other breeds, they cannot fully extend their heads during feeding time. For this reason, you must use a food bowl that is of the correct height.

A dog bowl with the right height will provide your Frenchy with a correct and comfortable posture while eating. Also, it will help reduce strain on their short necks, thereby improving their quality of life.

How to Choose the Correct Food Bowl Height for Frenchy

Wondering how high the food bowl for your French bulldog should be off the ground? Well, you’re probably not alone. So, below we’re going to discuss steps on how to select the right bowl height.

Step One

To start with, you will need an elevated feeding bowl. But if you don’t have one, then you can purchase a stand that you can use to raise the bowl.

Next up, you should measure your Frenchy from the floor to the lower chest level. Make sure your dog is standing with its front feet directly under him while taking the measurements.

Ideally, the measurements you take should determine how much high food bowl from the ground for French bulldog. So, be sure to measure carefully.

Step Two

Additionally, you should ensure that the bowl is at a comfortable level. This way, your French bulldog will not need to bend down or reach up for the food.

Generally, we recommend getting an adjustable feeding bowl. This will allow you to adjust the position of the bowl freely until you find the right feeding posture. 

Step Three

Next up, you should select an elevated dog bowl that is a little too low rather than one that is too high. 

You see, if your canine is not comfortable with the height of the bow, they will have a hard time eating. More so, they will not enjoy that special time. And in some cases, your dog may even refuse to eat the food completely.

Step Four

On the other hand, you might want to get a slanted feeding bowl that is slightly off the ground. Such a bowl will alleviate neck pressure on your French bulldog and also make eating less messy.

A slanted dog bowl is designed to lean to a certain degree to ensure the food settles to the bottom. This means your Frenchy will not have to bend flat to the bowl surface, thereby reducing neck pain.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been asking yourself what is the correct food bowl height for French bulldog, hopefully, the above steps will help.  Just make sure to get the right size.

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