10 Fun Things To Do With a Leaf Blower (Awesome)

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Having a leaf blower is handy for keeping the yard clean during fall. We all know how arduous it can be to rake up leaves day after day. 

Since the invention of the leaf blower, blowing and disposing of leaves has never been easier as you even have options of vacuuming and mulching.

However, you should know that apart from blowing leaves, you can also use your leaf blower for a number of fun activities.

This means your blower doesn’t have to be banished to the garage till the next fall.

Check out a list of fun and creative ways you can use your leaf blower below and I hope you can have great fun engaging in several activities. 

Fun Things To Do With a Leaf Blower
  1. Taking Silly Photos 

Who says leaf blowers are only good for leaf blowing?

You can tune up the fun in your household by hauling out the leaf blower on a sunny summer day. 

Spending family taking goofy pictures and videos with your leaf blower is a great idea.

You can come up with various amusing ideas of pictures you can take with your children. 

This kind of activity including using your imagination for various styles can keep your family entertained for a long time.

To top it up you could use some effects from your phone to enhance the pictures or make them more hilarious. 

Do remember to stay safe and wear eye protection to prevent flying debris from getting into your eyes.

You will undoubtedly cherish these photographs for many years to come.

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  1. Playing at Snow

Your leaf blower can also function as a snow blower.

If you have been locking up your blower in the shed then hacking through snow, you have gotten it wrong.

While using the leaf blower to blow snow you can also have some fun playing with it.

If you have enough snow on the ground, having a leaf blower handy can add a different twist to snowballing.

It would even be greater fun if you have more than one leaf blower at hand.

A powerful leaf blower is more suitable for blowing snow as that takes more effort than the usual blowing of leaves.

Also ensure your family uses eye and ear protection as they play. This will help to keep them safe. 

  1. Leaf Blower Bowling

Another fun activity you can include in family time is bowling with the leaf blower.

Like you already guessed, it is bowling but not your regular bowling.

For this, you would require a plastic or rubber ball as well as a few unfilled plastic bottles.

If you have some soda bottles lying around then those can as well work. 

The idea is to use your leaf blower to move the ball and then hit the plastic bottles arranged together.

Your leaf blower will most likely be powerful enough to move a variety of rubber balls that you may have. 

You might also want to go for a light ball which is easy for your blower to move and will still be strong enough to knock the bottles over.

This game can be played as a family with your kids.

It doesn’t exclude adults as you can have one with your friends. Everyone involved should know how to handle a leaf blower.

They should as well be safety conscious and voila! You are having fun. 

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  1. Obstacle Course

This next game is similar to leaf blower blowing. However, it is slightly harder and will require significantly more time and attention to set up. 

The way this game works is to create a small obstacle course out of crates or other materials found in your backyard, which you will then blow a ball over.

The course can involve several areas such as ramps and curves. 

The highlight of the game is to see who is able to complete the course within the shortest period of time.

Of course, you are to use the leaf blower to try to get the ball to go through the course.

This is one fun game that you can play for hours.

The fun and enjoyment you’ll derive from the game will make up for the stress of setting it up.

  1. Yard Blowing Competition

This game is also a great one although the downside is not every family can play the game. In most households, blowing the yard is often a one-man job.

However, with this fun idea, you can have 2-4 people blowing leaves at the same time.

The winner is the person who is able to gather the most pile of leaves within the given timeframe.

For this game, you’ll require multiple blowers and this is not readily available in every house.

If you do have old leaf blowers lying around, you can haul them out or even borrow from the neighbors. 

  1. Car Wash Drying

If you have been taking your car through the drive car wash then you are missing out on some fun.

Another fun way to use your leaf blower is to dry your car after splashing around washing.

If your family has more than a car then it might even be more fun. The more the merrier they say after all.

After washing your car, put on your leaf blower and place it to a low speed setting.

Dry up your car in minutes with the tool. It is also great for drying interiors, especially your car boot.  

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  1. Playing Golf with the Leaf Blower

Who said you have to visit a golf course to play golf? I say you can do that right in the comfort of your home. 

The goal of this game is to take shots and try to get the ball into the hole, just like in regular golf.

The winner will be the player who can get the ball into the hole in the fewest number of attempts.

  1. Lawn Mower Cleaning

Using your leaf blower to clean other tools? Well why not? Another fun way to use your leaf blower is for cleaning your lawn mower. 

After use, it is normal for your lawn mower to be jammed with grass clippings.

From experience, I can tell you, those clippings can be a pain to get out. 

First, blow out the clippings from the mower with your leaf blower. Then you can hose it down to the cleaning process.

After washing, you can also dry up with your blower. 

You can have fun while cutting your work time by half. 

  1. Threading Wire

It is not always easy to get thin wire through tight spots however, the leaf blower is here to the rescue.

The leaf blower will make your job easier especially if you want to run the wire through pipes or a conduit.

All you have to do is tie the wire to a weight such as foam, weight or cork. Then blow the wire into the conduit or pipe with the leaf blower.

This can help to save you a lot of time and effort especially when you have to work with long lengths of piping. 

  1. Cleaning Your Dryer Vents

Your dryer vents are important for removal of excess heat generated while the dryer is working.

It is important that you clean the vents from time to time as clogged dryer vents can impair the machine’s performance. 

They can also cause a fire in the long run.

If you don’t want to spend money on specialized tools, you can use your cordless or corded leaf blower to clean out your dryer vent. 

Simply disconnect the dryer vent and direct the air from the leaf blower down the vent.

This will help to get rid of any lint that is stuck inside of the vent easily.


I bet you didn’t know you could do all these with your leaf blower. Like I said earlier, you should not just pack up your machine once fall is over.

There are several activities which not just you but your friends and family can get involved with using the leaf blower.

From taking goofy pictures to snowballing to a leaf blower obstacle course.

And of course the unconventional but more mundane tasks such as cleaning your leaf blower and your dryer vents.

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