How Are Cats Cleaner Than Dogs?

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A common question people ask is how are cats cleaner than dogs? The answer is that cats have a very efficient method of self-cleaning.

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Cats groom themselves

Have you ever wondered how cats stay so clean? It’s because they groom themselves! Cats have a special tongue that helps them remove dirt and grime from their fur. They also have a built-in mechanism that helps them keep their fur clean and healthy.

Cats have a tongue that’s covered in barbs

One big reason cats are cleaner than dogs is that they have a tongue that’s covered in barbs. These barbs help cats groom themselves by removing dirt, debris, and excess hair. It’s thought that the barbs also help tone down a cat’s hunting instinct (they can use their tongue to kill small prey).

Cats have a higher concentration of saliva

There are several explanations for how cats stay so clean. One is that they have a higher concentration of saliva than dogs do. A cat’s saliva is full of enzymes that help break down fats and oils, which explains why they spend so much time licking their fur.

Another reason cats are cleaner than dogs is that they groom themselves more often. A cat will typically spend about 10% of its waking hours grooming itself. This helps to remove any dirt or debris that may be stuck in their fur.

Lastly, cats have shorter fur than dogs, which makes it easier for them to keep clean. The shorter length also means that their skin is less likely to become dry or irritated.

Cats don’t track in as much dirt

Cats are by nature clean animals. They spend a good deal of their day licking themselves clean. A cat’s tongue has barbs on it which act like a brush and help remove dirt and debris from their fur. They also don’t track in as much dirt from outside as dogs do.

Cats have fur that traps dirt

Cats have fur that acts like a built-in dirt trapper. When they walk through something dirty, the fur collects the dirt. When they groom themselves, they trap the dirt in their fur and remove it from their body.

Dogs have fur that is more likely to drag in dirt

While cats may not be slobbering all over your face, they aren’t exactly saints when it comes to cleanliness. But one area where they definitely have dogs beat is in the amount of dirt they track in from outdoors.

That’s because dogs have fur that is more likely to drag in dirt, mud, and other debris from outside. And even if you brush your dog regularly, some of that debris is going to end up on your floors.

Cats, on the other hand, don’t have nearly as much fur. And what fur they do have is shorter and less likely to pick up debris from the outdoors. So if you’re looking for a pet that won’t tracking dirt into your home, a cat is probably a better choice.

Cats use the litter box

When it comes to house pets, some people prefer dogs while others prefer cats. One of the main reasons people prefer cats is because they are cleaner than dogs. Dogs tend to track mud and dirt into the house, whereas cats usually stay clean.

Cats are naturally inclined to bury their waste

Cats have a natural instinct to bury their waste, unlike dogs who will urinate and defecate anywhere they please. When cats have a clean litter box, they will use it. If the litter box is not clean, they will go elsewhere. This is one of the reasons that cats are cleaner than dogs.

Dogs will go to the bathroom anywhere

While it’s true that cats are often fussy about their litter boxes, it’s also true that dogs will go to the bathroom anywhere. If you don’t believe us, just take a walk down any city street and look for yourself. You’ll see plenty of evidence that dogs will go to the bathroom on just about any type of surface, including grass, concrete, and even dirt.

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