How Do Alpacas Sleep? (A Detailed Look)

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Sleeping is very essential for alpacas.

They could sleep during the day and also at night.

It helps them relax, grow healthy, helps with their nerves function and makes them more alert.

Alpacas enjoy sleeping but can only do that when they feel safe and secure and that only happens when they are amongst themselves as they are herd animals.

They feel safer sleeping when others are on guard or watching.

They usually take turns when sleeping and are very organized about it.

These adorable pets always amaze us their owners.

How do alpacas sleep? Alpacas often sleep kushed (their legs folded under their body) with their neck/head stretched out flat in front of them. They often sleep like this during the night but it is not unusual to see them doing this during the day too.

This is their favorite sleeping position as it keeps them alert and not totally defenseless.

Alpacas are mostly seen sprawling out in the sun for afternoon naps too.

They love sunbathing and lying on their sides with absolute abandon during the day, is how they like to do it.

They do this mostly when they feel safe.

If an alpaca sleeps like this around you, then you have probably gained its trust.

They can often look dead while in this position but they are just sleeping.

So there’s no need to fret when you see your alpacas lying this way, whether during the day or at night.

Do alpacas sleep standing up?

Animals do not normally sleep while standing up.

It is not something you would ever catch an alpaca doing.

You can sometimes see large animals like cows and horses and goats dozing on their feet but they cannot enter into a deep state of sleep while standing.

So alpacas do not sleep while standing.

They like to sleep and relax for a long time, doing this on their feet would be impossible.

They either sleep sprawling on the floor or sleep kushed.

That is the only way their bodies could relax enough to get adequate rest.

Do alpacas need shelter for sleeping?

Alpacas can sleep anywhere as long as they feel safe.

It is however necessary for shelter to be provided for them so they can be protected from rain and harsh weather conditions.

Alpacas do not like to get wet so they seek shelter whenever it is raining.

They are often seen sprawling outside in the sun even when shelter is provided, some even prefer to sleep outside at night instead of the barns or other shelters provided for them.

It is perfectly normal when you see your alpacas do this, as they are farm animals and like to roam.

They love space and they make use of it.

So alpacas do not need need shelter before they can sleep but it should be provided.

They will definitely need it.

You shouldn’t just assume because they love to roam, shelter isn’t needed.

Alpacas are different when it comes to preferences and personalities.

Some of your alpacas might like to sleep outside, others might prefer to sleep inside in the shelter provided.

This is one of the reasons you should always provide a shelter for your alpacas to sleep in case they need it.

If you want your alpacas to sleep inside in the shelter you provided, make sure the place is very neat with proper beddings provided.

Alpacas love to stay in a tidy environment and would not hesitate to sleep in a shelter if it looks nice.

While constructing shelters for your alpacas, make sure it has a lot of space for them to be comfortable.

Each alpaca should have about eight square feet.

Stables and barns work fine and they take to them easily.

How long do alpacas sleep for?

The number of hours an alpaca sleeps depends on that alpaca.

Just like humans, alpacas are very different from one another.

The personality, gender, age and health goes a long way in determining how long an alpaca sleeps.

Generally alpacas sleep for about 10-12 hours a day.

Baby alpacas tend to sleep more. They sometimes sleep for like 14-16 hours a day. It is not also unusual for alpacas to sleep just for 7-9 hours though.

Like I said, it all depends on their personalities.

You should however note that females and crias tend to sleep longer than males.


Alpacas love to sleep but only do that when they feel safe, and that is usually when they are amongst themselves.

While sleeping, they trust one or some other alpacas to keep guard.

They often sleep kushed (with their legs folded under them and their heads laid out flat in front of them).

They also sleep sprawled out especially in the sun.

This position could make them look dead when seen at first glance but you would soon discover they were just sleeping.

Alpacas do not sleep standing up as it is impossible to enter a deep state of sleep while standing.

Alpacas love to sleep comfortably and for a long while.

They normally do not need shelter for sleeping as they can sleep anywhere, whether outside or inside.

Shelter should however be provided in case they need it.

They also love shelters during rain and during bad weather conditions.

Depending on the age, gender and personality of the alpaca, alpacas can sleep for about 10-12 hours.

They could even sleep for more. Females and baby alpacas generally sleep more than adult male alpacas.

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