How Long Does a Leaf Blower Last? (Explained)

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The use of leaf blowers has become popular in recent times and a lot of homeowners either own a leaf blower or are planning to.

The discussion on how long leaf blowers last is one that has been happening for a while.

With proper care and maintenance, your leaf blower can last as long as 10 years.

You can also plan to get 1000 hours of work for your blower before needing to repair it.

Today we will discuss the lifetime of a leaf blower, how many hours a leaf blower will last, how long electric leaf blowers last amongst other questions.

What’s The Lifetime Of A Leaf Blower?

How Long Does a Leaf Blower Last

How long a leaf blower lasts is often dependent on the type of leaf blower, how you use it, and the care you give to the machine.

With careful maintenance and use, a gas leaf blower should survive for more than ten years. 

Electric leaf blowers are capable of lasting longer than gas-powered models, but they require different maintenance.

In most cases, a leaf blower is reputed to be able to last up to 10 years with proper maintenance and care. 

This figure however will only work out well if you take proper care of your machine.

Activities like overusing it or exposing it to the elements can only cause your blower to develop technical problems easily. 

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How Many Hours Will A Leaf Blower Last?

The number of hours a leaf blower will last depends on the type of leaf blower.

Corded electric leaf blowers can last as long as they are connected to a power outlet. 

The only problem with this type of blower is mobility. You can only go as far as the cord will let you.

But it will last as long as you need to work.

Cordless electric blowers on the other hand are dependent on the strength of the batteries.

A stronger battery model can last a little over an hour but most batteries will take you 30 minutes. The charge time is often about 3 hrs. 

Gas-powered leaf blowers will last as long as there is fuel in the engine.

A full tank can last an operator for hours and this is one of the advantages a gas blower has over the electric types. 

How Long Do Electric Leaf Blowers Last?

Without a question, one of the most significant benefits of an electric blower is its simplicity and ease of usage.

If properly maintained, an electric blower can last far longer without problems or breakdowns than a gas model. 

There are several things you can take into consideration to make your electric leaf blower last longer. They include:

  • Power supply

For the corded models, the power supply is also quite important.

The power going into your machine can determine how well it will perform and also last.

If you run your machine on too little power in comparison to what it was intended to function on, your product may not perform at all.

If the power supply is insufficient, the leaf blower may not function at all.

There’s no need to be concerned; simply consult the instructions that accompanied your leaf blower.

  • Extension Cord

Electric leaf blowers can be either be of the corded or non-corded type.

If you’re using a corded model, check to be sure the extension cable is the correct length and of high quality. 

Extension cables are available in a variety of gauges and lengths.

Please keep in mind that utilizing a longer cable than planned or the incorrect gauge may limit the power supply to your blower.

  • Power Outlet

Always ensure you are supplying power to your corded leaf blower with a good power outlet.

If you notice problems with the machine, you can check to the outlet. 

If you try another outlet and your machine is working fine, then you need to change the current outlet. 

  • Battery Maintenance

If you purchased a cordless leaf blower powered by batteries, you may increase its battery life by storing it indoors.

The blower can be left outside. The batteries however will benefit immensely by being housed at an even, cool, and inside temperature.

When batteries are stored at cool and even temps, they retain their strength for a longer period of time than when they are exposed to the elements.

  • Storage

Maintain and store your leaf blower appropriately at all times.

It should not be left outside. Weather elements like the sun, rain, and snow, can all seriously harm your electric motor.

When not in use, keep your blower away from the sun’s rays. 

Leaving your blower out to become hot in the sun on a daily basis might lead to problems with the machine.

This might be avoided simply by storing your tool in a cool shed.

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How Long Will A Stihl Leaf Blower Last?

Stihl is one of the best leaf blower manufacturers out there and their products are tough and durable.

They produce a wide range of lead blowers from cordless electrical types to corded ones as well as powerful gas-powered models.

Stihls’ leaf blowers come as backpack blowers and as handheld lightweight models.

Stihl products range from lightweight blowers for home use to more powerful tools for professional landscapers.

A Stihl leaf blower with proper maintenance and use can last as long as 10 years.

Based on use by various homeowners, it is reported that a Stihl leaf blower will give you about 1000 hours of use before you need to fix it. 

You can also use your Stihl leaf blower for as long as 30 hours before you maintain it.

You can also carry out simple maintenance tasks on the blower yourself.

More technical issues however should be dealt with by an authorized Stihl repair agent. 

How Durable Are Leaf Blowers?

There are various types and models of leaf blowers out there in the market today.

Some brands are reputed for producing reliable leaf blowers that last a long time. Also, the model of the leaf blower can determine how well it will last.

Gas-powered leaf blowers are reputed to last longer than electric-powered models. It is common knowledge that gas blowers are more powerful than their electric counterparts. 

Some leaf blowers are for commercial landscaping and these are designed for long-term use and extended work.

On the other hand, some lightweight models are made for home use. The home models are not often as strong as the commercial-grade types.

It is possible that if you use those types for large-scale work, your blower may not last as long as it should. 

Most leaf blowers are designed to be tough and durable.

If you purchase from a reliable brand such as Echo, Husqvarna, Stihl, or Toro, you’ll enjoy your blower for a long time to come. 

Are Leaf Blowers Worth It?

Leaf blowers are definitely worth the money you’ll spend on purchasing them.

They are a great improvement over rakes and will help you get your work done as fast as possible. 

They also come with different attachments such as vacuum and mulcher which will help cut your working time by more than half.

Although leaf blowers are being banned for pollution and health reasons, they are still good for landscaping.

You can stick to a quieter model which will also be powerful enough to move the leaves as you work.


Before getting your leaf blower, it is understandable that you want to know the technical aspects as well as what to expect.

A good lead blower can last you up to 10 years if you use it well and give proper care.

The hours you can get out of your blower depend on the type. Corded electric leaf blowers can last as long as they are connected to a power outlet.

They are usually hampered however by the length of the cord.

Corded models depend on how powerful their batteries are and can last between 30 mins and an hour.

You should take the work you’ll be doing into consideration before getting a leaf blower. This will help you get a model that is well suited to your job type. 

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