How Many Amps Does a Leaf Blower Use (Explained for Beginners)

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Before buying a leaf blower, most people often check the power of the machine and how fast it can blow.

Not everyone however bothers themselves with the technical details such as the amps and volts of the machine.

These details are inimical to how well your machine will perform.

A leaf blower can use an amp ranging from 7 to 12 amps. Most leaf blowers fall into this category.

However, some might be higher or lower depending on what it is intended for.

I will explain how many amps a leaf blower uses, how to know the power consumption of your blower, what a good amp for a leaf blower is, and how all these relate to how you intend to use the machine. 

How Many Amps Does A Leaf Blower Use?

How Many Amps Does a Leaf Blower Use

An ampere is the standard of measurement for electric current.

The amount of electrons passing through a circuit is quantified as a current.

One amp is the current flow created by a one-volt force acting through a one-ohm resistance.

Amps come into the discussion with electrical corded leaf blower models. Electrically powered leaf blowers rely on electric motors to operate their compressor.

The job of the compressor is to push out air. 

The rate at which their motors are able to generate power is rated in terms of amps. Most leaf blowers have an amp range from 7 – 12 amps.

The smaller leaf blowers have a power rating of 7 amps. These are ideal if you have a tiny yard with few leaves. 

They’re also wonderful for cleaning the sidewalks and decks, as well as blowing out your garage.

The larger devices have more powerful motors with amp ratings of up to 12 amps.

These devices can be as strong as a gas leaf blower while being much lighter.

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How Much Power Does A Leaf Blower Use?

If you are using an electrical leaf blower, you might be concerned with how much power your leaf blower is using and how it will affect your utility bills. 

The power a leaf blower will use varies depending on the type.

For example, if a 120V electric portable electric leaf blower that operates on 12 amps of electricity is run for one hour, the electricity it requires will be 1440 watts.

Power usage can be calculated by multiplying your blowers’ amperage by the standard voltage in the region in which you live.

You should consult the instructions for your electrical leaf blower to determine the exact quantity of watts it consumes.

The power usage of a 1200W electric leaf blower will range between 450W and 1200W.

In the US for example, the normal outlet voltage supply is 120 volts (V), which is often written on the electrical socket package.

For Europe and Asia, the voltage supply is 220V.

To get the energy consumption of your leaf blower, multiply the voltage by the amps to obtain the wattage consumed.

So, for a 10 amp appliance with a voltage supply of 120V, the power consumed is 1200W.

You can also calculate how much power a cordless leaf blower uses per battery charge.

To calculate the watts consumed per hour, multiply the battery’s voltage (V) by its charging capacity (Ah).

So, by multiplying the above-stated quantities, you can determine that a cordless blower with a 50V battery of 5.0Ah consumes 250Wh or 0.250kWh of power each hour.

What Is A Good Amp For A Leaf Blower?

For corded electrical leaf blowers, the average range on the market is between 7 and 12 amps.

Though there are lower or higher amp models, these are the most common types. The important thing about getting a leaf blower is knowing what you want to use the tool for. 

If you need a leaf blower for yard activities such as blowing leaves in a small yard and cleaning your gazebo, a 7amp leaf blower is good for you.

They often come as small and lightweight units which can easily help to get your work done.

Note that these models are not made for heavy professional work.

However, if you are looking into larger gardens and lawns, as well as commercial work then a 12 amp or higher leaf blower will work for you. 

You should note that the higher the ampere of your device, the higher the power consumption of the machine.

Take for example the WORX WG584 Power Share Turbine, it has an amp of 2.5, a voltage of 40 while its power consumption is 100. 

When compared to the WORX WG509 TRIVAC, which is a 12 amp leaf blower, with a voltage of 120 and power consumption of 1440 watts.

There is a clear difference between them. If you do not need a heavy machine, then you can stick with a lower amp tool.

They will also get the job well done. 

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Is A 7 Amp Blower Good?

7 amp leaf blowers are quite good and can also carry out cleaning tasks effectively.

Although not as powerful as blowers in the 12 to 14 amp range, they are still impressive and work efficiently. 

7 amp leaf blowers are quite good for home use. They can blow loves in your small garden and lawn.

They can as well be useful for cleaning patios and gazebos.

Of course, there are several other things you can use your 7 amp leaf blower including drying your car or cleaning your gutter.

The Black & Decker LB700 is one of the good 7 amp leaf blowers out there on the market.

From the stables of the reputable Black & Decker brand, this model is small and lightweight for your home use.

It is a small model with no vacuum or mulching ability.

However, used in a small space, it can blow your leaves efficiently together and you can then pack them to your compost dump.

It is a corded model with an airspeed of 180MPH and a 2-year warranty.

It is also on the pocket-friendly list as it goes for $50 on the Amazon store.

This model is great for lightweight home duties and every home keeper should have one. 

Can A Leaf Blower Blow Its Circuit?

A leaf blower can blow its circuit.

This can happen if there is a loose wire in the machine. It can also happen when a wire has tripped or been cut.

Also, if you happen to use your leaf blower in the rain or let moisture get to it, it is possible your machine can short circuit.

You should always be conscious of your machine.

You’ll see signs of a blown circuit with burning smells, blown plugs, and an extremely hot machine.

You can easily fix a blown circuit by identifying where the problem is coming from and fixing it. 


If you intend to buy a leaf blower, you should know some of the technicalities of the device.

This will help you to make a good decision on the leaf blower type to choose. Most electrical leaf blowers on the market work with an amp range of 7 to 12amps.

The higher the amps, the more powerful the machine is.

If you are a simple homeowner with basic leaf blowing needs, then a 7 amp leaf blower can very well work for you.

If you however have large-scale leaf blowing work to do, then you are better off with a 12 to 14 amp leaf blower.

If you are also conscious of your power usage, then you should not go for a blower with a higher amp.

Higher amps equal higher power consumption.

With this information, I hope you can able to make the best choice for the leaf blower model to buy.

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