How Often Do You Feed an American Bully Puppy

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The American Bully Puppy is an amazing dog that is very friendly and active. It requires maximum attention on the amount of feeds that you offer it so that it can gain muscles to ensure it has the best physical health.

With that in mind, it’s very important to establish a feeding plan to ensure your puppy isn’t overfed or underfed. Additionally, you should ensure that the quality of the feeds being taken is of the best quality possible.

The amount and frequency of feeding shall depend on the size, appetite, and age of the puppy. Therefore, it’s very important to ask your veterinarian for an opinion before settling on a particular plan.

Feeding Frequency

It’s recommendable to feed your puppy as much as they want while avoiding overfeeding since it may cause obesity. However, as a standard procedure, you should always feed your American Bully Puppy at least 3 times every day when they’re between 3-6 months old.

The servings given should be in small portions so that you prevent wastage and gorging themselves. When the puppy is very young it shall require a lot of foods since it experiences rapid growth and it’s very active hence requiring more energy.

 It’s important to note that the portions you give your puppy should be dependent on its appetite. You can establish a plan to feed them in the morning, at lunch hour, and after dinner.

After the puppy has attained 6 months, you can reduce the meals and feed them twice per day. These feeding patterns should continue until the puppy turns into a fully grown dog.

 You should never forget to serve the puppy fresh water every time you feed it to keep it hydrated at all times and to prevent constipation.


1. Whenever you see that your American Bully Puppy is becoming overweight, restrict the amount of food that it can access every day. This is because the dog may be susceptible to bone breakage and conditions such as obesity.

2. Before you buy and introduce a meal to your dog, ensure that it’s made of high-quality feeds. This will help it avoid the risk of obtaining infections from dirty and low-quality feeds. What’s more, good quality food ensure that your puppy doesn’t survive from nutrient deficiencies.

3. However much you need your puppy to get muscular, avoid feeding it with steroids. They are harmful and can cause serious side effects that may lead to the death of your pup.

Final Thought

Due to its high growth rate, the puppy should be fed with meals that are made of 30% protein and 20 % fat content. All the meals should contain meat or meat products since it loves the aroma and taste of meat. You need to note that the puppy requires Calcium supplements before attaining 1 year. More to that, you should ensure that enough vitamin supplements are added to its feeding program. Lastly, this puppy is a very friendly companion that will keep you happy and entertained at all times.

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