How to Bathe Your Miniature Shnauzer

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A Miniature Shnauzer is one of the most popular dog pets that is loved due to its small size and beautiful coat. To keep it clean, you’re supposed to brush and bathe it on a regular basis to ensure its coat doesn’t get tangles and knots which make cleaning difficult.

To ensure the bathing experience is successful, you need to have enough treats for your dog to reward it when it behaves well for training. For a successful bath, you need to buy the right shampoo and the water should be medium warm.

Due to its size, this puppy requires to be handled with care as using lots of water on a bath tub may lead to drowning of your pet. Additionally, all your attention should be on the pet.


The first step while bathing your puppy is ensuring all the equipment to be used in cleaning is ready and put in place before you begin the washing process. You should check that all towels, combs, water cups and shampoo are near the bath tub for easier access when washing the puppy.

It’s recommendable to place a rough rubber mat on the bottom of the bathtub so that your puppy wont slip while washing it. Fill the bathtub with clean and warm water up to its knee’s length.

Lift your miniature Shnauzer from the ground and place it onto the bathing tub with towels surrounding it. Using a soft brush, brush its hair to remove any tangles and knots for proper cleaning. You will have to find the best way to place your puppy in the tub to give it the best wash.

Bathing the Puppy

After getting your puppy into the bath tub, use a cup of warm water to make it wet on all parts of its body apart from its ears, eyes mouth and nose. Pour the water slowly so that the puppy can adjust slowly and this will allow it to remain calm.

Repeat this procedure until its back and legs are submerged in the warm water. To ensure that water reaches all its body areas, tilt the puppy’s head slowly as you ensure all its sections are wet.

On its face and beard, use a wash cloth free from soap to rub it until it’s clean. After its face is cleaned, apply a generous amount of washing shampoo on its back and massage it into the puppy’s coat. Your puppy should be well soaked so that all the dirt is removed completely.

Use a bristle brush that is soft and tender to clean it by combing through its hair, legs and paws. Repeat cleaning its beard with a little soap to remove all the food particles and foul odor around its mouth.

Rinsing the Puppy

Using a cup filled with warm fresh water, pour it onto your Miniature Schnauzer’s body until you ensure all the soap has been removed.

You should make the rinsing perfect by running your hands on its body deeply until no foam comes out. Also, ensure that in between the ears, at the back and on the lower stomach side is cleaned well.

However, ensure that the rinsing water doesn’t pass your puppy’s knees since it will make it dirty again.

Drying the Puppy

After washing your Miniature Shnauzer, drain all the water from the tub. Of course you don’t want it to stay wet since this may cause it to develop a cold.

Therefore, its coat should be dried as soon as possible. By using a clean towel, drape it around your puppy and rub through its skin until its completely dry. However, a little wetness may still be trapped underneath its skin and a dryer comes in handy at this moment.

Using a dryer, blow the coat of your puppy slowly as you take a look on its reaction. The dryer should be not be operating at extremely hot or cold temperatures. This can cause your puppy to stressed, nervous and uncomfortable with getting washed.

Afterwards, pick a soft brush and comb through its coat to ensure it’s looking cute and attractive.

Final Thought

Grooming is very essential for your puppy’s health since it removes all kinds of dirt which may cause irritation and infections if left to stay on its coat. A clean puppy is bubbly, active and playful around its owners. We should strive to ensure they get a bath once in a while. We recommend that you should be bathing your Miniature Shnauzer once every 2 weeks and not beyond 6 weeks depending on your availability and weather conditions.

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