How to Clean a Kong Dog Bed

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I know you love your dog because of the company you get when she is around. Dogs are the perfect housemates that never fail to welcome you home showing some level of excitement that no human can closely match.

Dogs are great listeners, and the love they give is unconditional. Perhaps the only person who does not love a dog is he who does not own one. According to some data in the U.S., more than 80 million dogs make human roommates lives comfortable.

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Pet owners spend billions of dollars every year with more is spent on medication and veterinary care alone. Therefore, as humans we also love our dogs as much they do to us. With all these facts, there is one single aspect in a dog’s life that we seem to have overlooked; it is where they spend most of their time, mostly during the day.

It is unfortunate that we wait until our noses start picking an unusual scent coming from the Kong dog bed. This level of ignorance makes it harder to clean the dog, and of course, it cannot be the best thing to do to a friend.

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The Kong Dog Bed

The Kong bed is made from an almost durable material such as nylon and rubber. The cover is made from a chew resistant nylon. Cleaning is easy, and you can use the zipper to remove the cover.

Here is What You Need to Do to Clean the Bed

  • Remove the nylon and take it outside to shake off hair, dirt, and debris that may have built up.  You can also use a vacuum to remove any stubborn stain.
  • Use a preferable wash setting on the machine with a choice of hot water and a gentle soap that can kill odor and insect eggs. You can choose the gentle wash to clean it up.
  • The best thing to do is to make sure that the nylon bag is set on hot water. A fast wash cycle may displace cedar chips inside the cover. Cedar chips fend off insects because of their strong smell.
  • Wash the cotton liner separately using hot water.
  • Let the nylon bag and the cotton liner in the dryer to tumble dry
  • Once the two are dry, set the bed up and let your friend enjoy the nap

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Final Words

If you notice spots staining the pet’s bed make sure you treat them before washing the liner. You are not advised to treat stain using spot treatments because if the treatment fails to work, they may end up itching your dog.

After reading this post, we should all be washing the Kong dog bed more often. You need to know that not all dog’s bed are easy to clean because dogs like their human friends behave differently.

 The first step to maintain clean contact with your dog is to make sure the bed is ever clean. Do not forget to bathe your dog regularly and occasionally take her to the scheduled vets visit.

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