How to Clean Dog Kennel Flooring

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Dog pets are lovable and besides spending time with their owners, they spend some quality time in their kennels. Although you can train your hound to relieve himself outside, there may be rare mischief. Besides, moisture and dog hair from his occasional baths may also attract bacteria and other disease-causing agents, and cleaning his kennel becomes a necessity.

We cannot underestimate the importance of clean kennel flooring. First, cleaning and disinfection eliminate viruses and bacteria that may cause dog flu and hygiene-related infections. For shared housing, disease breakouts may easily spread if you don’t take care of kennel hygiene.

Pet owners are spending lots of money on pet hygiene. However, we have a simple procedure on how to clean dog kennel flooring for both crates or kennel housing. Let’s dive in.

A Simple procedure for cleaning dog kennel flooring

Some dog owners employ the services of a pet house cleaning company. However, there is always the choice of family members. Family better does some of these tasks, if you get the right way to do it. Here is a systematic procedure on how to clean outdoor kennel flooring.

1. Isolate your dog from the kennel to another holding area.

2. Remove the feeding bowls and toys. Wash bowls thoroughly, disinfect, and allow them to dry. Run the toys in water and disinfectant and also leave them to air dry.

3. Remove the beddings. Clean them in a laundry bucket or bathtub using a well-diluted detergent and hot water. Always ensure your dog’s beddings are washer-friendly

4. Scrub and remove all solid wastes using a scoop

5. Apply a strong cleaning detergent using foam appliers or spray dispensers starting from the walls to the rest of the floor. Let it stand for 10-30 minutes. Ensure that the detergent is in the right dilution according to the specifications on the bottle.

6. Do not use ammonia detergents and other bleach-related detergents, because their traces may cause eye irritation to your dogs, and may harm your animals.

7. Using a tough-bristle brush, start scouring the kennel walls first, and then proceed to the floors. The hard brush clears grime and spreads the detergent evenly on the surface.

8. Fetch in water using a hosepipe and rinse well. Clear the water with your brush, mop, and bucket. Leave the area to dry. You can also use a drier to ensure the drying process is faster.

 9. Apply some dog deodorant to remove any odor before you spread new bedding in the kennel. Rearrange his toys and feeding bowls.

10. You can then return him to his resting area after a bath.

Remember that cleaning the walls prevents infections that spread from dogs to humans or from the kennel to the next. Besides, confirm the right detergent brands to use since not all detergents are suitable for kennel disinfection.

On the other hand, some dogs live within their owners boarding in dog crates. You also need to be careful about the cleanliness of your dog’s crate area. The process is all the same. Remove your dog and clean all his belongings.

Disinfect the crate, scrub and remove any rust and apply paint to avoid further corrosion. When it’s clean and dry, return the beddings, toys, and feeders and let your dog enjoy sleeping in a safe area. There are no bugs, bacteria, or viruses to endanger his health in his fresh crate.

What to put in your dog’s kennel floor

The kennel flooring should be easy to clean. Different materials such as wooden boards, plastic mats, and concrete lining should help improve the process of cleanliness. Besides, a good floor prevents behaviors such as paw digging which makes the kennel inhabitable and prone to infections.

On the other hand, your hound’s bedding should also be easy to wash and dry.

Can I Use Bleach to Clean My Dog’s Kennel?

Bleach is one of the best disinfectants. However, only use it if you have no access to other kennel disinfectants. You need to use correct concentrations as per the bottle’s direction. Otherwise, traces of the bleach may cause eye irritation to your dog.

Wrap up

Having the right cleaning procedure for your pet house reduces the costs of hiring a cleaning company. Besides, you don’t have to worry about infections like the kennel cough which may affect not just dogs but cats too. Pet house cleaning should not be expensive if you know how to clean dog kennel flooring.

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