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How to Clean Dog Smegma

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As long as you are not ashamed of talking about the most difficult topics concerning your pet, then you should not be embarrassed to speak about Smegma. When it comes to your dog’s health, you should have an open mind because it could mean infections running from the dog to you.

Dog Smegma is something you would notice if you were a male pet owner. Since Smegma affects the dog’s private parts, it is best if you familiarize yourself with every part of it. The outer skin surrounding the penis is called the sheath (scientists call it Prepuce). The prepuce is the visible part of the animal’s penis. The penis itself is pink or red. The discharge you spot on the edge of the penis is what we refer to as dog Smegma.

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About Dog Smegma

What is Smegma in Dogs?

Now that you know about the discharge, you need to know what it is, its signs and symptoms, and how to clean or treat the Smegma. The discharge is a combination of dead skin cells, oils, and moisture that in combination acts as a lubricant and very useful during sexual intercourse.

Smegma is a deliberate biological process that should not be a cause for worry unless some illness is associated with it. Its color is yellow-whitish with a green shade in some pets. The best time to study the Smegma coming from your dog is when it is sleeping or relaxing.

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Is Smegma Problematic

When an issue in your dog is associated with its production, then it could be a sign. Look out for symptoms such as fouls smell, excessive licking, and excessive dripping. Some of the causes linked to these behaviors could be:

  • Reproductive health issues
  • Inflammation of the sheath
  • External injury
  • Bacterial infections
  • Environmental antigens

Smegma Symptoms

Every dog owner must observe the symptoms by identifying the underlying health issues. For male dogs, the discharge may include urine, mucus, or pus. Confirm if the discharge is normal or not. You can also check alongside the issued symptoms below to be on the safe side.

  • Excess discharge than expected levels
  • Discharge with mucus, pus, or blood
  • Excessive licking and showing signs of genital discomfort.
  • Swelling of inflammation of the genitalia

If you identify any of the above symptoms, you can get a proper diagnosis from the veterinarian.

How to Clean Dog Smegma

Please note that treatment and cleaning are two widely different things. From this point onwards we will share steps on how to do so only when necessary. Remember that unless you notice some of the symptoms mentioned earlier on your pet, and then let it handle its business of keeping its private parts clean.

There is no specialized cleaning; however, here are some of the things that you can do to help the dog.

  • Get a simple wet cloth to clean off the overflowing Smegma
  • Use puppy wipes that do not contain harsh chemicals or soap
  • You can also set aside warm salty water for the cleaning process
  • In the case of a male, gently push the sheath backwards to expose the penis. For the female, pull back the vaginal folds. Use your best choice (simple wet cloth, puppy wipes, or warm salt water) of cleaning to remove excess overflowing Smegma.
  • Thoroughly rinses the genitals however make sure that no chemicals or soap gets inside the private parts.
  • Gently tap the area to dry (use a clean or separate cloth)

How Do You Prevent Smegma

The best way of preventing Smegma build up is to neuter the dog to decrease the amount of sigma produced. Some people report that introducing green tea may be beneficial to the dog. Get details guideline about dog penis health guide, everything you need to know.

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Final Words

The bottom line is Smegma is naturally produced for a good cause, and it is not weird to see your dog licking its private parts. The licking is the natural way of maintaining cleanliness.

 You need to be curious about the change in color, the odor coming from the genitals, or too much licking. These are sure signs that you need to have the Vets number on speed dial. To avoid unnecessary confusion, make sure that the dog sleeps in a clean surrounding and has a balanced diet.

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