How to Clean Leather Dog Collar

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Although you may have several dog collar options, leather collars prove to be extra durable.  You want your hound to look fancy and energetic in his collar. Yet, you will not deny him his adventurous activities.

While at it, dog baths only will not clear the dirt and grime from outside. You need to clean his leather collar as well. The accessory accumulates the oils and natural dog odor and you need to clean it well after some time.

Let’s walk through a simple procedure on how to clean and maintain a leather dog collar.

A Simple Method to Clean a Leather Dog Collar

A clean dog collar is free of any odors, bacteria, and oils, and your dog can comfortably wear it when dry. If you are looking to cleaning your dog’s leather collar, we have a simple way to do it. Let’s dive in.

1. Check on the type of leather collar before you settle on the cleaning products.

2. With a piece of wet cloth, wipe out any stains and dirt on both sides of the collar. Make sure that your metal buckles do not touch any water. You can cover them in dry soaks while you work on the other surface.

3. Apply saddle soap on the cloth and repeatedly rub it into the collar. Clear the soapy solution from the cloth and wipe the leather clean of any soap. Avoid using any leather product. Dog products are specific to their skin types.

Slow Drying and maintenance

4. Press it inside a dry towel to remove excess water, and then hang it to air-dry. Slow drying helps to maintain the texture of leather and avoid cracking. Direct sunlight or any other heat treatment methods interfere with the lining and texture.

5. Rub in some leather conditioner or olive oil after it is completely dry. The natural oils replenish and maintain the life of tanned leather and make it smooth.

6. Get the collar back to your dog.

How to Clean the Metal Buckles

Some experts recommend that you remove the buckles before the cleaning. However, you can also clean the metal buckles first using a solution of water, baking soda, and vinegar. A small cleaning brush should clean the surface and remove rust if any.

You can then dry them using a dry cloth before you proceed to clean the rest of your dog collar. However, if you removed the buckles before the cleaning, assemble everything back after your collars are all dry again.


Have the following tips in mind, as you clean your leather collars.

1. The soap solution should be mild to avoid any reactions to the dog skin.

2. Ensure that the leather collar dries properly. Wet collars irritate and wear down the leather material.

3. You don’t need to soak your leather in water. Wiping to remove stains is the best way to maintain the quality of finished leather. Remember, not all leather collars are weather resistant.

Can Leather Dog Collars Get Wet?

Leather is resistant to water entry. However, absorption takes time. A wet dog collar may smell when it stays too long on the animal. You can clean it using mild soap and shampoo, and then condition it to remove the smells.

Water wears out leather collars. You need to keep them dry to avoid rotting and bacterial infections.

How to Clean and Care for Your Leather Dog Collar

Leather products last for years with the right care. One way to maintain your leather collar is by regular cleaning. It helps to maintain the collar without odors. Besides, it’s also easy to keep the texture and prevent shrinking.

You can maintain its suppleness with leather conditioners or homemade vegetable oils. Olive oil is one great treatment for leather dog collars.


A clean dog collar keeps your animal healthy and comfortable. Apart from a clean dog and kennel, all his accessories should stay free of odor or disease-causing agents. Most importantly, you should have an idea of how to clean leather dog collars because they are costly. However, their quality beats the cost. Proper care should save you from future replacements. We hope that you will find it easy to clean and care for your leather dog collar.

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