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How to Clean Shih Tzu Ears

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Hygiene is an important aspect of an animal’s life, and it is for this reason that we need to maintain good health when handling our pets. Shih Tzu has remarkable ears that require more than bathing and regular brushing.

Failing to attend to a dog’s ears could lead to a myriad of other problems such as wax build-up, ear infections, itching, and discharge, etc. these problems can be avoided by regularly cleaning the dog’s ears.

The Shih Tzu Ears

To get a better understanding of how you are going to clean the ear, you should be conversant with this particular dog’s ear structure. The dog’s ear takes an L-shaped with a vertical profile with three different zones, i.e. the inner year, middle ear, and the external ear. The outer flap covering the ear is called the pinna. The ear canal is below the eardrum, which also needs cleaning.

What Happens if You Fail to Clean the Dog’s Ear?

The following problems are likely to occur:

  • Otitis Externa

    The dog will suffer inflammation on the outer ear canal. There will be some redness and scaly skin accompanied by discharge coming from the ears.

  • Bacterial and Yeast Infection

    Accumulation of moisture in the ear canal could cause decaying of foreign elements that settle inside the ear. If the situation persists, bacteria and year will form in the ear. Every time your dog comes from a bath, make sure you wipe the ears

  • Ear Mites

    Mites are parasites that settle inside your dog’s ear to feed on blood running on the local veins. The open wounds can attract foreign elements that may end up causing more harm and irritation. Keep watching your Tzu’s to avert major problems. Take to cleaning your dog’s ear as part of its daily routine that keeps your dog happy and healthy.

Cleaning the Shih Tzu Ears

The ear is a sensitive organ that needs a lot of care when handling them. Here are some of the things that you may need:

  • An ear cleaning solution
  • Cotton balls or cotton gauze tip applicators
  • Ear wipes and sprays
  • Additional light source
  • Towel

Cleaning Tip

If you are handling a troublesome dog, try wrapping a towel around his entire body the way you would a child. The wrapping soothes the dog and keeps it calm.

1. Apply Drops to the Ears

Hold the earflap to one side and slightly lift it to put in a few drops of the cleaning solution on the inner flap.

Dip a cotton ball into an ear solution and squeeze the cotton ball contents into the dog’s ear.

2. Massage Ear Base

Massaging the base of the Shih Tzu ears help soften and break the dirt, which makes it easier to clean out. Pick a clean and dry cotton ball to remove the remaining dirt from the ear.

3. Encourage the Dog to Shake

You can get the remaining dirt out of the dog’s ear by encouraging the dog to shake its head sideways.  Some dogs instinctively do this when they sense something is inside their ear.

4. Wipe the Ear Canal

Gauze slightly wet cotton in the ear solution and gently wipe out the ear canal. At this point, you can use the cotton tip applicator but make sure you only use it to reach areas as far as your eyes can see. Going beyond your line of vision may rapture the eardrums.

5. Dry the Ear Canal

If you still spot some dirt inside the ear, feel free to repeat the entire process. Finally, take out a dry cotton ball, dry the Tzu’s ears, and make sure you leave it completely dry.

When you are done with one ear, do the same to the other ear.

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Appreciate Your Dog

When done with the Shih Tzu ears do not forget to treat the lovely pet for cooperation and patience. Some dogs require the help of a third party to clean up. You can clean up your dog’s ears regularly but make sure you do not over do it because the ear is sensitive when it comes to maintaining the animal’s balance.

It is advisable that you regularly check your dog’s ear regularly if you need to clean it up.

Something You Need to Know as a Home Groomer

Shih Tzu ears have some hair that keeps growing from the time the dog is an infant to old age. Shih Tzu with dark hairs seems to grow more hairs and faster than other breeds of the same color.

Before embarking on any step above, look at the quantity of hair inside the ear canal. Use a scissor to remove some of the hair before you start the cleaning process.

Final Words

Remember that when cleaning the dog’s ears you have to be extremely careful and strive to make the exercise pain free. After the cleaning process and you see some bad smelling discharge or some unusual swelling or itching in your pet’s ear, please visit the nearest veterinarian clinic.

Even when doing the routine wellness check at the vet, make sure that the ears are also part of the examination. There is no other way of showing love and care to the Shih Tzu’s.

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