How to Get a Kitten to Sleep Through the Night

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Cats are known to sleep for long hours, woe unto you if they are awake and you are around. Their level of activity can also ruin your peace, especially at night when they prompt you to play, or they need your company.

You may be surprised that cats are known for their nocturnal nature, but they strain to keep you awake. The reason behind this is due to the domestication of cats to leading to a diurnal lifestyle (they stay awake during the day).

1. Establish a Bedtime Routine

Let the Cat Rest During the Day

It is normal for cats to sleep through most of the day. They wake up when they are full of energy and are eager to clutch on old toys and start climbing. You can keep away all the toys that would otherwise interest the cat when you are not around.

Play with the Cat in the Evening

Cats are more animated in the evening and at dawn. Set up daily play sessions in late evenings especially an hour before you go to bed. You can use an engaging game to let the cat stay active.

If you find the cat sleeping in the evening, form a habit of waking him up so that he knows that every evening is playtime.

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Train the Cat to Know When to End Playtime

The best time to end playing a game with your cat is when it is still active. Start by slowing down the pace of the game to reduce its level of activity.

Serve Bedtime Meal

Make a high protein meal to let the kitten know the game is over and the day is winding up. Even in the wild cats will hunt for food, eat, and then sleep. If the cat wants to eat, you can delay its meal up to that point where you get to bed.

Go to Bed

When you hit the bed, let the kitten follow through the routine until it learns to establish its routine. You can also calm the kitten down by placing it in a comfortable area.

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2. Dealing with Night Activity

Keep the Kitten in a Separate Room

As you head to sleep, keep the kitten away from you by letting it rest in a separate room. Once you lock your door, do not allow the cat to creep in even if the cat tries to scratch the door and try to stoop it.

Get a Warm Blanket for the Kitten

A kitten may be asking for warmth when they come to snuggle next to you. If you notice the cat always want to get close to you, it may be asking for a blanket.

Put Away Noisy Toys

Put away all the toys that make noise so that the kitten may not trigger them, putting the toys away to enjoy the sleep. Get a place in the house that you can keep all the toys every evening.

Do Not Pay Attention to What They Do

Every time you pay attention to anything that the cat does to trigger your attention means you are encouraging them. Ignoring the cat may be the best approach but ready for a fight in the first few nights before the kitten adapts.

Show Love to the Kitten

When the kitten keeps bugging, pick an opposite action that shows love. For example, continuous disturbances from the cat can be rewarded by a hug giving the cat mixed reactions. The cat will hence know that sometimes they cannot expect good things by nagging.

Serve it Breakfast When You Go to Bed

Cats naturally have shorter sleep cycles; it will probably wake up in the course of the night looking for something to eat. If the cat cannot adapt, look for an automated feeder for nighttime meals, set the time at a time when the cat may wake up and find something to eat.

Final Word

Some cats may need to be neutered to kill their hyperactivity. Neutering a cat means, you will be less disturbed when the cat goes into heat because of less activity. You can also visit a vet’s clinic to conduct some tests on the cat to ascertain if there is an underlying medical condition.

Remember that a hyperactive cat may at times cause injury to its owners, for instance, a cat may mistake your moving eyelids as something worth playing with.

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