7 Tips On How To Get An Alpaca To Like You

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As animal farmers, you are going to come in contact with a lot of animals and you want to make sure that there is some form of relationship with them

For alpacas, they are herd animals and do not really like strangers touching them which makes the topic “How To Get An Alpaca To Like You” very difficult.

But one thing you should know is that an alpaca is a cute, friendly animal and there are certain things you can do to get them to like you.

In this article, I will be showing you 7 things you can do to get an alpaca to trust you and to like you.

1. Play catch with them

How To Get An Alpaca To Like You

If you really want to get your alpaca to like you and to gain their trust, the one you can do is to play catch with them

Just like the name sounds, catch is simply a fun exercise where you toss a ball and your animal gets to retrieve and bring it back to you.

Just like it’s done with dogs as a way to train them and get them to respond to your commands, the same way it helps grow the bond and trust between you and your alpacas.

Another thing you can do is to ring a bell with their noses on command and this helps them  recognize that signal and respond to it accordingly.

2. Teach them how to sit

Now before we go further, I need to warn you that this is a very difficult thing to pull off but if you get it right, then you will get your animals to like you.

Alpacas spend much of their time daily standing and it’s quite a chore for them to fold their legs and plop on the ground.

They have to learn to fold their front legs and then let their weight fall down on their knees.

So you can understand their hesitation if they do not want to do this, but training your animals to learn how to sit and do so on command is a very sure way to get them to like and trust you.

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3. Teach them some litter training.

One behaviour which alpacas are known for is dropping their poop in a specific place.

Unlike other animals that are known for littering the whole place with their poop, alpacas will actually create a sort of latrine and poop in a specified place.

So another way to get them to like and bond with you is to get them to be litter trained.

One way which you can do this is to provide custom made litter boxes filled with wood shavings and drop them around where they stay.

Alpacas tend to like such litter boxes and this will make you a much better host in their eyes.

4. Use them for therapy

Now before you click out of this article and think I am going crazy for suggesting such a thing, hear me out

People have been know to use their pets and animals such as dogs and cats for therapy and alpacas can also be used for such

People coping with mental health issues have found it easier to interact with animals than with people.

Take for example, Mountain Peaks, which is a non profit organization which usually brings alpacas to schools, hospitals and clubs and it has been known to help people.

So if you are looking for a way to bond with your alpaca and get them to like you, why not try some therapy sessions with them.

After All they do not talk back and will not judge you.

5. Use them as tow carts.

If you want your animals to like you, why not play some fun games with them

And what better fun game to play than to use them as tow carts and haul you and your kids around your farm.

Alpacas can be classified as beasts of burden and can be used to haul things around your farm.

Although they can’t be used for this very often because they are very small, they can be easily trained to haul you and your kids and thereby strengthen the bond between you and them.

6. Teach them to recognize colors

One game that I found really fun to play with my animals is to teach them how to recognize colors and then reward them if they get it right.

So for example, I usually have different colors of balls of say blue, yellow and red and then place them in a bowl

Then I get my alpacas to pick them up one by one and fill a second bowl while giving them a treat if they get it right

Doing this to me is a way to get my animals to trust me and like me and for them to see me a someone who provides and cares for them

7. Teach them how to navigate obstacles

If you really want your animals to like you, bond with you and trust you then you can teach them how to navigate mazes and obstacles.

This is not easy because alpacas are quite fearful and easily scared, but with some clicker training and patience you can get them to complete mazes and obstacle courses.

Doing this will ensure you and your alpacas spend some quality time together and build that trust that is needed for them to like you.

How do you get an alpacas trust?

To get an alpaca’s trust, there are certain things you need to do.

  • Always use consistent communication at all times
  • Be gentle and go easy with them – Remember some of the things mentioned above are things they have no idea previously
  • Remember that your actions speak louder than your words. One thing you need to know is that alpacas are very smart animals and they easily remember your previous actions. So when training them and getting them to like you always remember to keep a positive attitude.
  • Lead with compassion. One thing you need to remember when training alpacas is that most of the actions that are very easy for other animals to perform might be quite difficult for them. So lead with compassion, give them time to get used to the action, provide them with treats and get them to trust you. It’s important to redirect negative behavior in a compassionate way. For example, if your alpaca won’t stand still, move him back to position and say “stop.” Be persistent and consistent, and keep your energy level calm. This can be quite challenging. Don’t give up or get angry. Set aside extra time to succeed in your training session. Praise any action that is positive.
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