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Stepping into dogs poop is the worst thing that can happen to you. You will make it even worse if you let it dry on the shoes. There is a strong and pungent smell coming from the dry shit that becomes difficult to deal with that even a routine exercise like scrapping or wiping it off becomes so difficult.

The biggest problem you will ever come across is however small the poo is, the stink does not go away. Some will say it has the same feeling as when you break someone’s heart.

Why Dog Pop Can be Dangerous

The inherent dangers of coming into contact with dogs poop. Doctors’ advise us to be vigilant because diseases can move from animals to humans through the poop (zootomic transmission).

Animal faces are known to carry diseases like salmonena, campylobacter, roundworms, hookworms’ etc. without the animal showing any signs of illnesses.

A dog poop lying idle is an environmental hazard because when left on the grass, that area will decay and the chances are that toxic bacteria may seep underground contaminating water and soil.

Leaving dogs poop unattended will react with oxygen to produce ammonia which if released near a water body will kill aquatic life.

What Can You Do with Dog Poop?

Some people have decided to utilize the presence of dog poop by turning it into fuel through the emission of methane gas. In some countries, street light is powered to by dog’s poop as it is done on selected streets in Massachusetts. More studies into this are still going on.

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Materials Needed to Properly Clean Dog Poop

  • A plastic bag
  • An old toothbrush
  • A bowl of soapy water
  • A place to scrap the poop

1. Freeze the Shoe in a Plastic Bag

Use a large plastic bag and zip the shoe inside until the poop is frozen. Once you see that the whole poop takes the formation of ice. Take the shoe outside and use a strong object to chip the frozen feaces from the shoe.

Using a stick to scrub off the pieces saves you from wasting paper towels and eliminating the possibility of soiling your hands.

2. Brush off Using the Toothbrush

Take a dish full of water and use the brush to scrub what is left of the mess. The bristles are supposed to work through small cracks under the shoe. Remember to scrap the poo away from yourself and throw away the toothbrush after use.

3. Visit the Laundry

If you are capable of cleaning the shoe very well, then there is no need of taking it to the laundry. Ordinarily, you would rinse the shoe in the washing machine.

4. Be on the Lookout

The same way you never expected that you would step on a dog’s poop, be careful where you step. If you live with dogs in the compound, keep the yard clean.

5. Dealing with Poop Outdoors

As long as you are careful, make sure that even when the poop lies in sand or grass, use a plastic bag to cover and lift it. Close the bag and discard it immediately.

It is not common to find dogs poop on grass or sand; therefore, whatever surface you find the poop lying use the same method as already stated and wash the surface in diluted bleach. The bleach is meant to kill any bacteria and protozoa.

6. Dealing with Poop Indoors

When you have to deal with a dog’s poop on your favorite carpet. If the dog let out loose stool, scrap the feace out and leave it to dry overnight.

On the next day use about 2-3 drops of dish soap, 16oz water, and 3oz of vinegar. Pour the solution directly onto the stain and let it sit for 3 minutes and lay a folded towel and allow it to bloat.

The stain should be gone by now, then use a dry towel to blot the area dry.

Final Words

You do not have to worry about infections if you take good care of your dog. A healthy dog will not leave unhealthy stool which if need be is easy to clean.  Feed your dog in a high-quality diet, and you will not worry about stepping on poop.

According to some studies, the energy derived from dog poop is proving that dog food may not be bad after all. As the studies go on, we must continue to advocate for the proper disposal of dog waste.

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