How To Maintain Your Hedge Trimmer (7 Easy Tips)

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It’s no news that if you want your tools to last, you need to maintain them. Just the same way humans need care and maintenance, your trimmer also needs regular care.

Whenever you use your hedge trimmer, it is subjected to significant stresses, which leave traces of wear and tear that go unnoticed.

These traces can worsen and become real problems with continued use until your hedge trimmer begins to underperform.

You can avoid more serious damage and malfunctions by identifying and addressing such issues early on with regular maintenance. More importantly, a well-kept tool is always the safest to use.

However, the question lies in the “how” to maintain your trimmer. If this is a question you need an answer to, then this article is definitely for you!

How To Maintain a Hedge Trimmer 

How To Maintain Your Hedge Trimmer

1. Clean Your Hedge Trimmer Regularly 

To maintain any equipment, you definitely have to keep it clean. In the process of trimming plants and branches, tiny particles are left on the blades of the trimmer.

If it is left unclean for a long time, it can reduce the efficiency of the hedge trimmer. Note that this is a huge contribution to friction.

Other parts of the hedge trimmer that needs cleaning include the buttons, springs, switches, and handles.

You can simply clean the different parts of the trimmer with a sponge or rag and soapy water. Wipe them with a sponge or rag thoroughly.

However, if it is an electric hedge trimmer, ensure you take all the necessary precautions when cleaning. Ensure it is not plugged in while washing and ensure it is switched off.

2. Dry Your Hedge Trimmer 

You don’t want to leave your trimmer in its wet state, else your trimmer will get rusted.

After washing your hedge trimmer ensure you sundry or blow-dry it thoroughly. Doing this would prevent rusting and in turn, guarantee longevity.

3. Sharpen Your Hedge Trimmer Blades

When you use your trimmer a couple of times, the blades begin to get blunt or dull.

With blunt blades, pruning can be a difficult job. Regular sharpening is required to prevent total damage to the trimmer.

Start sharpening your hedge trimmer blades as soon as you feel that you’re pruning less smoothly.

Make sure the blades are clean before sharpening. Also, ensure that your damaged or worn blades are professionally replaced.

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4. Frequency Lubrication

The more you use your hedge trimmer, the more prone the blades are to moisture. And, off-course if this moisture isn’t wiped and the blades aren’t lubricated, it will lead to rusting.  

Lubrication also helps the blades glide over each other smoothly, resulting in less friction and more cutting power.

Ideally, it is best to lubricate your trimmer before and after use. This guarantees healthy blades and also longevity of the tool. 

5. Proper Storage 

The place of storage cannot be over-emphasized. Even though you clean, lubricate and sharpen your trimmer and it isn’t stored properly then it practically makes no sense. 

All the maintenance steps work together, no one of them can be skipped.

The best way to store your trimmer is with a waterproof and UV-resistant canvas case.

If you don’t have one of these, ensure that your hedge trimmer is wrapped in a cotton sheet or towel, placed in a plastic bag, and put in a box.

Keeping your hedge trimmer in good shape will not only make it work easier, but it’ll also reduce the chances you’ll have to replace it.

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6. Regular Inspection

Inspecting your hedge trimmer as part of your tool care routine will reveal any damage that could jeopardize its safe operation.

Also, periodic checking and servicing reduce the risk of injury from using the machine.

Also, note that you should check the tightness of the screws from time to time to ensure there are no loose ends.

What Is the Best Lubricant For a Hedge Trimmer?

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There are a lot of lubricants that you can use to lubricate your trimmer they included;

  • 3 in 1 Multi-purpose Oil.
  • Star Brite Ultimate Lubricating Oil.
  • Echo Red Armpit Blade Cleaner and Lubricant.
  • PlanetSafe AIM Hedge Trimmer Lubricant, etc.

Although there are more lubricants suitable for hedge trimmers, the best of them all is the PlanetSafe AIM hedge trimmer lubricant.

This lubricant is most preferred because of the amazing qualities it possesses.

PlanetSafe AIM lubricant is a precision lubricant that is scientifically formulated to clean, lubricate, and protect your hedge trimmers. 

This lubricant has amazing qualities, some of which includes;

  • It is dustproof.
  • It is odorless.
  • This lubricant is non-toxic, it is safe for both humans and plants.
  • Another mind blow feature this lubricant has is that it is a multi-purpose lube. It can also be used on chainsaws, shears, garden scissors, and pruners. 
  • This lube is made with nano-technology. Nano-technology works at the microscopic level to remove grime and debris from moving parts and at the same time provide extreme protection from friction and wear. This ensures a prolonged life for your hedge trimmers. 
  • This lube generally helps your tools perform better, last longer, and prevent rust and the buildup of dust and dirt. 

Should You Lubricate Hedge Trimmers?

Yes, of course, Lubricating your trimmer is not just super important but it is very easy to carry out.

There are a lot of reasons why you should lubricate your hedge trimmer, they include;

  • To avoid rusting of the metal blades. This is likely to occur when a trimmer has been left without oil protection.
  • Constant lubrication helps to avoid friction. Lubricating helps metals move smoothly against each other.
  • If your trimmer is rusty the shelf life is definitely going to be short.
  • Lubricant ensures that’s your trimmer is in good health shape. Therefore there is no need to purchase another due to spoilage.

How Often Should I Sharpen My Hedge Trimmers?

Your trimmer should be sharpened as often as you use it. Waiting for your trimmer to be dull or blunt before sharpening is a big no-no.

It is recommended that you sharpen your trimmer every 50 hours after use. Sharpening your trimmer is a maintenance routine and the shelf life of your trimmer is greatly dependent on this.

Furthermore, regular sharpening ensures consistent cutting performance and enables you to enjoy your hedge trimmer for a long time to come. 

Every tool comes with instructions and a guide, it is also necessary to go through those instructions to understand how to use it better.  

Do You Need To Oil Electric Hedge Trimmer Blades?

Yes, electric hedge trimmers need lubrication to keep the friction between the blades low to prevent excess heat which can bend the trimmer’s blades.

Basically, all machines need lubrication since they are made of metal.

However, the method of applying lubricant differs when it comes to an electric hedge trimmer.

You can simply apply lubricant to a non-electric trimmer without the fear of electrocution. But when it comes to electric hedge trimmers, certain precautions must be taken.

You have to ensure that the trimmer is not plugged into a source of power and that the switch button reads “off.” This will ensure your safety while you apply your lubricant.


If you want an effective and long-lasting hedge trimmer, then maintenance is super important.

You will have to clean, sharpen, lubricate and store your trimmer properly if you want to use it for a long time. 

Though there are many lubricants appropriate for hedge trimmers, the PlanetSafe AIM hedge trimmer lubricant is the best of them all.

This lubricant is scientifically designed to clean, lubricate, and protect hedge trimmers.

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