How to Prevent Tear Stains on Maltese

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Tear staining underneath the eyes and around the muzzles is a common problem in Maltese. Of course, it also occurs in other dog breeds.

Generally, the causes of this problem can vary from blocked tear-ducts to allergies, the shape of the muzzle, and eye infections. Also, it could be caused by ingrown eyelashes, glaucoma, dental issues, or even unusually large tear glands.

The good news is that it is actually possible to prevent and treat tear staining in Maltese. So, below are some of the most effective methods on how to prevent tear stains on Maltese. Check them out.

Prevent Tear Stains on Maltese

Method One

The first method is to ensure you feed your Maltese only high-quality foods. You see, the type of food you feed your pup has a huge impact on the quality of its wellbeing.

This means that low-quality food choices can cause tear staining. Generally, quality food should not contain anything artificial like preservatives, colors, or flavors. Other ingredients to avoid, include wheat and corn.

Most of these low-quality ingredients can cause allergic reactions and other health problems. As a result, your Maltese may tear excessively, thereby staining the fur around the eyes.

Ideally, the best dog food for Maltese should comprise a high-quality, grain-free diet. Also, it should be made from all-natural ingredients.

Method Two

Daily grooming is another effective method you can use to prevent tear staining on Maltese. While it may sound a little bit overwhelming, especially if you have a busy schedule, rest assured it is simple.

All you need is to wipe your dog’s face a few times every day and this will take a few seconds. You can use eye wipes, which you can buy from any major pet supply store. Just make sure the wipes are designed specifically for canines.

Ideally, it is advisable to do the wiping after every meal or any time you notice their face looking wet. This helps ensure that the face and eyes stay dry throughout. As a result, it will prevent tear staining on your Maltese.

Additionally, you must keep the hair around the eyes trimmed. This is to prevent the hair from irritating the eye, thereby leading to tearing. More importantly, you should wash the muzzle hair with waterless or dry shampoo regularly and ensure it’s dried all the time.

Method Three

Next up, you should keep your Maltese fur dry to prevent tear stains. You see, if the hair is damp, it may cause yeast growth. Ideally, yeast tends to thrive better on damp or moist surfaces.

Unfortunately, the yeast growth can occur in places like the genital area of your dog, as it tends to be damp. The yeast infection could then spread to the face and even ears.

Additionally, when your pup is drinking water, the face can become damp because of water splashing up onto the face. This may also happen when your canine is eating food that is wet in nature.

Therefore, you must clean your dog’s face after every meal, particularly around the eyes. This will ensure that the fur stays dry, which is critical in combating tear stains.

Method Four

The type of feeding bowl you use on your Maltese may also contribute to tear staining. It is common for most people to buy a simple plastic bowl as it is cheap. What they don’t know is that most plastics on the market contain BPA, which is a harmful chemical for pets.

For this reason, we recommend staying away from plastic feeding bowls. After all, even BPA-free bowls may still contain harmful chemicals and dyes. This is because they can cause harm to your Maltese such as hair and nose discoloration or even dry nose.

The best alternative to plastic is stainless steel bowls. Although a little pricey than their plastic counterparts, they are more hygienic and easier to clean.

Method Five

Last but not least, you will need to check the quality of your water. Water may cause your Maltese to develop staining pretty first because of excess minerals.

Therefore, we recommend giving your Maltese only purified and distilled water. They can also take water from reverse-osmosis water sources.

Final Words

Unfortunately, there is no one foolproof method on how to prevent tear stains on Maltese. This is because there are many factors as to why your Maltese may be getting tear stains.  Besides, each dog may respond a little differently. Therefore, you will have to experiment with different methods until you find what works for your pup.

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