How to Prune a Crepe Myrtle (Video)

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How to Prune a Crepe Myrtle (Video) – Learn the proper way to prune a crepe myrtle to encourage new growth and prevent crown rot.

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Crepe myrtles are a popular landscaping choice because of their low maintenance and attractive blooms. However, to keep your crepe myrtle looking its best, it is important to prune it correctly. This video will show you how to prune a crepe myrtle correctly, in order to encourage new growth and prevent damage to the tree.

What You’ll Need

-Pruning shears
-A step ladder (optional)

With the right tools and some basic knowledge, pruning a crepe myrtle is a relatively easy task that can be done in just a few minutes. Follow these steps to get the best results:

1.Start by removing any dead or dying branches from the crepe myrtle. You can identify these branches by their dry, brown color.

2.Next, use your pruning shears to remove any suckers or water sprouts that are growing from the base of the crepe myrtle. These are typically unwanted growths that can compete with the main plant for resources.

3.Now it’s time to begin shaping the plant. Begin by pruning off any branches that are growing vertically. These vertical branches will not produce as many flowers as horizontal branches, so it’s best to remove them.

4.Once you’ve removed all of the vertical branches, you can start pruning off any branch tips that are longer than you want them to be. When pruning branch tips, make sure to cut them at a 45-degree angle so that new growth will be encouraged.

5. Finally, finish up by trimming away any leaves or stems that are damaged or diseased. Once you’re finished, your crepe myrtle should have a nice, tidy shape that will encourage healthy growth and abundant flowering

The Pruning Process

Pruning a crepe myrtle is different than pruning other trees. It’s important to understand the process and how to properly prune your crepe myrtle.

In this video, we’ll show you how to prune a crepe myrtle. We’ll start by explaining the different types of cuts you can make. Then, we’ll demonstrate how to make the proper cuts on a crepe myrtle. Finally, we’ll give you some tips on when and how often to prune your crepe myrtle.

After Pruning

Pruning a crepe myrtle correctly will ensure many years of healthy growth and abundant blooms. The best time to prune crepe myrtles is in late winter or early spring, before new growth begins. Follow these steps to prune your crepe myrtle correctly.

1.Remove all dead, diseased, or broken branches first. Cut these branches back to the main trunk or to a healthy lateral branch.

2.Next, remove any crossed or rubbing branches. These branches can damage the bark and cause injury to the tree.

3.Now you can begin shaping the tree by removing any branches that are growing outward or downward. Be sure to make your cuts at a 45-degree angle, just above a bud or lateral branch.

4.”Head back” the remaining branches by cutting them back to 12-18 inches (30-46 cm) from the main trunk. This will encourage bushy new growth and prevent leggy branches.

5. Finally, remove any suckers that are growing from the base of the trunk or from the roots. Suckers compete with the main tree for water and nutrients, and can damage the roots if left unchecked

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