How to Prune Impatiens for More Flowers

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The best time to prune impatiens is in late winter or early spring. Follow these simple tips to help your impatiens plants produce more flowers.

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Why prune impatiens?

Pruning impatiens will encourage more flowering and lead to a bushier plant. The best time to prune impatiens is in early spring, before new growth begins.

To prune impatiens, first cut back any dead or spent flowers. Then cut the plant back by one-third to one-half its height. Be sure to make your cuts just above a leaf node (where the leaves attach to the stem).

After you prune impatiens, give them a good drink of water and fertilize them with a balanced fertilizer. With a little TLC, your impatiens will bounce back and produce an abundance of beautiful flowers all summer long!

When to prune impatiens?

You can prune impatiens anytime from late winter to early spring.

How to prune impatiens?

Pruning impatiens is essential for keeping the plant tidy, promoting new growth and ensuring an abundance of flowers throughout the growing season. Although impatiens are relatively low-maintenance, they will benefit from periodic pruning. Read on to learn more about how to prune impatiens.

Impatiens (Impatiens spp.) are fast-growing, annual plants that produce an abundance of colorful flowers in shades of pink, red, white and orange. These popular flowers are often used as bedding plants or in containers, and they thrive in shady areas with moist, well-drained soil. Impatiens are generally considered low-maintenance plants, but they will benefit from periodic pruning.

Pruning impatiens helps to keep the plant tidy and promotes new growth. It also encourages the plant to produce more flowers. You can prune impatiens anytime during the growing season, but late spring or early summer is ideal.

To prune impatiens, simply cut back the stems by about one-third their length. Be sure to make your cuts just above a leaf node (the point where a leaf is attached to the stem). This will encourage new growth from the nodes. When you’re finished pruning, water the plant well and apply a balanced fertilizer.

What tools to use when pruning impatiens?

Pruning shears are the best tool to use when pruning impatiens. Make sure the blades are sharp to avoid damaging the plant.

Start by cutting off any dead or dying flowers. Then, cut back any stems that are longer than 12 inches. Finally, trim back any stems that are thinner than a pencil.

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