How to Prune Prayer Plant

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Everything you need to know about How to Prune Prayer Plant.

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Prayer plant is a beautiful, easy-to-grow houseplant that gets its common name from its habit of folding its leaves upwards at night as if in prayer. Although prayer plant will tolerate low light conditions, it grows best in bright, indirect light and should be protected from direct sunlight, which can scorch its leaves. Prayer plant is easily propagated by rooting stem cuttings in water or potting soil. It can also be propagated by division when repotting.

What is a Prayer Plant?

Prayer plant is a popular houseplant because it’s easy to care for and has beautiful, variegated leaves. The leaves are usually green with white or light-colored stripes running across them. Prayer plant gets its name from the way the leaves fold together at night, as if they’re praying.

Prayer plant is a fast- grower and can quickly become pot bound. When this happens, it’s time to prune the plant. Pruning will encourage new growth and help keep the plant compact and bushy.

Here’s how to prune prayer plant:

1.Start by removing any dead or dying leaves. Cut the leaves off at the base of the plant where they attach to the stem.

2.Next, cut back any leggy or overgrown stems. Cut these back to a point where there are several sets of leaves remaining on the stem. This will encourage new growth from that point.

3 Finally, trim away any stray or unruly leaves that aren’t lying flat against the stem. These can be cut back to the main stem or removed entirely.

Why Prune a Prayer Plant?

Prayer plant is a slow-growing plant that tolerates heavy pruning. You can prune prayer plant to control its size, to shape it, or to encourage new growth. You can also prune Prayer Plant to remove diseased or damaged leaves, stems, or roots.

How to Prune a Prayer Plant

Pruning a prayer plant is a simple process that can be done with just a few household items. First, you will need a sharp pair of shears or scissors. Next, you will need to decide how much of the plant you would like to remove. If you are only removing a few leaves, you can do so by cutt into the stem just above a node (the place where leaves attach to the stem). If you are removing a large section of the plant, it is best to make your cuts just above where the main stem branches off.

Once you have made your cut, gently pull the leaf or stem away from the rest of the plant. You may need to use a twisting motion to loosen it before it will come away easily. Once removed, dispose of the leaf or stem in your compost bin or other designated area.

Prayer plants are very forgiving and can handle being pruned quite severely if necessary. If you are unsure of how much to remove, it is always better to err on the side of caution and take off less rather than more.


Pruning is an important part of keeping your prayer plant healthy and looking its best. Be sure to wait until the plant is actively growing in the spring or summer before you prune it. You can cut back the stems by up to one-third of their length if necessary. Be sure to use sharp, clean pruning shears to make clean cuts.

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