How to Save Money on Dog Toys in 2023

by Alex Kountry
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We can’t resist purchasing new squeak toys and balls for our beloved pooches, but after a while the toy basket is running over with rolly-polly noise makers our dogs won’t touch.

To curb our own impulse to spend money on new dog toys and to avoid doggie boredom, try these tips to save money on dog toys.

Rotate the Dog Toys

Leaving all the toys in an area easily accessible to your dog will lead to boredom. Toys which are out of sight are out of mind. Only leave three dog toys out at any given time, hiding the others and rotating them three every couple of days. Your dog will think he has hit the new toy jackpot and never get bored with the ever changing shapes and tastes.

Add Value

Your behavior towards the toy will add value or detract value and lead to boredom. Add value by being willing to act silly with the toy while you are presenting it to your dog. Throw the toy up in the air and catch it a few times. Show enthusiasm for the toy and your dog will model the same behavior. If you just toss the toy to your dog, you will probably just receive a bored look in return.

Keep Playtime Toys Out of Sight

Special dog toys which are only used during interactive playtime, like a Frisbee, tug rope or ball, should be kept out of sight until it’s playtime. Bring out those type of interactive playtime toys only when you are willing to dedicate your full attention to dog play time. If you attempt to multi-task in the garden while tossing a Frisbee, your dog will view the Frisbee (or other toy) as nothing special and end the play session.

To build the dog’s desire for a toy, always tease him with the toy before throwing it. And always end the game and put the toy away before your dog tires of playtime.

Money Saved

Now with the old dog toys being used regularly, you will save money by not purchasing new ones. And also remember that sometimes a favorite toy is not one that is bought, but one that is homemade. My dogs love to chase, catch and chew a tennis ball which has been placed inside an old tube sock. Drop a tennis ball down into the toe of a tube sock, tie a knot in the sock right behind the ball to prevent it from coming out and to create a ‘tail’ for your dog to grab. A homemade dog toy which takes pennies to make and provides hours of fun.


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