How to Use Dog Dander Shampoo

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The frequency of bathing your dog depends on how dirty he is. An active hound does not just eat, but he also grows and sheds off the skin on his coat. A normal dog baths at least once a week. A good bath should help him stay fresh, odorless, and free from animal pests.

On the contrary, some dogs produce an extreme mass of dead cells called dander. In this case, you need the right kind of anti-dander shampoo during your bath. You will notice that he scratches himself around his belly and ears, or his eyes tend to be watery.

With the right shampoo treatment, you should make your dog comfortable again. Here is a simple procedure on how to use dog dander shampoo to relieve dog allergies.

How to Use Anti-Dander Dog Shampoo

When it comes to bathing your dog, always look out for his skin health and consult on the products to apply. Dander irritates and causes lots of itching. If you have to rid your dog of the itching, have the right product for your dog’s age.

Also, note that it should be mild with no harsh chemicals which might cause worse issues to your dog’s skin. Let’s walk you through this systematic method to clear dander on your dog.

1. Take your dog to his bathing area; it can be outside or in his bathing tub. If your dog is fussy about water, lure him with some treats and talk to him smoothly.

2. Let your dog sit and relax by brushing through his hair. It is also a way to get rid of any tangled hairs.

3. Spray him with some lukewarm water using a showerhead or a jug. Warm water should make him relent. Once he is all wet, apply some shampoo from the neck downwards.

Take note

The anti-dandruff shampoo comes in various densities. You can dilute it to allow for a free flow and ease of application.

4. Massage the shampoo from the neck to the back, not forgetting the belly and thigh areas. A span of ten minutes should be enough to clear and allow the shampoo to break down the dead cells. A shampoo behaves like a scrubber to peel off all the dry and dead skin.

5. Spray your dog with warm water from the neck downwards to rinse off all the soap. You don’t need to apply the shampoo the second time. You can increase the frequency of his bath instead if the dander is persistent.

6. Apply some conditioner and rub it in slow motion for some five minutes. Rinse again with lots of water and ensure that the coat is clean. A conditioner should re

7. Dry the fur with a clean towel or use a drier for a longhaired one. Clean his face with a wet piece of clothing, as he may not like any water running in his face.


  • A regular bath should assist clear off the dander.
  • No soap or shampoo should get around the dog’s eye area
  • Let your dog know his bathing hours to avoid him running around at bathing times.
  • Over-shampooing may rob natural oils from your dog’s skin. Ensure that what you apply is enough for the exercise.

Does shampooing reduce allergies?

Unless the allergens are food-related, shampooing clears skin allergies. A shampoo works its way on a dog’s skin to remove most of the dead cells during bath. You should get your puppy to enjoy a warm bath so that he gets used to it.

What you need to know is that adult and puppy shampoos are not the same. However, if you are not sure about the skin condition, a vet check should clear any assumptions.

The effect of a good shampoo should last up to 30 days.


Dogs need a frequent bath. Unlike cats, they are adventurous and you can’t tell when they pick up allergens.  Anti-dander shampoos are effective and you need a specific brand that works for you. A good bath should keep your dog from ticks and fleas, odors and free from allergens. A happy dog should sleep peacefully. If you need to get rid of dog dander, check out our systematic procedure and relieve your dog of any dander frustrations.

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