Lime Spreader vs Fertilizer Spreader? (Which is Better)

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Lime spreader and fertilizer spreader are two amazing machines that help put farms in the best shape.

Without the existence of these instrumental mechanical properties, large farms would lie in ruins.

Interestingly, one might wonder which of these machines is more important and instrumental to a farm owner.

Truth be told, it’s almost impossible to identify which of them weigh more importance.

The reason for this is that a lime spreader and fertilizer spreader are both used to achieve crucial objectives, aiding man for many decades.

This article, however, would reveal how these spreaders are distinct from each other, and how they have helped perform specific duties on the farm.

What is a lime spreader?

Lime Spreader vs Fertilizer Spreader

A lime spreader is a large mechanical device that is used by experts to disperse calcium hydroxide also known as lime on farms.

This is a machine that is mostly used by large-scale farmers, especially in the United States.

The lime or calcium hydroxide that is being distributed on the farmland helps to maintain the nutrients on the farm, thereby enabling more productivity.

Large-scale farmers who use this machine are able to carry out soil analysis, which enables them to manage their farms for profits.

So, in short, one can say that a lime spreader is an invaluable device that is used to maintain the quality and productivity of a farm.

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What is a fertilizer spreader?

A fertilizer spreader is one of the most common devices found on commercial farms.

This instrumental device is typical used to distribute fertilizer on farmland, thereby enabling the soil to be more fertile and productive.

Amazingly, fertilizer spreader is not only used by commercial farmers.

Individuals who own small farms in their backyard have also learned to rely on this machine since it helps them to evenly disperse fertilizer on farms.

Without a fertilizer spreader, being able to distribute fertilizer on farms would be quite a disturbing process.

But due to the capacity of this machine, anyone can fertilize a farm properly without much hassle.

How are they different?

A fertilizer spreader and lime spreader are not similar machines. They are used for different purposes, and they possess unique features as well.

A fertilizer spreader can be used by almost anyone, even small-scale farmers and homeowners who have lawns.

A lime spreader is often used by large-scale farmers who are engaged in commercial farming.

Moreover, fertilizer spreaders can come in different sizes and models, while a lime spreader is usually in the same fashion almost all the time.

How are they similar?

It is safe to say that a lime spreader and fertilizer spreader are a little bit similar, owing to the fact that they are both operated by farmers and are also used to maintain and improve the productivity of farmlands. 

Moreover, you can still see a bit of similarity in the manner in which these machines distribute lime and fertilizer on the farm.

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What’s better about a lime spreader?

A lime spreader is a heavy-duty machine. This simply means that a lime spreader can function powerfully and stay in operation for as long as possible.

This large mechanical device is very instrumental to large-scale farmers.

By using it to apply lime on the farm, the structure of the soil becomes richer safer to farm on.

Moreover, farmers who plant aren’t the only ones who use this machine these days. A lime spreader is also valued and used by people who are engaged in livestock farming.

They typically use the machine to disperse lime on the farm, which enables grass to grow faster and more nutritious.

This is a great way to ensure that one’s cattle are well fed.

 What’s better about a fertilizer spreader?

One thing that makes a fertilizer spreader more instrumental than other similar machines is the fact that it can be easily operated by anyone.

You don’t have to be an expert to use a fertilizer spreader.

All you need to do is understand how to modify the settings of the machine when using it.

Also, a fertilizer spreader doesn’t have to be used on the farm alone.

Anyone who owns a lawn and wants to maintain the property can rely on this device to disperse fertilizer.

Who should get a lime spreader and why?

A lime spreader should be acquired by anyone who’s engaged in large-scale farming.

Farming on a large scale involves some risks, one of which is natural soil damage.

One’s soil can deteriorate when enough nutrient is not being generated by the soil.

One of the few effective ways to keep one’s farm from suffering from this soil deterioration is by distributing lime on the soil with a lime spreader.

By doing this, the soil quickly gets rich and maintains a better structure. It would also encourage more earthworm activity on the soil, which is pretty beneficial to farmers.

Who should get a fertilizer spreader?

A fertilizer spreader is typically obtained by both small-scale and large-scale farmers.

But interestingly, these farmers aren’t the only ones who need to get this device.

Anyone who wants to easily build and maintain a beautiful lawn needs to acquire a fertilizer spreader.

The machine would be used to spread fertilizer and even grass seeds, which would enable the lawn to bloom and flourish.

Amazingly, there are numerous designs and models of fertilizer spreaders that one can easily get. It’s recommended to acquire a model that best works for you.

If you have a small lawn, you should go for a model that is easy to operate and not big as well.

But if you own a relatively big farm, it’s appropriate for you to get a fertilizer spreader that’s big and powerful enough to help you work on your farm more efficiently.


Lime spreader and fertilizer spreader can combine forces to make a farm very productive and healthy.

Since farms need lime and fertilizer to have well-structured and fertile soil, these two machines work hand-in-hand to help every farmer build that dream farmland.

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